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					“If there are Amazing Graces on this weary earth, I believe that
they are these good children sent to us by God and not yet
soiled by the knowledge that the nation does not love them.”
•Kozol graduated from Harvard University as a Rhodes Scholar
and went to work as a substitute teacher, and later a full
teacher, during the integration of Massachusetts inner-city
schools shortly after.
•As a leader of the Civil Rights movement in Boston, Kozol lived
and taught in African American communities in Boston,
Chicago, New York, and Massachusetts for many years before
he began writing.
•Private  and charter schools
•The slide back of public schools into
•Inequalities in funding between
•Overcrowded classrooms
•Aspects of NCLB
•States currently provide 50% of school funding
when Kozol believes it should be increased to
80%, with education taxes collected and
distributed equally to the schools systems.

•Reduce  the reliance on high stakes, non-
diagnostic tests that Kozol feels “are useless to
the teacher and the child.”

•Regulations  force teachers to teach to the
test, covering an objective instead of gaining
quality learning through creative education.
•Kozolbelieves that the aesthetics of the building effect the
students behavior.
•Kozol gets most of the statistical evidence he presents
straight from the school systems he looks at and the
government reports and laws that are publicly assessable.

•He   also relies on the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University.

•Also   on other works by his colleagues.
•Supporters  agree that segregation in the schools, funding
inequalities, and over-testing are serious problems that are
present today. These issues should be vigorously addressed
and corrected.

•Opposition believes that Kozol and his supporters are
overreacting to problems that should not be the main
concern of education today. But that we should be
focused on competitiveness in a global economy and
preparing students for future occupations.
•“Shame     of a Nation”
•“Illiterate America”
•“Prisoner’s of Silence”
•“Amazing Grace”
•“Savage Inequalities”
•“Death at an Early Age”
•“Ordinary Resurrections”
•“Letters to a Young Teacher”
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