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									                     The Graduate School Student Travel Application Form
                          FOR TRAVEL OCCURING 7/1/11-12/31/11

The Graduate School offers grants for graduate students to present research findings at meetings
or conferences outside Colorado. The Graduate School provides a travel grant of $300 for
domestic conferences and $500 for international conferences. Funds will be applied directly to
the student’s tuition account. If the account balance is zero, a direct deposit refund will be
disbursed by the Bursar’s office. The grant is treated like a fellowship and reported to the Office
of Financial Aid; therefore, please be aware it may affect your student loan package. The
grant is contingent on account funding by the Graduate School.

       The applicant must be a full-time graduate student in good standing.
       The student must be traveling to a meeting/conference to present his/her own work on
        which he/she is the primary author, and is the sole presenter of work.
       The student must be enrolled during the term that the travel occurs (excluding summer).
       The student may receive funds from the Graduate School for travel only once per fiscal
        year (July 1 through June 30).
       A student receiving significant travel funding (over $500) from another source
        (fellowship, scholarship, grant, departmental travel funds) is not eligible.
       Students whose units have standing travel funds should apply there first; if such money is
        available only as matching, then they may apply to the Graduate School first.

 Note: If you are in doubt concerning eligibility, please contact Gretchen O’Connell:
The student should complete this application and return it to the Graduate School along
with supporting documents (abstract of the paper or a copy of the conference
program) at least three weeks before departure.
Date:                                          Student Email:

Student Name:                                  Student ID#:

Department:                                    Campus Box #:

Destination (location):                        Date of Trip:

Signature of Student:                          Signature of Advisor:

Department Travel Liaison (Please Print):      Travel Liaison Email:

CAMPUS BOX 26, by FAX to 303-492-5777, or via email

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