FALL 2007- OCTOBER 26 MEETING

I: Welcome

II: 07-08 Officers:
        President: Kendra Jason
        Vice- President- Christy Mair
        Secretary- Joslyn Brenton
        Treasurer- Lisa Tichavsky
        Communication-Abby Cameron (not in attendance) and Macon Parker

In attendance:
Lizzy Seale, Tiffany Taylor, Emily Cabinis, Emily Balade, Earl Kennedy, Laura
McKinney, Greatchen McHenry, Kylie Parota, Adam Driscoll, Stephanie Teixeira,
Brandy Farrar, Sarah Rusche, Kris Macomber, Brad Ray, Michelle Laws

III: Reports
       Secretary: Review Minutes from September meeting (see the SGSA website for
       the most up-to-date and previous meeting minutes.
       Vice President/Culture Club: /holiday cheers/ holiday community party
       Lisa passed out a statement of our current money status
       Curriculum Committee: Andrea Hunt
       Search Committees: Andrea Hunt and Laura McKinney
       LM: This will begin after the holidays.
       Graduate Student Representative- Student Senate- Scott Storm
       UGSA representative: Emily Baladad (Anthropology)
       Cohort Reps: We need to get a list together of all the reps. Joslyn will take care
       of this.

IV: Old Business
      a. Comprehensive Review- Grad students to meet with Reviewers
    The grad students meet with the reviewers on Tuesday. Kendra tried getting some
      information from Ted, but Ted kept saying the same things. It is a 30-minute
      focus group interview and they will take information from the self-surveys and
      ask us questions from that. Some ppl want to go in with a list of points, that can
      be given to the reps, so we can bring up certain concerns.
    TT: External review process should be a way to improve the department. All
      feedback should be constructive. Bumped into a past head external reviewer
    Jennifer Glass. Parcells asked Glass to be a part of this again. Approach from a
    positive point of view.
   KP: Who is running the focus group? A= the external reviewers. It will be just the
    graduate students and the review committee.
   KP: what are some issues that have come up?
   BF: increasing stipend for grad students, hiring qualitiative profs, better
   BF: One thing might be is to ask the reviewers how the grad students can have a
    more autonomous role in being part of the review. Could we put together some
    kind of a report?
   KJ: Who is the review committee exactly? A= They are other sociologists. These
    are committee members picked from other schools. Iowa is one. It will be other
    PhD and grants institutions
   KP: Do we get to see the results from the survey? A= Ted says that ppl can
    contact him. TT: Says that she will email the report. Brad Ray: Says that John
    Brauer has a copy of the report.
   Laura will forward this along
   ST: The ppl who were picked for the representatives don’t really represent all
    students. What can we do about this?
   Christy: Says that the ppl who were chosen as cohort reps are told they are
    representing the concerns of the entire cohort. They are not under the impression
    that they are representing themselves
   ML: What about asking Ted or the reviewers if we can use an SGSA open form as
    a way to give feedback
   KJ: Will go to Ted and ask.
   KM: What about asking for an SGSA meeting in ADDITION to the formal
   ST: Not so much concerned about what the individual person will say or not say,
    but what they are limited to talking about as far as the question they are asked
   BR: A focus group is a small group of people and they are supposed to ask
    questions about the department in general.
   EC: What about voting on our own cohort rep in addition to the people that have
    been selected.
   BF: Suggest we should express our concerns about not being included and ask
    him “What can we do?”
   Summation: On Tuesday the grad reps go to the meeting. SGSA should ask for
    the reviewers to meet with SGSA. Then we can go from there.
   Can we get a debriefing after the meeting?

    b. Deadline for SSS submissions is December 15! (Richmond, VA)
    c. Other
V. New Business
      a. Response to Ted’s summer 2008 email
      b. RTI speaker- applied research jobs- Nov 19 @ 12:30 HA173
      c. Doug Harper-Changing Works: Visions of a Lost Agriculture Nov 8 @ 3pm
              Mann Hall 307
      d. Recognition award for sociology graduate students
      We can talk about this more in the November meeting
      e. The West Campus Diversity Committee - homelessness program Nov 29 at
          7pm in the Bragaw Activity Room.
      f. The Summer 2008 teaching request form due TODAY
      g. Schedule for semester’s SGSA meeting
              Friday Nov 16 Noon to 1:15pm
      h. Other
      Funding: Macon asked about getting alternative funding for when we do
      recruitment. It has been heard that other departments have gotten this funding.

