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                    The Graduate School of Education and Psychology
                 EDSE 601- Principles of Middle School Instruction in Mathematics
                           in General & Special Education, Grades 5-9
                    Daniel Stein, Adjunct Professor - http://touro.webhop.org

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                           Algebra Enhanced By Video Technology
 United Streaming offers over 22,000 educational video clips to NYC classrooms. Most
teachers are either not aware of, or simply do not use them. You will need to create a
FREE account with a username and password. Please watch the video clips that

               The Adventurous World of Algebra, The, Program 1: The Basics
Video description: Join the fearless hero Idaho Bones, and his partner Boise, for a journey into
the sometimes dangerous world of algebra. With their help, you’ll come to terms with some basic
algebra terminology and you’ll be wondering how you ever functioned without functions.
Grade Level: from Gr. 6 to Gr. 12 Run Time: 26:00
*Note: You will need a computer with speakers and Internet Explorer 6 or above

When you select each mathematics video below, enter the following information
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Introducing the Standard Deviants!
Series Introduction
Part One: What is Algebra?
Section A: A Little History
Section B: Function Terminology
Part Two: Functions
Section A: Domain and Range

Below is a list of 5 mathematical concepts taught in the video, with a short explanation of

1: **
2: **
3: **
4: **
5: **

Please relate the lesson (or the use of online video resources) to the views of or a standard
for each organization below:

CEC: Council for Exceptional Children (link)

CECPBS: Council for Exceptional Children Performance Based Standards (link)
Below I have written a commentary describing how and why I would use this technology
in my school with the general and special education student populations.

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Students. Please give United Streaming information and discuss the video and lesson:



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