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NAS 331



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									NAS 331
Rain L. marshall
"Native American Perspectives in Natural Resources"


Concepts to Discuss
1. Industrially Insane
2. 3 ways to look at plants and natural resources
3. Ethno Stress
4. Stewardship/Collaboration

*have to get books ASAP

3 ways to look at plants and natural resources ~ reading

- more in-depth detail in seasons ex. Certain bird call means the salmon are coming
- natural burning fires are important, also for basket weavers

(Video notes and thoughts)
-Denmark has the power and ideas, their government has aided development
- plant shut down in Mohave, carbon credits just transfered elsewhere
? I'd like to hear the argement for what "clean coal" actually is



Read up on current Indian events to discuss inn class
Indiancountry.com - hurricane Issac speculated evacuation affects


(missed last class and 1 paper assignment,cant make up?)

what happened to my book?!

Children ~ animals are on the same level of reciprocity (give and take)

commentary from class mates about reading

p. 64
Language ~ western civilization and how it came about, not taking words with
value/intent. Native American when you say something, you put your spirit into it
Take care of the land it takes care of you

Native people expressed a relationship to the natural world that could only be
described as 'ensoulment.' The ensoulment of nature is one of the most ancient
foundations of human psychology. This projection of the human sense of the soul
with its archetypes has been called the 'participation mystique,' which for Native
people represented the deepest level of psychological involvement with their land
and which provided a kind of map of the soul. The psychology and spiritual qualities
of Indigenous people's behavior reflected in symbolism were thoroughly 'in-formed'
by the depth and power of their participation mystique with the Earth as a living
soul. It was from this orientation that Indian people developed 'responsibilities' to
the land and all living things, similar to those that they had to each other. In the
Native mind, spirit and matter were not separate; they were one and the same." (p.

"Devils Tower" - Wyoming sacred site, also in conflict between recreational rock
climbers; on federal land

Technologies ~ star systems, etc. so much has endured the test of time

"landscapes because reflections of their very soul"

~ along the same time, matter and spirit are not separate, a duty to take care of it
and preserve, maintain relationships (just like with community, family, self)

"nature like a theme park" debates in class about recreational vehicles on the beach,
snowy plover etc ~ Alyssa

trying to perpetuate other life, not just our own

Native Science vs. Western Science ~ done from a system with boarders, vs. living
on and off the land, creating a true close spirit ex. Klamath River conflict, value of
being so close to it

HOMEWORK spend 30 mins out in nature, get a sense of the energy the author is
discussing ~ listening and observation

1 page about what I observed/experienced. Energy we can only experience while in

movie notes "Larry Merculieff" ` need to consider gender balance ~ primarily
working with male concepts; numberics, command and control, linear
- need more feminine to understand a blanace and how to LISTEN
need to learn more about ourselves not the natural world
sitting back without an agenda to hear what the other person is actually saying

"Sustainability"- how can we maintain our current lifestyle without depleting that
which keeps that lifestyle going
- industries in western society have taken over the term for their purposes
- picking every 7th flower, or fruit; underlying sense of reverence for what were
doing. being away of what our actions are doing, even small single action like
walking across the tundra
level of intimate and profound connection; harmony with the environment were in

still eating from the land

our role as humans ~ spirituality is about knowledge
love = responsibility, defense, vastness of social and physical responsibly

California Condor and Bald Eagle sacred animals to save (they scavange rather then

chaos theory ~ more you create it destroys something else
"sustainability" "concentration" of anything is bad (too much of anything)

What is civilization?
- lifestyle choices
- indigenous subsistence living

River of Renewal ~ video update between stakeholders

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