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									                         Physical Science Teacher – 9th Grade

Saint Martin de Porres High School is looking for a unique teacher to be part of an innovative
urban college-prep high school experience. We are seeking a teacher to expand our staff to
accommodate next year’s larger enrollment. Projected 2010-2011 enrollment will be 420
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students, ultimately with a maximum enrollment for 9 through 12 grade of between 475 to 525

Our school’s mission is to educate academically qualified students who have no other option for a
private college prep program due to their economic background. Our goal is 100% high school
graduation rate and acceptance into a four year accredited university. Our student body is racially
diverse being made up of 77% African-American, 11% Anglo, 12% Latino and Asian and a
male/female ratio of 40/60 respectively.

As a community we emphasize student growth in the areas of “WORK, STUDY, SERVICE,

To help alleviate the cost of tuition every student is part of the Corporate Work Study Program
(CWSP). All students work five days a month. This work component assigns student jobs in entry
level administrative corporate positions. The work program covers approximately 75% of the
annual tuition. The school is not tuition driven.

Teacher responsibilities at Saint Martin de Porres High School include but not limited to:
    Teach in a modified block schedule of 60 minute classes with daily schedule changes to
      accommodate those students absent due to work.
    Develop lesson plans in accordance to the school’s innovative curriculum.
    Accept the school’s mission and belief statements concerning student learning.
    Expected to turn in lesson plans weekly and class syllabus quarterly.
    Coordinate field trips for curricular and extra-curricular activities; usually 3 per year.
    Act as advisor to assigned students and manage their school portfolios.
    Communicate with parents/guardian of advisory students at least twice a month.
    Participate in at least 2 school Open Houses.
    Participate in at least 4 school admissions interview processes.
    Prepare students to successfully complete the OGT and ACT tests.
    Participate in the development of the school’s teaching policies, procedures and

061027 teaching job description
A candidate for a teaching position at Saint Martin de Porres High School should have
proven experience successfully teaching under their certificate.
    Able and willing to work an extended day. Required hours are 7:30 a.m. through 4:15
       p.m. Faculty and staff typically work 55-60 hours in a week including planning and
       extra-curricular activities.
    Preferably, has successful experience working with students in an urban setting.
    Has successful classroom experience in a non-traditional classroom setting.
    Is comfortable in an educational setting that has a philosophy founded in a professional
       collaborative effort, peer review, and multidisciplinary lesson planning.
    Has an understanding of the high school reform movement.
    Has an understanding that the school is young and developing landmark policies in
       education the new teacher must be prepared to be flexible in all matters involving
       teaching, school administration and program and curriculum development.
    Must be able to teach students successfully using and creating differentiated lesson
       planning and teaching techniques. Classes are not adjusted for “student tracking”.
    Must be capable of communicating the importance of and ability to build literacy into their
       subject area.
    Must be comfortable with and willing to accept the existing technology of the school and
       expected future significant enhancements; this includes Smartboards, wireless laptop
       technology, grading programs and other associated hardware and software. This
       technology must be a significant part of the daily lesson structure.

Education Requirements: Preferred is a Master’s Degree in Education. Bachelor’s degree with
a major or minor in your teaching field; appropriate licensure.

Experience: Prefer 3+ teaching years in an urban environment

Required Skills/Traits:
    Able to work with school technology (use of academic software, Microsoft Office, etc.)
    Effective communicator both orally and in writing
    Outgoing personality
    Well organized
    Outcomes driven
    Self initiating
    Attention to details

Philosophical attitude:
1. Understands and completely embraces the Saint Martin de Porres High School mission and
    the Cristo Rey Network's Ten Standards for Mission Effectiveness
2. Believes that all learning should be set in meaningful context and related to real world
3. Utilizes pedagogical approaches that include but are not limited to Habits of the mind, Socratic
    questioning, adult and peer coaching, adult and peer presentations, problem-based learning,
    constructionist approached, inquiry methods, appreciative inquiry methods, and other forms
    of active learning
4. Person of faith but not necessarily Catholic
5. Appreciates that the school is driven by its Catholicity which focuses on the highest level of
    ethical, moral and social behavior of its students, staff and volunteers
6. Able and willing to do what it takes to get the job done even if it is not directly related to your
    job description
7. Strong sense of being a team player

100415 physical science teacher – ’10 -‘11

061027 teaching job description

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