Telemedicine and eHealth: Perspective Bangladesh by c379altz


									                 A group of responsible physicians,
                 telecom and Information and Commun-
                 ication (ICT) specialist and policy makers
     BSTeH       have come together and formed a
                 common platform named Bangladesh
                 Society for Telemedicine & eHealth

BSTeH’s purpose is to promote ehealth, telemedicine and
associated fields including research, development, practical
applications and initial and supplementary training
Dr. Asaduzzaman Khan
                                        Bangladesh is a country of
                                        inequitable distribution of

                  About 70% of total population live in rural
                  About 75% of total qualified physician are
                  practicing in urban areas.
Roads and highways are underdeveloped
Telecom networks are
growing very rapidly in
 Quick solution about any problems for treatment
 Treatment facilities would be made available
  through one stop service center
 Increase in number of patients
 Get suggestion/advice from different doctors
 New information on latest drugs/treatment options
 Improve decision making process involving
  multiple medical professionals
 Keep the records of the patients in the TMS for
  the use of future references or future needs.
              Challenges and Risks

Some challenges and risks mentioned by service providers –
 Lack of mental satisfaction of the patients
 Common people, especially the rural people are not aware
  of the system
 Lack of confidentiality of the information about the female
 Patients may not feel comfortable in telemedicine service
  through the video conference
 Ignorance or illiteracy may create some problem
 Cost effectiveness of the service might also be a problem
 Lack of continuous supply of electricity might be
  challenging for the reliability of the service
 Internet facilities are not available in every place
 Local doctors and village doctors may resist the TMS
  system due to the fears about their professionalism.
 There is risk if proper maintenance or management
  services are not available.
Community acceptance is an essential pre-
requisite and can be ensured through
strategically designed campaigns and
appropriate media publicity.

Overall, the comments were that if the
proper services by the TMS continue and
people feel about its advantages, then there
will be no risk.

   GrameenPhone Ltd, Bangladesh.
   AnovaTech Ltd, Bangladesh
   Medinova Medical Services
   Concept Hospital, Feni
   Chevron Clinical Laboratory
   Sitakund X-ray and Pathology
   Telemedicine Reference Company
   Global Telemedicine Company

BSTeH is working on propagating to make
a prospective health sector in Bangladesh.

The goal of this society is to facilitate the
achievement of the health related targets
of Millennium Development Goal (MDG)
by 2015.

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