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									                                DRR Working Group
                                 Consultancy Announcement

JOB TITLE:           Consultant for leading a Disaster Management Curriculum
                     Development Team

Reporting to         Responsible focal person from host organization (CARE Myanmar) on behalf
                     of Technical Working Group of Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group
Contract Duration:   30 Working days in the period between Nov 2011 and March 2012
Scope of the Role:   This position ensure the process of disaster management training
                     curriculum development and responsible for final documentation of manual
                     and facilitation guidelines
Location of          Based in Yangon and portion of the work can be done remotely
Key Duties &         With the purpose of supporting in the development of a Disaster
Responsibilities:    Management Curriculum training curriculum and facilitation guidelines
                     which would enhance the government functionaries’ skills and knowledge

                     Consultant will be responsible for

                        i.   Will work with the other team members to reach the specified
                       ii.   Collect and review available resources, especially curriculums of
                             DMCs of the Asia and Pacific countries.
                      iii.   Prepare content, organization structure and the scope of the
                             curriculum jointly with team members.
                      iv.    Develop the whole document in consultation with team members by
                             adapting the international or regional courses into Myanmar
                             context, and upgrading the existing course outlines of DMCs and
                             DRR trainings in Myanmar
                       v.    Discuss with persons from government departments, technical
                             institutions and humanitarian agencies which could provide input to
                             the sessions of the curriculum.
                      vi.    Prepare the second draft by incorporating feedback from the
                             workshop (in consultation with team members)
                     vii.    Design and facilitate a ToT for government functionaries which
                             would deliver training on the manual
                     viii.   Develop a facilitator guide for DMC course
                      ix.    Conduct a pre-post training test to understand the level of
                       x.    Participate in the DMC for field test
                      xi.    Conduct evaluations of the manual which would elicit
                             feedback/comments for improvement of the document
                     xii.    Plan, implement and follow up of the initiative with the support from
                             Host Organization
                      xiii.   Final draft with necessary supporting documents/references to be
                              handed over to the Secretariat on behalf of the CDT


                             A curriculum training manual which is appropriate to the Myanmar
                              context and targeted participants
                             A facilitators guide for DMC course
                             One training of trainers (ToT) which would facilitate the field/pilot
                              test of the manual
                             One field/pilot test of the curriculum at a location selected by the
                             Two workshops to present the draft curriculum training manual

                                  Qualifications and experience

Essential:               5 years experience in South East Asian Region
                         Post graduate degree (Master) in social work, social sciences,
                          international development or other relevant field.
                         Sound       knowledge       on      DRR      concept       and   working
                          experience/understanding of DRR context in Myanmar and the region.
                         Strong writing skills in English through proven experience in the writing
                          of publications such as reports, studies, case studies etc
                         Experience in curriculum development, especially in the field of DRR and
                          experience in facilitation of disaster management courses, preferably to
                          government officials.
                         Good interpersonal skill.
                         Able to work with a multi-cultural team and environment.

For more information – Contact Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group (Chair – Lat Lat Aye,
     & CARE Myanmar (U Shwe Thein,

The deadline for this application is Friday, 4 November 2011. Please submit application with CV
for consideration via the following address:

              Human Resources Manager
              CARE International in Myanmar
              17A, Pyi Htaung Su Street,
              Sayarsan Road,
              Sayarsan north‐west ward,
              Bahan Township, Yangon.


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