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									                   Summer Math Activities for Students Entering 3rd Grade - August
1. Write a story      2. How many 2         3. Think of 5 numbers      4. How many                5. Use the digits   6. Play Primary Krypto     7. Play one of the
about an athlete      digit numbers can     between 1,230 and          centimeters are in 2       3, 5, 7, 8. What    on the web.
who does not          you think of          1,250.                     meters?                    is the smallest
                                                                                                                                                 Fact Games.   *
understand math.      whose digits add                                                            number you can
                                                                                                                      ♦ Click on ACTIVITIES
                      together to total                                                           create? The
                                                                                                                      ♦ K-2. Search
                      11.                                                                         largest?
                                                                                                                      ♦ Select Primary Krypto
                      (ex. 92; 9+2 = 11)

8. Create a poem      9. Create a Fact      10. Play the card game     11. The 3 numbers in       12. Set the table   13. Roll two dice          14. I am thinking of
about math using as                         Crazy 8’s                  my family are 8, 4, and    for dinner. How     together and add to find   an odd number. It is
many math
                      Triangle for
                                                                       12. What two addition      many utensils       the sum. Record the        greater than 33 and
vocabulary words      your favorite                                    and two subtraction        will you need for   sum. Do this 25 times.     less than 40. You
as you can.           addition fact.                                   sentences can you          6 plates? 8         Create a bar graph with    say it when you skip
                      Write the fact                                   make?                      plates? Can you     the results. What did      count by 5s. What
                      family that goes                                                            figure out how      you notice?                number am I?
                      with the triangle.                                                          many utensils
                                                                                                  you would need
                                                                                                  for 12 plates?
15. A third grader    16. Can you grow      17. Play Pan Balance-      18. Dan went to the zoo    19. The slowest     20. People take            21. Think about the
needs about 10        and shrink in one     Shapes (fixed values).     with his Mom, his 11       snails in the       approximately 12           number 461. What
hours of sleep a      day? Outside          Find three combinations    year old brother and his   world move at a     breaths a minute when      is 10 more? What is
night. If Kelly has   make an X with        that balance with one      7 year old sister. It      speed of about      they are relaxed. How      10 less? What is
been sleeping for     chalk for your feet   purple triangle.           costs $7.00 for adults     22 inches an        many breaths do people     100 more? What is
 7 ½ hours, how       to stand on.                                     and $3.00 for kids. How    hour. How many      take in two minutes? In    100 less?
many more hours of    Trace your            ♦   much did it cost to get    inches do these     3 minutes? In 4
sleep does she        shadow at 8 am,       ♦ Click on ACTIVITIES      into the zoo?              snails move in      minutes?
need?                 noon, and 8 pm.       ♦ Click on K-2. Search                                half an hour?
                      What do you           ♦ Select Pan Balance-
                      notice?                 Shapes
22. Write a number    23. Find 4 things     24. Leta’s mother          25. Create a design        26. Write as        27. Count by 10s.          28. Make a Name
story to go with      in your house that    drove 4 hours to visit a   using the Shape tool on    many coin           Color each box red.        Collection Box
 7 + 6 = 13.          weigh                 friend. She drove 40       the Illuminations          combinations as     Count by 5s. Color each    for 500.
                      approximately         miles each hour. How       website.                   you can that        box blue. Which boxes
                      three pounds.         many miles did Leta’s                                 equal $1.00         have two colors?
                                            mother travel to her       ♦   using nickels,
                                            friend’s house?            ♦ Click on ACTIVITIES      dimes and
                                                                       ♦ Click K-2. Search        quarters.
                                                                       ♦ Select Shape Tool

Fact triangles:
Race to the Finish game to make:

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