Comp Credit Scholarship application form by tcX55CZ


									                                         Comp Credit Scholarship
                                           APPLICATION FORM

Student’s Name: _________________________________

Date of Birth: ____________________________           Social Insurance Number: __________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________


Telephone: _____________________(home) ___________________________ (cell)

Guidelines & Qualifiers

Credits earned (please check appropriate number)

__ 120 to 129                $ 500.00
__ 130 to 139                $ 750.00
__ 140+                      $ 1000.00

      Credits can be earned over seven semesters

      Four semesters, including the student’s final semester must be completed at Grande Prairie Composite
       High School.

      Students must meet the Alberta Education high school diploma requirements to receive the award.

I attest that the information provided in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I am aware
that the submission of false information will disqualify my application.

Applicant’s signature_________________________________________________

Completed applications should be sent to:

Comp Credit Scholarship
Grande Prairie Composite High School
11202-104 Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V 2Z1

Application deadline: September 15. Students must apply within 1 year of their graduation.

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