From Andrea Hunt- 10/24/07
I will not be able to make it to the SGSA meeting on Friday because I will be at a conference. The
grad curriculum committee has met and approved special topics courses offered in the spring and
worked on proposed changes to the grad manual. Our next meeting is Nov 6 where we will focus
on guidelines for the Master's en route and the prelims.
The search committee has decided on a list of candidates last week. The list is going to be
presented to the faculty tomorrow. There were some issues that arose once the list was shown to
Ed. Initially, we had selected 5 (qualitative) candidates that fit the job ad. There were 3 others
who were considered good, but were not qualitative so they were not given preference. The
committee had decided that they would present the top 5 to the faculty and keep the other 3 as a
backup if all 5 of the other candidates had already taken jobs. I was not there when the committee
spoke with Ed, but he decided that all 8 candidates needed to be shown to the faculty but in tiers
(the qualitative folks in the top tier and the other 3 in the bottom tier). This was not what the
committee had decided and I have not spoken with Feinian this week to see this will still be the
course of action.
I will keep you posted on any new updates,
     There are questions about where exactly we are at. Christy said she was under the
         impression that the eight candidates have not taken other jobs yet. The committee meets
         every Wednesday.
     SR: Does anyone know if the files are available for us to look through? CM: The short
         list is not available yet. When the short list is available we should know.
     TT: the normal protocol in most departments is that the committee narrows the list down
         to 5. TT says that what is happening is not protocol.
     CM: She has heard the family faculty are dedicated to hiring someone qualitiative
     EC: Is there anything as grad students we can do?
     BF: Once they put the files out we as students have access. We should take advantage of
     Grad students last year submitted an informal vote
     TT: Suggests doing more face-to-face work as far as talking to faculty and discussing
         whenever we can
       KJ: We can also submit multiple votes. In other words, SGSA does not have to be a

From Scott Storm 10/4/07
(1)Thanks again to those who voted in the recent fee referenda. On October1st and 2nd the
student body voiced a resounding no to fee increases. Furthermore, many of the student fees were
rejected by a plurality of those voting. Only the student health fee increase was approved by the
student body and by the narrowest of margins. Unfortunately, the student body senate, in my
opinion, largely ignored these votes when considering the official student senate position on fees
that will be presented to the fee committee and the board of trustees. To there defense some
partial student fee increases are mandated by law as a result of increases in the CPI (consumer
price index) to offset personnel salary and benefit increases. Attached is a detailed look at the
student senate’s position on proposed fee increases adopted by a vote of 38(Yes)-9 (No)-1
(Abstain) tonight after a lengthy five hour meeting.
      No questions here. Kendra reminds everyone that if anyone has a question to get in touch
         with Scott Storm

(2)The Faculty Senate is currently in debate on a proposal to adjust the North Carolina State
University general education requirements. The proposal reduces the required general hours from
53 to 39. Humanities and Social Sciences are subject to the brunt of this reduction (from 21
required hours to 12). Math/Natural Sciences are also incurring a reduction of 7 required hours
(20 to 13). Six general hours will be designated for interdisciplinary studies. The reasoning for
this proposal is outlined below PLEASE SEE LINE 2:
-To decrease the workload of professors by reducing the number of hours required by all students.
-All freed money from the reduction in the number of intro/basic level courses will remain within
the respective college to allow for the creation of courses to fill interdisciplinary requirements.
-The vote has been delayed to discuss the issue with all departmental committees and faculty that
are interested.
*****Since this could potentially have an impact on many of our graduate
students (we teach the Intro/200 level courses) I intend to contact the
academics chair personally to see what avenues I/we have to voice our
opinions at the next faculty senate meeting.
Scott H. Storm

Culture Club
    Thanksgiving at Christy’s place. Adam is cooking the turkey!
    We have a family for the holiday cheer program. Close to the end of Nov we will try to
       do some more fundraising. Our family we are sponsoring is “Jennifer,” a single mom
       with 2 children. There are some specific items on there. Christy will try to email and call
       to see how we can facilitate on putting this together. SR: Suggests that we send out an
       email to faculty/staff/students to let them know we will be coming around on a certain
       day to fundraise. (December 14th is the recommended delivery date for goods/services)
    Babysitting night in December. Will do this on a Saturday. Christy will send an email out
       to parents to see which dates are most convenient for everyone. Stephanie has
       volunteered. Christy has volunteered her house. If anyone wants to suggest another place
       that is great too.
    Holiday Party at Christy/Gretchen/Lamar’s house
   Macon has put up a lot of stuff on the website
   Political postings
   The next PFF is included. That is scheduled for November 19, 2007. Location: Room
     173 in Harrelson. The speaker is Sheila Knight from RTP. She contacted us because she
     has been happy with the NCSU students who have worked for them. She is a recruiter.
   Macon has been checking out putting a “people on the market” link as part of our
     website. TT: Maybe people would not want to put their picture. Anything we want done
     to the SGSA website Macon can do fairly independently. As far as putting a link to the
     main page, we would need to get Raphael to do that.

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