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									                            Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education

Lesson Title: Skateboard Science
Discipline Focus: Physics
Grade level: 11th and 12th grade
Length of lesson: One class period

                           Stage 1 – Desired Results
Academic and Content Standard(s):

National Science Education Standards:

Minnesota Academic Standards for Science 2009:
Physical Science-Motion-Describing motion
Benchmark Code: 9P. - Apply Newton’s three laws of motion to calculate and analyze the
effect of forces and momentum on motion.

Understanding (s)/goals:                   Essential Question(s):

Students will understand:

Student objectives (outcomes):

Students will be able to:

                              Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence
Performance Task(s):                       Other Evidence:

                                  Stage 3 – Learning Plan
Learning Activities:

   Materials and Resources:

   Introductory Activities:

   Developmental Activities:

   Closing Activities:
Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education

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Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education
                              Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education

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                                         Skateboard Worksheet

1. How easy/difficult was it to pull off this movement? Why? What helped you to finally get the

2. Rotational Inertia is defined as a measure of an object’s resistance to being turned, depending on
both the mass of the object and the distribution of the mass. Thinking about the distribution of
your mass when you did the movement, what positioning of your body worked best?

3. Angular momentum is the measure of the extent to which an object will continue to rotate about
that point unless acted upon by an external torque (which was not present in this case). Since you
did not continue to rotate, your angular momentum was 0. But, you were still moving. Can you
explain why this angular momentum was still zero and the conservation of angular momentum

4. Explain how Newton’s Laws pertain to the physics of skateboarding. Use examples or pictures as
well as words.
Newton’s First Law: An object at rest or moving at a constant speed continues to do so until a net force
acts on it.

Newton’s Second Law: An object acted upon by a net force will accelerate in the direction of this force.

Newton’s Third Law: Forces always act in equal but opposite pairs.
                       Graduate Fellows in K-12 Education


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