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									                                                              Farmland for Sale
                                                               461.9 +/- Acres
                                                            Greene County, Illinois

The farm is located approximately two miles west of Hillview in Patterson Township, Greene County, Illinois. The farm is served by a
Township road.

                                                            Legal Description
The farm is located in portions of Sections 25 and 36 of Township 12 North/Range 14 West and portions of Sections 30 and 31 of
Township 12 North/Range 13 West, of the Third Principal Meridian, Greene County, Illinois. A survey is available. Possession for fall
fieldwork and the building will be granted after the 2006 harvest is complete. Possession of the bins will be June 1, 2007.

                                                              Farm Buildings
The farm has four grain storage bins with a total capacity of 16,000 bushels and an implement storage building in good condition. The
buildings are conveniently located in the center part of the farm.

                                                                Soil Types
The soil types and productivity ratings on the farm (as published by the University of Illinois, College of Agricultural, Consumer and
Environmental Sciences in Bulletin 810, August 2000) are as follows:
              Soil Name                             Map Symbol         Productivity Index       Corn Bu/Ac       Beans Bu/Ac        Wheat Bu/Ac
           Ambraw                  Clay loam             302                   101                  122                40                 49
           Beardstown                Loam                188                   100                  121                40                 50
           LaHogue                   Loam                102                   107                  129                42                 57
           Petrolia             Silty clay loam          288                   103                  129                39                 49
           Titus                Silty clay loam          404                   104                  126                42                 49

                                                             FSA Data
This farm has been combined with data from our other farming operations for crop insurance purposes. The averages listed include the
2005 crop.
                                                                                    Corn      Soybeans        Wheat
                         Ten Year Average Yield (insurance report)                169.3          56.4           68
                         Direct Yield Payment                                        108          42            58
                         Counter Cyclical Payment                                    147          50            64

The farm is enrolled in two separate Conservation Reserve Programs. The first program, which expires in 2009, contains 25.8 acres
and has an annual payment of $2401.00. The second program expires in 2020, contains 24.7 acres and has an annual payment of

                                                       Real Estate Taxes
The Greene County Treasurer has provided the following 2005 real estate information on the Emerald Valley Farm:
                                                        Parcel #           Tax        Assessed Value
                                                        6-11-30-2       $1,253.02              17,290
                                                        6-11-31-3       $1,945.48              26,845
                                                        6-10-25-2-1        $55.08                  760
                                                        6-10-36-1-1        $51.82                  715

                                                              Title Insurance
The Seller shall furnish a title insurance policy in the amount of the purchase price.

                                                        Terms and Conditions of Sale
The Buyer will be asked to submit a written contract to purchase the property. Martin & Associates will make copies of that contract
available upon request. A 10% down payment is required upon signing the contract. The balance is due 30 days from signing. The
seller will sell the farm free of tenancy for the 2007 crop year.
Although the information contained in this brochure is considered to be accurate, no representation or warranties to that effect are being made. This
information is subject to verification and no liability for errors or omissions is assumed. All interested parties are invited to make an inspection of the
property after calling Martin & Associates for an appointment.

                                                                Martin & Associates
                                                         100 Emerald Way, Watseka, IL 60970
                                                                    (815) 432-6100
                                                                 (815) 432-6174 FAX

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