2nd grade Study guide Chp 2 by 9riyk4BF


									               2nd grade Religion Study guide-
                  Quiz September 11, 2012

                         Chapter 2

   Jesus gathered many followers to be his
   Jesus died and rose to new life.
   Jesus promised to send us the Holy spirit.
   The Holy spirit helps the church to grow.
   The Holy spirit helps the Church live as Jesus
    wants us to live.
   The symbol for the Holy spirit is fire.

Disciples- Those who followed Jesus.

Apostles- The twelve disciples that Jesus chose to
be leaders.

Pentecost- The church celebrates the coming of the
Holy Spirit and the beginning of the church. This is
the birthday of the church.
Resurrection- Jesus’ rising from the dead. We
celebrate this on Easter Sunday.

Church- All of the people who are baptized in Jesus
Christ and follow his teachings.

Tuesday: Look up and read bible verses:
Matthew 4:20
Matthew 28: 1-5
Acts of the Apostles 2:1-4
Acts of the Apostles 2:38-41

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