Graduate Student Request for Program Extension

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					             Graduate Student – Request for Program Extension
                                        (2010-2011 Catalog)

The submission of this form is required for students who will not complete all degree requirements
within the six-year time period designated in the WTAMU Catalog. The six-year time limit began
with the first course counted towards the active master’s degree program.

Program Extension requested for:

Name _________________________________Buff ID #_______________________
Department __________________________________________________________
Major _______________________________________________________________

I, the academic advisor of the above name student, certify that he/she is a graduate student in good
standing. I consider my advisee to be a making satisfactory progress toward a degree, and I
support his/her request for program extension.

Please check the appropriate box and write a letter of explanation to submit with this form which
justifies the reason for which the student has not yet completed the current program of study,
provides evidence that the student is making satisfactory academic progress, and includes a plan
detailing how degree requirements will be completed.

Exception requested for:

       Delay caused by a change in the major field of study
       Delay caused by a change in research topic
       Delay caused by unexpected research problems
       Delay caused by documented course availability
       Other ______________________________________

Length of Extension _________________________________________________
Expected Semester and Year of Graduation _______________________________
Student _________________________________________Date _____________
Advisor _________________________________________ Date _____________
Graduate Dean ___________________________________ Date _____________

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