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                        GRADUATE NURSING PROGRAM

         Acknowledgement of the Focus of the Graduate Nursing Program

The faculty in the nursing program at Governors State University (GSU) is delighted
that you have chosen to continue your education and pursue a master’s degree in
nursing. To assist you in determining if the GSU program is a good match with your
personal career goals, please read the description below.

          The graduate nursing program at Governors State University
          is a Clinical Specialist program with a focus in adult health.
          The classroom and clinical experiences relate to the needs of
          adult clients. While there may be opportunities to focus on
          specialized aspects of adult health, the program will not
          provide theoretical content or clinical experiences in other
          specialized areas of nursing, for example, pediatrics,
          obstetrics, or psychiatry. While the clinical specialist has
          many roles, the content of the nursing program will be
          clinically focused. The program does not prepare nurses with
          the specific advanced skills necessary for a career in
          administration or nursing education.

If you plan to apply for advanced practice licensure after graduating from this
program there may be other eligibility requirements that must be met. Licensure
requirements are set by the Board of Nursing in each state and may vary from
state to state. It is your responsibility to contact the Board of Nursing in the
appropriate state and obtain the information.

Certification examinations for clinical specialists are offered in many different
content areas. This program currently meets the requirements for the clinical
specialist examination in medical surgical nursing offered by the American Nurses
Credentialing Center (ANCC). Governors State University is not responsible if the
ANCC changes their requirements.

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