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									                                Physiology Understanding Week
                                     November 5-9, 2012
                                    Three Easy Steps to Participate…

Step 1. Contact a local K-12 teacher and arrange a date for a visit.

           Reach out to a local elementary, middle or high school teacher.                                 Why You
            (The APS Education Office may be able to help you make a connection.)

          Establish the date(s) and time that you will visit the school
           (Note: You are not limited to hosting your event only during the week of Nov 5-9)               Participate
          Find out how many students will be participating and ask the teacher about any
           prior knowledge the kids may have about physiology.                                              Builds connections
                                                                                                          between scientists and
                                                                                                            their local schools
Step 2. Decide on your activities and complete a PhUn Week Planner.
                                                                                                            Fosters grassroots
         Create your own activities that will engage students in physiology and form your team of
                                                                                                          partnerships between
          physiologists for the visit (graduate students, fellows, faculty etc).
                                       OR                                                                 biomedical researchers
        Use activities that have already been vetted by our own APS members.                               and K-12 teachers
         ( , key word search “PhUn”)

          Complete your PhUn Week Event Planner by October 1, 2012 in order to receive great            Involves more physiologists
            promotional items for the students and host teachers.                                             in outreach to the
           (              students and teachers
                                                                                                            in their communities

Step 3. Inspire the next generation of physiologists!                                                      Increases student
                                                                                                             interest in and
           Arrive on time and check in with the main office at the school.
                                                                                                           understanding of
           Be sure to ask the host teacher about any possible limitations on using photographs          physiology in their lives
            from your event.

           Share your expertise and enthusiasm for the physiological sciences with the students.
                                                                                                              Increases teacher
                                                                                                         recognition of physiology
                                                                                                          in their standards-based
For more information….                                                                                       science curriculum

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