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					2010-11 OSAA
 Rules Exam
                     Question 1
   A student who transfers between school years to a new
    school under the terms of a reciprocal transfer
    agreement without a move of the parents is eligible to
    participate in athletics if the student resides with a
    family friend in the new district as long as the family
    friend has guardianship granted by a court.

        False                           Rule 8.6.3
                                      Hardship (f)(4) –
                                     Exceptions to the
                                     Fundamental Rule
                     Question 2
   An incoming 9th grader enrolling in a school outside of
    the attendance boundary where his/her parents live is

        True                          Rule 8.6.3 (a)
                                    Exceptions to the
                                    Fundamental Rule
                     Question 3
   If a student plays on a summer team for a coach, and
    the student transfers to the school of the coach of the
    summer team in the fall, the student is ineligible.

                                          Rule 8.6.5
                                       Participation on
                                       Affiliated Team
                     Question 4
   A student whose parents are divorced or legally
    separated may move from living with one parent to
    living with the other parent between school years and
    remain eligible.

        True                            Rule 8.6.3 (d)
                                      Exceptions to the
                                      Fundamental Rule
                      Question 5
   A transfer accompanied by the move of the parents
    always results in athletic eligibility at the new school.

      False                              Rule 8.6 - Transfer
                    Question 6
   A student who becomes 19 years old on September 1 is
    eligible for that entire school year

       True                           Rule 8.3 – Age
                     Question 7
   If a coach is ejected from a contest, the coach must
    leave the bench area but may sit in the stands.

      False                         BP 21 – Ejection Policies
                    Question 8
   Members of a coaching staff or parents of players
    may officiate any varsity contest so long as they are
    certified through the NFHS Coaches Education

    False                           BP 55 – Officials
                                 Certified Requirement
                    Question 9
   If a fall season participant passed fewer than the
    minimum number of classes required by the OSAA in
    the previous spring, he/she may apply credit gained
    over the summer in order to gain eligibility.

     True                    Rule 8.1 – Academic Eligibility
                                        Q&A #6
                    Question 10
   A coach may not choose to halt play and remove
    his/her team from a contest due to dangerous playing

     True                                  BP 85
                               Withdrawal during Competition
                    Question 11
   A student who transfers midway through the school
    year to a new school without a move of the parents is
    eligible to participate in athletics.

     False                                Rule 8.6.6
                                      Mid-Year Transfers
                   Question 12
   OSAA Practice Limitation restrictions (“Rule of Two”)
    apply to both team and individual sports.

    False                                BP 58
                                Practice Limitation Rule
                     Question 13
   Private school students who live within a public
    school’s attendance boundaries are not eligible to
    participate on their resident public school’s team if
    there is a team in the sport available for them at their
    private school.

      True                                Rule 8.5.1 (b)
                                      School Representation
                    Question 14
   During the OSAA Moratorium Week, scheduled for
    July 31-August 6, 2011, a student may participate in an
    open gym as long as his/her coach is not present.

     False                                 BP 51
                                      Moratorium Week
                    Question 15
   A student who passed five out of seven classes last
    semester (achieving 2.25 credits) and is on track to
    graduate is academically eligible.

     False                                Rule 8.1
                                     Academic Eligibility
                    Question 16
   If only one student representing a school competes in
    an individual sport, it does not count against the
    school’s team participation limitation.

     False                        Participation Limitations
                     Question 17
   In order to be a high school coach in Oregon, a coach
    must be certified, receive concussion training annually,
    and receive steroid education training once every four

     True                                 Rule 1.2
                                  AD and Coach Certification
                                      And State Statues
                    Question 18
   Recent alumni are not allowed to practice with your
    basketball team over Christmas Break.

    True                                   Rule 6
                                Association Sports/Activities
                    Question 19
   OSAA rules require all cheerleading coaches,
    competitive teams and support groups, to attend an
    annual Cheerleading Safety Clinic

    True                                    BP 7
                                  Cheerleading Safety Clinic
                    Question 20
   In the fall, a varsity basketball coach may work with
    two students, while the assistant coach works with two
    other students as long as they are at separate ends of
    the gym.

    False                            BP 58 – Q&A #15
                                 Practice Limitation Rule
                    Question 21
   A soccer coach who is serving a suspension due to an
    ejection in the previous contest may be with his/her
    team during warm-ups as long as the coach is “out of
    sight and sound” prior to the start of the game.

     False                      BP 21 – Ejection Policies
                                        Q&A #11
                    Question 22
   When a participant is suspended due to an ejection, the
    contest in which the suspension is served counts
    against his/her individual contest limitation.

      True                        BP 21 – Ejection Policies
                                         Q & A #17
                    Question 23
   Disrespecting a player by name, number, or position is
    permissible during contests

                                          BP 66 (a)
                                    Spectator Conduct at
                                   OSAA Sanctioned Events
                    Question 24
   A student athlete may receive cash as a reward for
    participation or accomplishment in athletics.

     False                              Rule 8.4
                     Question 25
   Use of an ineligible player in a contest may result in
    fines and forfeiture.

     True                                   Rule 5
                                   Violations of Regulations

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