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                                                                                                                                          Indicate    internship

                                      College of Business Administration                                                                  FIN _____
                                                                                                                                          HRT _____
                                   Application for LIFE Internship Opportunity                                                            MKT _____
                                                         (Linking Internships to Future Employment)                                       MANG_____

                                                                   (Please Type or Print Clearly)

Student Name:______________________ Date:___/____/___ Internship Semester Desired:_______ 2005

Phone Number: (_____)_______-________                                         Alternate Phone Number: (_____)_______-__________

Preferred E-Mail Address:__________________________________________________________________

Graduate Concentration(s):____________________________ Expected Graduation Date:______________

Number of Graduate Hours Completed:___________________                                               Graduate GPA:_____________________
(Students must have 15 hours of graduate credit completed and a 3.0 GPA to qualify for an internship with the exception of students pursuing M.S. in HT MANG)

Undergraduate Degree Granting University:_______________                                            Undergraduate Major/Degree:___________

Anticipated credit hours carried during the Internship Semester (exclude internship hours):______________________

Indicate        business courses completed relative to desired internship (ACCT, ECON, BA or QMBE, FIN, HRT, MANG, MKT):

ACCT 6130___ *                                        List electives_________________________________________
                                                                           (In lieu of ACCT 6130, ACCT undergraduates must take an ACCT elective.)

ECON 6200___ *                                        List electives_________________________________________

BA or QMBE 6780___ *                                  List electives_________________________________________

FIN 6300 ___ *                                        List electives_________________________________________

HRT 6204 ____                                         List electives_________________________________________
Required for students pursuing M.S. in Hotel and Tourism Management

MANG 6401___,* 6476___ *                              List electives_________________________________________

MKT 6503___ *                                         List electives_________________________________________
*Required MBA courses                                                      (In lieu of MKT 6503, MKT undergraduates may take a MKT elective.)

List computer software applications you have a working knowledge of:______________________________

I, _____________________________________ understand if I accept an internship offer for a position that
              (student signature)
was obtained through the College of Business Administration LIFE Internship Program, I must register for the
appropriate internship course and complete all required course work. If you are an international student, you
must consult with an international student advisor in UC260 prior to beginning the internship.

Return this form with a one-page resume to Tresa Banks-Lewis, BA 273

Due November 1st to have your application included in Spring 2005 Internship
(If your application is received after November 1 it will not be included in the primary packets sent to employers)

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