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                         LOCAL SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING

                                          DECEMBER 13, 2011

The Maynard H. Jackson High School, Local School Council met in regular
session on Tuesday, December 13, 2011, at 5:00 p.m.

The meeting was held at Maynard H. Jackson High School, 801 Glenwood
Ave., Atlanta, GA 30316 in the library.

School Council Members present:
         Donavin Murdock                                  Kolandra Henry
         Amy Feng                                         Leslie Grant
         Rakesh Modi                                      Ramiro Garcia
         Arlesia McCullough                               Sharonda Murrell
         Adelee LeGrand

School Council Members absent:
         Dr. Shirlene Carter                              Herschel Knox
         Pricilla Ponder                                  Laverne Daniels
         Nia Simmons                                      Amanda Hardeman
         Kenneth Ford                                     Audrey Huguley

 9 members were present, representing a quorum.

 1. Call to Order

    Chairperson, Adelee LeGrand called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m.

2. Roll call

    Adelee LeGrand called to role.

3. Approval of Agenda

Maynard H. Jackson Local School Council                                   December 2011
    Council member, Sharonda Murrell distributed the agenda which had
    been presented via email.
    Leslie Grant made a motion to approve the agenda which was 2nd by
    Sharonda Murrell, all members were in favor
    VOTE: Agenda was approved.

4. Approval of Minutes

    Council member, Sharonda Murrell distributed the minutes from the
    November 15, 2011 meeting.
    Moved, seconded, and carried that the school council approve the
    minutes of the November 15, 2011 meeting.
    MOTION: McCullough; SECOND: Garcia

5. Recognize visitors

    The council recognized our visitor, Coach Shanard Langston of the local
    Boys and Girls Club. Mr. Chris Murphy, parent of a 9th grader at
    Maynard Jackson High School also arrived to the meeting a little later.

6. Presentation to School Council
      Chair report-Formation of Committees
      Data update

    Ms. LaGrand suggested that the council review several committees that
    the council could take an active role in helping the school’s overall
    improvement efforts. It was asked that the council review and
    consider which committees they would like to participate with. After
    the committees were selected, then a committee lead and assistant
    was named to each of the committees selected.
    The suggested committees were:
       Speaker Series Committee – LeGrand
       School Improvement Committee - Garcia
       Finance/Fundraising Committee – McCullough
       Renovation Committee/Design Team (Demographic Study) – Garcia
       IB Committee – Murrell
    The Speaker Series Committee suggested by LeGrand was a committee
    that would gather influential speakers that could relate/identify with
    the kids. Seeking to help the kids to have pride in their school and
    have ownership of their school. It was also suggested that there be
    video stations at these events that would let the kids record their goals
    and where they see themselves. Mr. Murdock shared that currently the
    Fine Arts department were videoing kids throughout the building to

Maynard H. Jackson Local School Council                         December 2011
    share with the students in their various town hall meetings. Ms.
    LeGrand also mentioned that she would like to see if it would be
    possible to share the videos with the community. Also, she mentioned
    that she would like to implement a survey process that could be helpful
    in gathering the general interests of the students and the community.
    Mr. Murdock mentioned that the school currently has a program called
    The Youth Trust Surveys. Mr. Murdock said that the data is shared with
    the school which they in turn use to improve the school.
    It was voted that a lot of the ideas behind the Speaker Series
    Committee were already being covered in various organizations within
    the school and therefore maybe this committee could better serve in
    conjunction with PTSA.
    The School Improvement Committee is an ongoing project that has
    been adopted by the council from the beginning. Mr. Murdock
    mentioned that the Title 1 Budget is an ongoing basis. The Chair asked
    that the updated information be given to Ramiro Garcia who would
    operate on behalf of the council. It was discussed that there has
    already been a request made of the district to provide a 7 year history
    of open records. Ms. LeGrand stated that the direct issue was to
    determine what has happened over the last 3 years that is causing the
    school not to meet AYP? What was the improvement plan? What did
    we focus on as our area of improvement? Mr. Murdock stated that as
    far as the 7 year request, 7 years ago Maynard Jackson didn’t exist.
    Therefore, to look at 7 years ago, you are looking at Southside High
    School and there was an obvious “dip” in the results because of the
    school going from a comprehensive high school to the small learning
    communities. Mr. Murdock stated that this information was one
    obvious reason for a decline which should change over time. Mr.
    Murdock will share current information on Thursday for the council’s
    It was motioned by Leslie Grant that Ramiro Garcia be the lead on this
    committee and McCullough seconded the motion.
    The Finance/Fundraising Committee suggested by McCullough was
    decided to be under the school improvement plan.
    The Renovation Committee was suggested by Garcia. The council was
    concerned that there were no current parents on the Demographic
    Committee; however, Mr. Murdock confirmed that there were. Mr.
    Murdock also put in a plug that the school was in need of assistance
    with the actual move this summer. Mr. Garcia wanted to know how the
    demographic study directly related to Maynard Jackson. Garcia shared
    that the other neighborhoods are working with focus groups through
    their LSC’s to bring a statement of the people. LeGrand proposed that
    this be a subcommittee under School Improvement since a lot of this
    information was data driven. It was voted that both Leslie Grant and

