Butler Fourth Grade Reading Curriculum by 483JpCr5


									                                   PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAM REPORT
PLT Title
Butler Fourth Grade Reading Curriculum

Blurb for PLT Conference Brochure
The fourth grade teachers worked on documenting their literacy curriculum- by creating a curriculum
documents that includes the a) Enduring Understandings b) In-Depth Content Area Studies with a
scope and sequence c) Literature and Texts and d) Assessments. As we documented the curriculum,
we noted the ways in which the curriculum aligns with the Common Core and the Massachusetts
Frameworks. Come by and take a peek at our curriculum!

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             Name                                School                     Grade Level or Subject
Faythe Beauchemin *                Daniel Butler Elementary School                4th Grade
Justin Chiu                        Daniel Butler Elementary School                4th Grade
Tara Roule                         Daniel Butler Elementary School                4th Grade

Guiding Theme
       Differentiated Instruction/RTI
       Integrated, Real-Life Experiences
       Acquisition of 21st Century Skills
       Deepening Teacher Content Knowledge
       Improving School Climate/Culture
       Teaching the “Whole Student”
       Other (explain) ____Curriculum Development__________________________________

Inquiry Question

How do we make each of our literacy units connect with one another in a meaningful way for students
as well as align to the Common Core, while also producing a tangible document which future teachers
can follow (curriculum map)?

The 4th grade literacy curriculum consists of two major in-depth content area studies: Immigration and
History of African-Americans from slavery to modern day prejudice. As we taught each study, we
documented the literature and texts used for each lesson, strategies practiced and the common
assessments used to illuminate our enduring understandings. For each lesson, we found the
corresponding strand within the Common Core and Massachusetts Frameworks.
When we documented our curriculum, we investigated which standards we met and the ones that do
not get covered. We found that we have met all standards except for Grade 4 RL 4 Determine the
meaning of words in phrases as they are used in a text including those that allude to significant
characters found in mythology (e.g., Herculean).

Recommendations / Next Steps
We will investigate how to incorporate this standard into our curriculum in the future.

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