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Animal Habitats Webquest by 9riyk4BF

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									      First Grade with
      Miss Stephens
Animal Habitats Webquest

        Teacher’s Page
        Website Evaluation
Dear First Grade Friends,

            I am so glad you made it to this webquest! I need your help! There was a huge storm and it
    blew the animals into another habitat! Will you be able to help me find the right habitat for the
    animals? You will need to think about what each animal needs to survive in its’ habitat and what
    its’ habitat looks like. I hope that you can use the websites I found help you! Please hurry because
    the animals need to go home!
                                Thank you!
                                           Miss Stephens

                                                     Oh, and what habitat do you live

                                                     How do you know?
              Here’s the Problem!
Welcome First Grade Friends!

You are going to need to put on your scientist coat to help me put
animals back into their habitat! I am so excited you will be working
with me to make sure the animals get home safely!

                      The parrot and the
                      raccoon are in the
     The penguin      ocean!
     and the                                        The octopus
     camel are in                                   and the deer
     the forest!                                    are in the arctic!

             The monkey and the
             dolphin are in the            The lizard and the
             desert!                       polar bear are in the
 Here is what you need to do:

 Find a partner and decide who will be computer friend and who
  will be the matching friend. You can switch jobs as you go.

 Follow the websites on the next page to find information about
  each habitat:

   Ocean Habitat         Think about:
                          1. What does the
   Arctic Habitat           habitat looks like?

                          2. What is the weather
   Forest Habitat

   Desert Habitat:       3. How does the animal
                             survive there?
   Rainforest Habitat
* All Habitats:
                                         * Arctic Habitats
                                         Watch Animals in the Arctic
Google Earth
                                         Arctic Animals
Animal Communities

                                                            *Desert Habitats:
            * Ocean Habitats                                Desert Safari
           National Geographic Video 1                      Desert Pictures
            Ocean Video                                     Facts about the Desert

                                         *Forest Habitats
                                         A Furry Forest Friend
         * Rainforest Habitats
                                         Another Forest Friend
         Rainforest Clip
                                         Forest Animals
         Australia Rainforest

This website will help you find the right habitat for some
animals. It will help you see where some of the animals live.
Create a habitat
           Expert                Very Good                                    Habitat
           Habitat               Habitat                Fair Habitat          Hunter in
           Hunter!(4)            Hunter! (3)            Hunter (2)            training (1)
Teamwork   Shared and listened   Shared and listened    Shared and listened   Shared and listened
           to ideas all the      to ideas most of the   to ideas some of      to ideas little of the
           time. Stayed on       time.                  the time. Stayed      time. Not on task
           task and on topic.    Stayed on task with    on task with          and needed much
           Solves problems       less than 3 prompts    teacher assistance.   teacher direction.
           and compromises       from the teacher.      Needed help from      Could not
           without teacher       Solved problems        the teacher to        compromise
           help.                 with little teacher    solve problems.       without the
                                 help.                                        teacher.

Animal     Found the             Found the              Found the             Found the
Homes      correct               correct                correct               correct
           habitats for all      habitat for 8-9        habitat for 6-7       habitat for 5 or
           animals               animals                animals               less animals.
Webquest   Used all the          Used all the           Used the              Used the
           websites              websites               websites but          websites but did
           appropriately to      appropriately to       apply little          not apply
           help find the         help find the          research to the       research to the
           habitats.             habitats.              project.              project.

Congratulations! You have helped all the animals reach
their homes!

We learned that each habitat is very different and that
certain animals can only live in certain habitats! If they are
not in their homes, they will not survive!

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for selecting your
animal for your animal project and diorama.

Please click on the link to type an answer to a question
inside our classroom blog!
Click here to answer the question!
                                   Teacher Page
My name is Miss Stephens and I teach first grade at Longswamp
Elementary School in the Brandywine Heights Area School District.

During this activity, first grade students will be able to:
• identify each habitat.
• match the animal to its correct habitat.
• click on links to websites that will give them sufficient information.
• utilize the Internet to access videos, blogs, photographs and activities.
• respond with a personal response about which habitat they live in and why.

Standards we will meet:
Biological Sciences:
       3.3.4 Know that characteristics are inherited and, thus,
        offspring closely resemble their parents.
            Identify characteristics for animal and plant survival in
             different climates.
       3.3.4 Know the similarities and differences of living things.
            Know that some organisms have similar external
             characteristics (e.g., anatomical characteristics;
             appendages, type of covering, body segments) and that
             similarities and differences are related to environmental
            Describe basic needs of plants and animals.
Website Evaluation
Website Evaluation

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