Owsley County Elementary School Volunteer Form by 9riyk4BF


									                   Owsley County Elementary School Volunteer Form

Volunteer’s Name: ________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
City __________________________________State: ________________ZIP: _________
Home phone: ___________________________
Cell phone: _____________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________________________
Child’s Name: _________________________________ Grade: _____
Child’s Name: _________________________________ Grade: _____
Child’s Name: _________________________________ Grade: _____
Teacher: ______________________________________
Teacher: ______________________________________
Teacher: ______________________________________

Please mark your areas of interest and if needed, specify the grade levels with
which you would most like to work:

K_____      1st_____ 2nd _____ 3rd _____ 4th ____ 5th ____ 6th ____ Any Grade ____
Not Applicable _____

                                       Ongoing Opportunities

School-Wide Support                                  Classroom Support
 Help in Office                                      Serve as Class Parent
 Assist in Library                                   Help in the Classroom
                                                      Serve as grade-level PTO Representative
 *Business/Special Skill (Provide “in-kind resources)
 Making a Presentation to a Class                     Tutor (Select: Reading ______ Math
 Monitor students on the playground                  Read with a classroom or individual
 Update signs on campus                              Cut out shapes & die-cuts
 Serve as Community Resource (List in comments)  Assist teacher with art lesson
 Publicity/Event Photography                         Help with Bulletin Boards
 Coordinate school awards, medals, and certificates (End of school and other special
 Help with School Community Service Activity- Support teacher-organized activities (Relay for
Life, St. Jude’s Math-a-Thon, Jump Rope for Heart, etc.) as needed

Ongoing or One-Time At Home Opportunities One-Time Opportunities – Fall
 Assist with Community Grant Writing            Picture Day Assistant – Sept. 4
 Trim & count box tops and labels               Fall Book Fair (Oct. 27 – 31)
 Cutting out pictures from magazines            School Beautification Day – (Date TBA)
 Serve as Webmaster for PTO Website             Help with Fall Family Night (Oct.)
 Edit/Contribute to monthly PTO E-Newsletter          Help during Read Around the Clock
 Trim laminated items for teachers at home            Santa Shop – Assist with set-up (Dec.)
 Wrap Santa Shop Gifts (1 time in Oct./Nov.)          Santa Shop – Help with booths (Dec.)
                                                       Santa Shop - Help clean up (Dec.)

One Time Opportunities – Spring                       Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4 -8)

 Spring Picture Day
 Spring Book Fair
 Field Day/Fun Day
 Spring Health Fair
 Reading Council Used Book Sale
 Serve on Planning Committee
 Assist with TAW activities
 Donate door prize
 Donate food item
 Set up or serve Dinner
 School Beautification Day (April)
 Assist with decorating for Dinner
C PTO Nominating Committee (for 09-10 year)
C Help with Spring Family Night

On-Call Volunteer - If you are not sure right now how you can help, but would like to be involved
in the future, your name can go on our “On-Call” Volunteer list. If we find we’re short-handed
for an activity or event, we’ll go to our On-Call list and check with you to see if you can help with
an activity or event.
 I’m flexible: Call me anytime to work at school
 I’m flexible: Call me anytime to work at home

Volunteer Comments:

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