Autobiographical Paragraph by HC120918193351


									                                          Mission Statement

Objective:      Students will write a Mission Statement for this Library Education class, which will go
with their picture.

Purpose:       To learn how to use Microsoft Word, and to introduce yourself to library patrons.

Grade:         Answering the questions thoughtfully              30 points
               Following the typing directions                   20 points
               Poster completed and on the wall                  50 points
               Total                                             100 points


                                          Mission Statement
                                            Ms. Jackson
       I am a dedicated Library Teacher who has chosen to teach at Franklin since 1995. I am here to

teach students to be Information Literate, enjoy books and reading, and use computers. I will accomplish

this by listening to my students and providing opportunities to use the library and explore the books.

Read Ms. Jackson’s Mission Statement. Answer these questions:

   1) How many parts (sentences) are there in this Mission Statement? _____

   2) Part one starts with “I am…,” which means in this sentence Ms. Jackson talks about herself. List

       a few things you would like to share about yourself with the students who use the library.


   3) Part two starts with “I am here…,” which means this sentence tells my purpose for being in this

       library. List a few reasons you are here in this class.


   4) Part three starts with “I will accomplish this by…,” which means this sentence states how I will

       achieve my purpose in this library. List a few ways you will accomplish your reasons for being

       in this class.


                                                                                           (Turn over)
       1. Sit at a computer
       2. Double click on the Word icon (the oddly shaped X in blue in the bar at the bottom)
       3. There should be two toolbars; if they are not there, go to “View>Toolbars>Standard” and
       4. Check to make sure the font is Times New Roman in the font pull-down bar
       5. Click on the button for centering text in the same toolbar
       6. Change the size to 14
       7. Click on the B button (for bold)
       8. Type the words Mission Statement
       9. Type your first and last name (be sure to capitalize the first letters)
       10. Hit the Return button twice
       11. Change to the left side button
       12. Change the size to 12
       13. Click on the B button (to turn off the bold)
       14. Go to “Format>Paragraph” and change “Line Spacing” to Double”
       15. Hit the tab key
       16. Write the three sentences of your mission statement, using what you wrote on the other side
            of this paper
       17. Click on the spell-check (ABC check) button
       18. Go to “File>Save”
       19. Type your file name (The computer should be set up correctly; DO NOT click anywhere—
            just start typing the name)
       20. Print and staple to this paper
       21. Write your proper heading
       22. Write the computer number and file name on the back of the paper (so you can find it later)
       23. Turn in to the basket
       Wait for Ms. Jackson to correct and print your picture.
       24. Make any corrections after you receive it back
       25. Save and print
       26. Put the paragraph on construction paper, along with your picture
       27. You may decorate this poster any way that you wish, within acceptable Franklin rules (e.g.
            no graffiti writing)

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