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					           1918                   News of the Elyria Ohio Rotary Club                                  2010 - 2011
                              Visit the: Elyria Rotary web site:

                                                                    Member Reception on May 5 from 5:30 to 7:30
                        March 1, 2011                               p.m. at LCCC Spitzer Conference Center. Cost to
                        By Maggie Kelch                             attend will be $20 and tickets will go on sale at next
                                                                    week’s Rotary meeting. Anyone who attends will
                        March Comes In Like A                       be entered into a drawing to win one of five $100
                        Lamb                                        credits towards a Paul Harris Fellowship.

                      March arrived like a lamb                     Paul Rigda passed along information about the
with abundant sunshine for all to enjoy.                            Elyria Schools & Community Fat Tuesday
                                                                    celebration. The 6th Annual Mardi Gras event will
President Mike called the meeting to order with the                 be held on March 8 at 5:00 p.m. at Nick Abraham
singing of America, followed by the Pledge of                       Buick (in the Ford building) on E. Broad St.
Allegiance. Then, Mark Mathes lead us in singing                    Donation of $15 is required with proceeds to benefit
about the Daring Young Man on the Flying                            future levy and building campaigns for Elyria
Trapeze.                                                            schools. Contact Paul for more information.

Student Guests
We had two outstanding student guests today from                                        March 8, 2011
Elyria Catholic High School. Both are all- Ohio                                Ohio Dance Theater Spring Tour
athletes – one in swimming and one in track.                                      Janet Strukley & Dancers
Mackenzie Tweardy from Grafton and Alexa Rick
from Elyria were a joy to meet.                                     The Ohio Dance Theatre's Youth Ballet will be
                                                                    back again this year to perform for the Rotary Club
Announcements                                                       on March 8th. They are currently touring "Peter and
Lots of announcements today!                                        the Wolf". There are nine dancers in all, some who
Dan Collings announced that the Literacy                            are in high school who are the main characters and
Committee is looking for volunteers to read to                      younger dancers who are starting to get serious
students at participating elementary schools during                 about their training. Come and enjoy their
the month of March, which is National Literacy                      performance at next week’s meeting. They will be
Month. If you are interested in reading to students,                introduced by Jeanine Donaldson.
times and days are available now until March 11th.
Please contact Dan at
ASAP if you want to participate.                                    Exhange Student
                                                                    Mike Gebhardt introduced a Rotary exchange
Cheryl Steris announced that the newest Rotarians                   student who is being sponsored by the Elyria
on the STAR committee will be holding a New                         Sunrise Club. Patrick Sonnay is from Switzerland
                                                                    and Rotarians are encouraged to spend some time
with him. He is attending Elyria High School and is
currently staying with the Gebhardt family.

Don Boddy Fills the Jug
Don Boddy keeps Rotarians on his toes whenever
he takes the microphone. Today, he roasted a
number of Rotarians to profitably fill the jug
including Ted Altfeld, Mike Jaworski, Greg Elek,
Ron Cocco, Jim Hunt, Megan Flanigan and Ted
Wallingford. He also declared a moratorium on
“picking on” Mike Gebhardt.

                                                      Mike Gebhardt introduced Rotary exchange student
                                                      Patrick Sonnay from Switzerland.

                                                      Tax Law Changes
                                                      Greg Elek and Kevin Noss from Elek & Noss,
                                                      CPAs, were our speakers today and gave us an
                                                      update on the myriad of tax law changes that were
                                                      implemented for this year. If you are an individual,
                                                      small business person, or work for a big business,
Terry Doan introduced two Elyria Catholic seniors
                                                      these changes will affect you! I knew there was a
Mackenzie Tweardy and Alexa Rick. Both are all-
                                                      reason why I hired someone to do my taxes and
state athletes and outstanding students!
                                                      Greg and Kevin just confirmed it for me!
Happy Dollars
                                                      Greg focused on tax law changes affecting
Lots of happy Rotarians today sharing their joy!
                                                      individuals and talked about a lot of changes that
Mike Meecha recently welcomed a new baby boy.
                                                      the Internal Revenue Service has made with which
Dan Collings’ stepson won an award at school.
                                                      we must all comply. In 2010, the Federal
Tim Reilly celebrated Joan VanWormer’s musical
                                                      government collected $2.1 trillion in tax dollars
talents. Greg Elek thanked Congress for passing
                                                      and, apparently, they are looking at ways to keep as
tax laws which lead to him doing a presentation
                                                      much of it as possible. Changes are enacted in areas
                                                      of health care, energy incentives and even the estate
                                                      tax on the state and federal levels.
                                                       Committee Chairs – you and your committee
                                                       members are eligible for make up credit when you
                                                       have a committee meeting. Send the list of
                                                       attendees and the date of the meeting to Maggie
                                                       Kelch for inclusion in the Ramrod

                                                       UPCOMING PROGRAMS & EVENTS
                                                       3/15 – Girls with Sole, Liz Ferro
Kevin Noss and Greg Elek updated us on changes         3/22 – Literacy Committee Update, Ken Glanc
to the tax laws at Rotary today.
                                                       3/29 – Murray Ridge Production Center, Dave
Kevin Noss focused on the business side of the tax     Blevins
equation and all of the changes that affect
businesses. He predicted that, since the IRS is
looking to have a greater collection rate, they will   Make up meetings and locations
conduct more audits. In addition, about 70% of         Monday: Amherst - 12:05 p.m. St. Joseph Church
taxes are now filed electronically which makes their   Social Hall
job of reviewing taxes even easier.                    Tuesday: Avon -Avon Lake - 7:30 a.m. Sprenger
                                                       Retirement Center On Community Drive off of Rt.
MAKEUPS                                                83 Avon Belden Road) just north of Wendy’s.
                                                       Wednesday: Vermilion 12:00 noon, German’s
Joan Lowry, 2/24, Rotary eClub One                     Villa
Marty Kelly, 2/28, Rotary eClub One                    Thursday: Lorain 12:00 noon DeLuca’s 6075
                                                       Middle Ridge Rd
Janet Long, 3/1, Rotary eClub One
                                                       Thursday: Elyria Sunrise, 7:45 a.m. Wesleyan
Bob Graham, 2/24, Lorain                               Village, Cascade room
Chris Fichtner, 2/13, North Ridgeville                 Friday: Oberlin - 12:10 p.m. Oberlin Inn
                                                       Friday: North Ridgeville 12:00 noon Senior Center
Bill Thomasson, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, Dunedin North,        (City Hall Building)
FL                                                     Internet MakeUps:
Mike Rogan, 2/10, 2/24, Elyria Sunrise

STAR committee members met prior to Rotary
today including Steve Hosler, Tim Reilly, Mark
Mathes, Cheryl Steris and Debbie Richter.

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