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					             This summer, take time to do what you really want to…
                           Inspire, innovate, collaborate, and connect

                                WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY
                                     12 Graduate Credits

                                         Required Courses
                             EDE563 – Teachers as Leaders (3 credits)
                          EEE 500 – Entrepreneurial Educator (3 credits)
                            MAT 595 – Quantitative Literacy (3 credits)
                      EEE501 – Emerging Science and Technologies (3 credits)
                          EEE 503 – Applied Learning Seminar (3 credits)
                       EEE 504 – 21st Century Educator Externship (3 credits)

EEE504: 21ST Century Educator Externship - 3 graduate credits             (June 24 - Sept 30, 2009)
Learn what business & industry look for – and how to prepare your students! In this 35-hour
fieldwork experience, educators are paired with a company/organization whose work is related to the
educator’s core content/specialty area. During the externship educators interview and job shadow
members of a business team. They connect the interviews and work of the company to the classroom.
An orientation and debriefing session are required.
Eligibility: Middle and High School educators                      Instructor: Dr. Christian Penny

EDE563: Teachers as Leaders - 3 graduate credits                               (July 6 – July 10, 2009)
Build leadership through professional development. The new cornerstone of the 3E curriculum model
explores leadership in context of professional development and provides teachers with leadership
knowledge and skills. Participants will create a personal professional development plan that focuses on
making teaching and learning more effective throughout school and district.
Eligibility: All educators, K-12                                        Instructor: Dr. Connie DiLucchio

MAT 595: Quantitative Literacy (QL) - 3 graduate credits                     (July 13 - July 17, 2009)
Interpreting and using quantitative data in everyday life. Educators collaborate with others to
develop ideas for lesson plans. The course covers integration of quantitative literacy skills into the
entire educational curriculum (not just mathematics courses). Discover a variety of ways to introduce
QL in many settings, from Political Science to English, through hands-on activities. Participants share
ideas and receive feedback from experts in business, industry and higher education.
Eligibility: All educators, K-12                                      Instructor: Dr. Lisa Marano

       Tuition for all courses is $1,115. Please check with your school district for
       information about tuition reimbursement. Educators enrolling in two or
                    more courses may be eligible for a $500 stipend!
                          More 3E Institute Summer Institute Opportunities

EEE501: Emerging Science and Technology - 3 graduate credits                (July 20 – July 24, 2009)
Experience Problem Based Learning – first hand. In this course educators deepen their understanding
of Problem Based Learning as an instructional technique that incorporates essential 21st century skills.
Educators develop both content knowledge and pedagogic expertise. Experts from business & industry
and higher education deliver core content. Take advantage of superb networking opportunities.
Eligibility: All educators, K-12                                     Instructor: Ms. Lynn Monarch

                                                “This course exceeded my expectations. It’s great to find a
                                                  course that incorporates higher level science with the
                                                         educational tools to reach our students.”
                                                      - Emerging Science and Technology Participant

EEE500: Entrepreneurial Educator - 3 graduate credits                       (July 27 – July 31, 2009)
Transform creative ideas into classroom practice. This course examines the context for change in
educational systems. It supports educators at all levels in generating innovative instructional ideas.
Collaborate with peers while you draft proposals to implement your ideas. Get feedback from an
experienced panel.
Eligibility: All educators, K-12                                     Instructor: Ms. Sue Yocum

EEE503: Applied Learning Seminar - 3 graduate credits                          (Aug 3 – Aug 7, 2009)
Be ready to teach in the fall. Educators who have seeded instructional ideas in any of the other 3E
courses will have the opportunity to fully develop these ideas and mold them into complete problem or
project base instructional units. Don’t miss this chance to collaborate with your fellow educators as you
take time to fully develop a new instructional unit!
Eligibility: Educators who have completed one other 3E course           Instructor: Dr. John Kinslow

                                 “I see things differently. I have added confidence.”
                                              - 2007 Institute Participant

  Registration is now open for WCU College of Education Entrepreneurial Educator Courses facilitated by 3E Institute.
                                   Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis:

       Please use the attached form to pre-register for courses.
       Fax the form to 3E institute at: 610-430-5676 or mail to 703 South High Street, West Chester PA,19383.
       Questions: Please call Lynne Gilpert at 610-738-0582.
       When your pre-registration is processed, 3E Institute will send you an e-mail with confirmation and
        instructions for formal registration.

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