Maynard H. Jackson Local School Council                       December 2011
    Adelee LeGrand co-chair the lead on this subcommittee. Garcia
    motioned and Murrell seconded.
    The IB Committee suggested by Ms. Murrell, was said to be needed in
    order to help increase involvement and get parents on board, allow
    travel abroad, give and implementation of IB and an overall internal
    and external involvement of the IB program. Ms. LeGrand stated that
    she felt that it would be better to focus on helping to improve the
    current students of Maynard Jackson. LeGrand questioned how an IB
    committee will help this? Murrell stated the continuous improvement
    is what IB is all about, which affects current and future students.
    LeGrand says IB isn’t for the average student and that if the school is
    currently struggling to meet the sates standards for AYP, then and IB
    committee can’t help us in our immediate needs. Mr. Garcia agreed
    with both points and questioned if maybe the committee could go
    beyond the LSC. McCullough suggested that it be another sub point
    under School Improvement. However, Garcia felt that it wouldn’t be a
    good fit since School Improvement was data driven. Garcia then asked
    if the LSC’s commitment would help in the authorization process, to
    which Murrell answered yes. Murrell said that the LSC is a governing
    decision making body and their involvement would prove useful to the
    IB program. Leslie Grant stated that she wanted to support this
    It was motioned that the IB Committee be formed and Leslie Grant is
    the lead on this committee and Kolandra Henry assist. Garcia motioned
    and Murrell seconded, 8 members were in favor, 1 member, A. LeGrand

    As far as the data update, Mr. Garcia will be ready with more
    information in the February meeting.

7. Report of Principal

    Mr. Murdock/Vice Principal spoke in the absence of Dr. Shirlene Carter
    and discussed the fact that Superintendent Davis would be at Maynard
    Jackson on Thursday, December 15, 2011. Mr. Murdock reported that
    the staff had been working on strategies to make our office staff
    better, how to make the registration process better etc. Mr. Murdock
    informed the council that the Discipline Plan previously discussed in
    November had been completed and will be rolled out to the school‘s
    staff on Monday and to the students upon return from Christmas break.
    Maynard Jackson is the 1st in the district to complete this plan, which is
    a positive way to implement discipline and have consistency across the
    board. Mr. Murdock spoke about the Striving Reader’s Grant which
    Mrs. Ricks (school librarian) is currently working with the district and

Maynard H. Jackson Local School Council                          December 2011
    other schools. This grant will produce $200 - $500 thousand dollars to
    implement reading programs. Mr. Murdock said there will be an
    exhibit of Maynard Jackson for the students and the community to
    view beginning February 27th through March 30th. Some upcoming
    events that have been discussed are a gala hosted by Board
    Representative, Brenda Muhammad. There will also be a competition
    within each SLC for students to produce some type of presentation of
    Maynard Jackson, which is representative of each specific SLC. Lastly
    Mr. Murdock shared that there would be a renovation project meeting
    on Friday at 10:00 a.m. Ms. LeGrand mentioned that Atlanta Beltline
    would like to be a part of our design team for the Maynard Jackson

8. Old Business
   As far as the update on LSC election process, Ms. Azuana came by to
   inform the council that she would provide the initial letters of
   nominations, election ballots (totals) etc.

9. New Business

    Ms. Azuana also shared a lot of positive information on the Maynard
    Jackson College Bound Center. Ms. Azuana informed the council of a
    senior at Maynard Jackson who is currently a POSSE Foundation
    scholarship recipient. To date, 30 seniors have applied for Coca Cola
    scholarships and 80 % of Maynard Jackson’s seniors have applied to
    colleges. Maynard Jackson is currently pending collaboration with
    Morehouse for 40 male students to receive free room and board.


    Ms. LeGrand stated that she thought that the LSC should exchange
    emails prior to the District meeting on Thursday in hopes of submitting
    a statement from the LSC.

    Ms. LeGrand also posed the question as to if the learning communities
    would remain the same when Maynard Jackson returned to their own
    building? LeGrand went on to say that she was more concerned with
    career readiness in that not all kids were college material. Is the
    district looking at any type of alternative methods for the kids? Mr.
    Murdock responded that to change small learning communities you will
    need approval from “higher up”. Murdock went on to say that they
    would have to consider the kids’ transition process with the change.
    However, in support of broadening current SLC vs. changing, every

Maynard H. Jackson Local School Council                        December 2011
     program is being looked at district wide and decisions will be made
     according to data and the budget.

     Ms. McCullough shared that the Preston Review Class had been
     canceled due to low enrollment. She wanted to point out that a lot is
     being lost to our students because they are not taking advantage of
     opportunities being afforded to them. This statement also brought on
     the fact that all of the council felt the need to discuss parental support
     and how to get more of it. It was decided that the next meeting, we
     will discuss implementing a career readiness program to be introduced
     to the freshmen. Looking to add value to all kids/even those not
     interested in college.

10. Next meeting dates (February 21, March 20 and April 17)

     It was decided that there would be an additional meeting in January;
     the date is to be determined.

11. Adjournment

     With no further business to come before the school council, the
     meeting was adjourned at 7:24p.m.
     MOTION: Leslie Grant; SECOND: Sharonda Murrell

   [The next meeting of the Maynard H. Jackson High School Local School
   Council will be held in January, the date to be determined, at Maynard
                             Jackson High School.]

 Maynard H. Jackson Local School Council                          December 2011

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