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									Communications and Public Information Interns
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is offering undergraduate and
graduate-level students, preferably in the field of journalism, public relations,
information and communications, an opportunity for an internship with its Regional
Information Office in the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) located in
Bangkok, Thailand.

During the internship, interns will work on a range of diverse topics related to public
awareness, media and outreach, interact closely with staff members and are given
responsibilities based on their experience and skills. Excellent written and spoken
English is a requirement. Applicants must be willing to intern full-time for a period
of not less than 3 months and not exceeding 6 months.

The Communications Intern's responsibilities may include the following:

      Assisting the Regional Information Officer and other staff members in the
       timely delivery of materials and information to members of the media, and
       other key stakeholders;
      Assisting in organization and preparation for special events;
      Assisting with outreach programs and activities;
      Assisting with children, youth and civil society programs;
      Undertaking research for speeches and presentations;
      Preparing advocacy materials;
      Updating and maintaining mailing/contact lists for media and civil society
      Any other communications-related duties as required.

Qualifications for a Communications Internship:

      Background in communications and/or journalism preferred;
      Excellent writing and editing skills;
      Strong research and analytical skills;
      Demonstrated interest in the environment;
      Computer literacy, especially with MS Word and Excel;
      Strong organizational skills and administrative capabilities;
      Ability to work creatively, independently and as a team member;
      Ability to work full time (35 hours a week);
      Attention to detail.

Application Procedure

Please click link below and fill out application form and return to:

                      INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME,
          UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (UNEP/ROAP)
                      2nd Floor, Block A, UN Building
                    Rajdamnern Avenue, Bangkok 10200
                  Tel: +66-2-2881871, Fax: +66-2-2803829
Application Form:

Applications must include:

      A detailed CV or completed internship programme application form;
       (download form below)
      A written statement explaining why an internship with ROAP is being sought
       and what is expected from the experience, specific dates of availability and
       other information felt to be relevant
      Be currently enrolled in a third or fourth year of under-graduate, graduate or
       post-graduate programme, and will continue to be enrolled during the period
       of the internship and after.
      Send a letter of endorsement from his/her educational institution, attesting to
       the fact that he/she is currently a registered student and will continue to be
       enrolled for the period of the internship. A letter from any one of the
       following personnel is suggested:

                      • Dean of Students or dean of faculty
                      • Registrar
                      • Placement officer

Failure to provide a complete internship application may result in your application
                               not being considered.

For more information on UNEP/ROAP internship programme:

Further Information:

Payment, Liability, Insurance, Visas and Clearance

The Internship Programme operates on a non-remunerative basis. All costs connected
with internships must, therefore, be borne by the interns or their sponsoring
institutions or governments. This includes costs relating to travel, living and
accommodation. The following stipulations should be noted with regard to insurance

      UNEP accepts no responsibility or liability for costs arising from damages,
       travel, accident and/or illness incurred during an Internship. Interns are
       therefore asked to submit in advance:
           o A medical certificate stating that he/she is in good health;
           o Valid proof of coverage by a medical insurance plan, as the United
                Nations Medical Insurance Plan does not cover interns.

It is UN policy that obtaining visas is the sole responsibility of the intern. This can
be a lengthy process. If accepted as an intern, do not delay in pursuing your
visa(s). We regret to say that RONA cannot be of any assistance beyond providing
original letters of acceptance and copies of internship agreements as proof.
Administration and Supervision of Interns

Applicants may receive a standard reply confirming receipt of your internship
application. Due to the volume of applications we receive, you will be contacted
personally only if ROAP wishes to actively pursue your application.

Once selected by ROAP, prior to travel, applicants will be asked to complete and
send a signed Internship Agreement.

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