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									                Governors Grant                         Property Owners Association

                                   General Meeting April 1, 2008
The April 1st meeting of Governors Grant Property Owners Association was called to order at 7:15
p.m. by President Mark Lipinski. A resident's sign-in was circulated and roll call was taken as noted:

   AB      Bucky Drake                    Reid Fleming                Richard Katz
   AB      Murry Kinard           AB       Tara Rogers                 Mark Lipinski
   AB      Karen Campbell                 Brian Humphries             Katie Fleming
   AB      Heidi Brown            AB       Amy Morici                  Richard Shealey

It was moved, seconded and approved that the minutes of the March meeting be accepted as
President Mark Lipinski noted that repairs of the pool pumps had been completed and that the
driveway and parking areas will be finished this month. Asphalt Masters will resurface and stripe the
parking areas.
Board Report: Reid Fleming noted that damages from the pipe breakage in the pool area have
been turned in to insurance. Concrete bumpers will be installed in both the pool and clubhouse
parking lots. Palmetto Pool Management has taken over the care, maintenance and staffing for this
season. Small leaks were detected in the kiddy pool area and have been repaired.
PPM Report: Josh Daniels reported that he is the link for anyone wishing to apply for a pool staff
position. The deadline is the 15 of this month. Mulch has been spread throughout the playground
area. There are currently 30 homes delinquent on 2008 POA dues, two of them also in arrears for
2007. Those people have been sent letters by PPM. The next step is to have an attorney draft a
collection letter indicating that a lien against the property will be filed if dues remain unpaid. The
property owners will also be responsible for the attorney expense and filing fees.
Josh reported available operating income of $123,140 at present. The transfer of $25,000 to capital
reserve has not taken place. For next month, a summary of expenses will be printed for anyone
interested. Expenditures thus far are within the budget.
ARC: Mark Lipinski noted that they are caught up on requests.
The Newsletter indicated the wrong web address for Swim Team to subscribe for email – the
automatic hyphenation function caused the error. The new Pool Rules which were approved by the
Board of Directors went out to each home along with the April newsletter. PPM has volunteered to
sponsor the May newsletter.
Pool: Palmetto Pool reported to the Board there is a chemical imbalance in the pool. This may
have been the cause of the cloudy water last season. One half the water needs to be drained. The
pool will now be treated with liquid bleach rather than with chlorine.
The Pool Committee met on the 18 of March and Jim Keffler reported that PPM will source the
vending machines this year. Smoking containers will be placed in the pool and cabana areas. The
committee recommends replacing the sand filtration with estimated cost to be around $3,000.
Swim Team: Registration begins on the 1 of April. The link to the email group is correct on the
POA website. Non-resident swimmers will only be accepted if there are not enough kids from
Governors Grant. There will be five swim meets in our pool and dates will be known by the next
meeting. A tarp needs to be replaced that covers the starter blocks. All items damaged by the pipe
break are being replaced.
Land Acquisition: Richard Shealey reported it continues to meet with widespread support. A
number of residents were there to discuss this proposed purchase. Several different uses were
brought up, including leaving the space as is, creating a 'green area' or mini-park. Those present
voiced opposition to the idea of paving it for parking space.
Billy Carter developed an online survey for GG residents to indicate their support or opposition. It is
a new link called What Do You Think on the POA website. Since some people do not have access
to internet, another idea to contact homeowners was discussed.
It was decided that a fact sheet concerning this issue be drafted. It will include the history of these
lots, disclosure on the size and layout, creek, buffer area and water main. It will state the proposed
purchase price, different payout options, pros / cons of the acquisition, and possible uses of the
space. Residents can tear off the bottom portion, indicate their opinions and return to Mark Lipinski.
Old Business
The Board will be reviewing landscape bids and will secure a contract in the coming weeks.
New Business
Teri Walker stated that kids with weapons were hunting the land adjacent to her back yard and
refused to leave when confronted. The lots belong to Drake Development and several have been
sold. Sheriff notes that there must be a 'no hunting' sign posted on that land AND that the property
owner must call in a complaint. Billy Carter will post the signage and once construction begins in
that area, the problem should be resolved.
The next POA meeting will be April 6th. The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

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