GCMHA Coach Application 2012/2013 ~ Criteria Outline by tcX55CZ


									GCMHA Coach Application 2012/2013 ~ Criteria Outline

The new process for Coach selection has been voted in by executive & was presented
to membership at the AGM in Spring of 2012. The following information must be
submitted for consideration in any of the positions for Head Coach, Assistant Coach and

The following items must be provided to the President of GCMHA.

      Name, Position applying for, Division you are applying for
      Contact information; email address, phone numbers, street address
      Pertinent Certification (if you have any deficiencies, please note them & when you
       will be taking training to update)
      a Consent for Disclosure Criminal Record Information
      a Consent for Criminal Record check for a sexual offence for which a pardon has
       been granted or issued
      an Intervention Record Check
      Personal philosophy/letter of intent during your tenure
      Statement of preferred co-staff (if desired)
      2 Letters of Reference;
           o the Board suggests that when seeking a letter of recommendation that
               family members are excluded from supporting one another. It is
               suggested that a letter be sought from a previous coaching staff member
               and a parent of a child you have coached. The letters will be character
               references of the applicant.

The consent forms & intervention check forms are available for download from our
website under the Coach, Parent & Player section.

Upon receipt of this application, the President, Coach Director & and Non-Partisan
participant as appointed by the President will review each application as received and a
decision will be made by this committee for any and all positions applied for within each
division. The President reserves right to appoint Coaching staff as required in the event
that no applications are received for positions within a division(s).

All documentation should be submitted to Box 281, Grande Cache, T0E 0Y0 and shall
be labelled on exterior of envelope as “COACH APPLICATION”, therefore it will remain
sealed & delivered to President of GCMHA. Alternatively, documents can be scanned &
sent to the President via email (see address below). Successful applicants will be
contacted via email/telephone by the President after decisions have been finalized.

Should you have any questions, please contact the President at
president@grandecachehockey.com Timelines for the first season that this is being
implemented have not been finalized, however, rest assured Coaches will know well in
advance of season onset.

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