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									Love Letters For Him
http://w w w .empow ernetw    September 18, 2012

Did you know that many men love receiving love letters?
In this Internet age, with millions of people using emails
and chat services to deliver their love thoughts, romantic
love letters are a unique and special way to express your
love to that special someone.

But what is the best way to express yourself? You want
your words to reveal what’s in your heart. You might be
seeking words like:

My dearest and only love…’

‘You are the single most wonderful thing that has
happened to me in my whole life…’

‘Please know that you are in my heart. You hold my hopes and dreams in your hands…’

Words such as these are a good start. But you might need further inspiration. Reading love letters
written by famous people is often a good way to inspire yourself. Just google “love letters by famous
people,” without the quotes, and you will find pages and pages of inspiration.

Meinwhile, below is some good advice about writing love letters for him…
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