Windows of Opportunity

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					                                  Windows of Opportunity
                               Scholarship Program Application

Fill in your information and then print the form. Fields will expand as you type.

Applicant Information
Last Name:     First Name:          Middle Initial:
Miami Dade College Student ID Number:            Major:
Street Address:        Apartment Number:
City:       State:    Zip:
Email Address:         Day Phone:        Evening Phone:
High School:         High School GPA:        Current College GPA:
  Completed application form
  Essay describing the student’s interest in science and career goals
  Approved MDC schedule showing full-time enrollment
  Degree audit (for current MDC students), high school transcript (for first-semester college
  students), or college transcript (for transfer students)
  Proof of financial aid eligibility
  Letter of recommendation from a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics professor.
  Please provide his/her information below:
        Last Name:       First Name:     Middle Initial:
        Title:     Relationship to Student:
        Institution Name:       Department:
        How long has the reference been acquainted with the student?

Submission Information
Deadlines for submission:
   Fall semester: August 20
   Spring Semester: January 2
     (If the submission date falls on a weekend, the deadline will be extended to the next
     business day)

Send completed application packets to:
                                 Dr. Lenore P. Rodicio
                      Miami Dade College, Interamerican Campus
                Department of Natural and Social Sciences, Room 1323
                                 627 SW 27th Avenue
                                Miami, FL 33135-2966

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