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					     Directorate of Food Processing Industries Incentive Subsidy Schemes

Govt. of West Bengal

       1. West Bengal Incentive Scheme, 2007 for Micro and Small Scale Enterprises (WBIS
          2007 for M&SSE)
             A. Capital Investment Subsidy
                 B. Interest Subsidy
                 C. Waiver of Electricity Duty & Charges
                 D. Subsidy on Quality Improvement
                 E. Incentive for Patent Registration
                 F. Refund of Stamp Duty & Registration Fees
                 G. Incentive for generation of employment
       2. West Bengal State Support for Industries Scheme, 2008 (WBSSIS- 2008)-For
          medium & large Scale Industries.
       3. Scheme for HRD(EDP,FPTC,Seminar/Workshop/Fair)
       4. Scheme for R&D
       5. Scheme for Cluster Dev.Project(CDP)

Govt. of India

   1. Financial Assistance available from APEDA in Case of export oriented units.
   2. Financial assistance available from NHB for farming and processing of fruits and
      vegetables / Multipurpose Cold Storage etc.
   3. Subsidy/Grant from Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India :
         a. Scheme for Technology Up gradation /Establishment /Modernization of Food
             Processing Industries.
         b. Scheme for Human Resource Development.
         c. Scheme for Cold chain, Value addition and preservation infrastructure.
         d. Scheme for Abattoir
         e. Scheme for Mega Food Park
         f. Scheme of Up gradation of Quality of Street Food.
         g. Scheme for R&D.
         h. Scheme for setting up /Up gradation of Food Testing Laboratory.

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