English Speech Contest for the 100th Anniversary of Chuo University E by wUT6Qui


									                           Program 20/10/2012
                    10th OB Cup English Speech Contest
                              E.S.S., Chuo University

Chairpersons: Mr. Tsunenori Suzuki, Miss Kana Kuramochi
13:30    Opening Address: Miss Sana Takahashi


            Name                         Title
13:35    1. Mr. Koki Obata               New Principle?
         2. Miss Harumi Kishi            What I’ve learnt through my university life
         3. Miss Akane Miyaji            Make the world of no passive smoking
         4. Mr. Takahisa Tomita          The Problem of Lay Judge System
         5. Miss Chihiro Nabeshima       IS CHOCOLATE BITTER OR SWEET?

14:10    Intermission

14:20    6. Mr. Okuto Suzuki             To be a leader
         7. Mr. Akira Kuwayama           Don’t hesitate to express ourselves in public
         8. Mr. Mitsuo Yoshida           Sharing our sense of value
         9. Miss Ayako Shimatani         Reasons why I am against animal testing
        10. Miss Haruka Ito              “Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020”

14:55    Intermission

15:40    Announcement of Winners & Awarding of Prizes: Chairperson and Judge
         General Comment: Mr. Terence Yearley

16:30    Closing Address: Mr. Masayasu Tokuhiro
17:00    Buffet Party

Judge: Mr. Terence Yearley
Co-sponsor: OB (Graduates’) Association of E.S.S.


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