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					                                      Grafton SpedPAC
                                       Meeting Minutes
                                     November 13th, 2008

Introductions: Laura Deneen 15 PAC members in attendance

Secretary’s Report: Mary Gilgallon; Approved October 2008 Minutes

Treasurer’s Report: Peggy Forbes $796.38 no change. Money from the Evening of Giving will
reflect in next month’s report.

Not sure what the start time for the December meeting will be for the parent group. December is
an a.m. meeting. And may not have access to the room. Time will be announced in meeting
announcement in paper and e-mail.


Summer Services- Kathy reports it is budget time and she is looking at the possibility of a
coordinator. She is putting list together of kids who will be in the program and see what we need
to create more cohesion for the program. She reported administration has also identified summer
services as issue and intend to address concerns.

Evening of Giving- November 23, 7:00-9:30 p.m. PAC talked about tickets sales and last day
for sales and return to Laura.

POWERSCHOOL- Kathy reports she spoke to Marcia P about getting the Power school to list
SPED service AND also use Power school to create a distribution list. Kathy will continue to
work on this.

Wings Beneath Their Wings Ceremony-
School Committee acknowledges this program is one of their goals, but they have not
determined in what capacity they will assist. Pac talks about timeline and how this will be
executed at the schools. Kathy to ask how they envision the participation from the School


Three Year Plan Sub Groups-

Update - Sub Committees- Community Outreach and Fundraising

Casino Night- Committee met on October 22 via conference call. Working on prize donation
and hope to make definitive decision about adding on Texas Hold’em tournament at the next
committee meeting. Revisions to sponsorship flyer to be made and sponsorships sales to begin
in December. Committee decided on $150 per table sponsor and are hoping to sell 6-8 table
sponsors this year. Vendors can also sponsor by donating prizes. Next meeting to December 3
via conference call.
Committee member are:
Erin Griffin
Mike Miller
Andrea Merrill
Mary Romaniac
Mary Gilgallon
Peg Forbes

Outreach-Laura reports on the activities of the outreach committee and she go though the
schedule of workshops planned.
Committee member are:
Doreen Hunt
Leslie St Jean
Lauren Chenevert
Erin Griffin

Sarah Ward Lecture- Scheduled for December 11 in conjunction with the Westboro PAC.
$100 expenses approved by PAC to contribute to the Westboro PAC

Officers-Laura reports on the meeting with The Pac Officers. Kathy to look into district e-mail
list. We spoke about the funnel of communication to the schools and having the schools assist in
the dissemination of information out to the parents through the e-mails sent out from the

Open for PAC comments-
One PAC member questions the perceived shortage of aides at GES. Kathy reports there was not
an issue to her knowledge with regards to excess of openings.
Discussion about MCAS scores and how district is dealing with the “needs improvement” for
reading at GES. Kathy speaks about MCAS trends in MA.

Comments from Kathy:
Reported on the DOE’s Coordinated Program review. She explained the extensive nature of the
review and all that is entailed for the district. Part of the process is a review of individual
records. Kathy reports if anyone child’s record is to be reviewed through this process the parents
will get a letter. An additional 25 families will get a survey. Kathy encourages parents to fill out
survey. Kathy outlines the timeline for this programs review. Audit is week of February 2,
interviews with staff and Sped Director.

District’s website is up and running and is still be worked out, Kathy continue to work on with
Marica and is open to adding information if the Pac would like.


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