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									All Schools                                                  September 2006

                      GOVERNOR TRAINING

1.     Purpose of the Report

1.1   The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of the governor
      training, which is being offered by the LA during the school year 2006-
      2007, and to help you and your governing body to plan your
      involvement in training and development over the year. The following
      are attached to assist you in this:

          A summary of courses to be offered this school year; and
          A table showing the focus of the courses.

1.2    Details of all courses and booking forms are included in the booklet
      “Governor Training and Support Services Programme 2006/2007”
      which has been sent to you this month. Please note, especially, the
      courses on Financial Management Standards in Schools (FMSiS) and
      Attainment Data.

1.3    If you have any comments on the programme, they can be fed back to
       the LA via Training Link Governor meetings. There will be one meeting
       each term, with the first taking place on Wednesday, 11 October.

2.     Features of the 2006 – 2007 Programme

2.1    All secondary schools need to comply with the new Financial
       Management Standards in Schools (FMSiS) by March 2007, larger
       primary schools by 2008, and smaller primaries and special schools by
       2009. A course to help you to increase your understanding of these
       standards and the requirements they place on schools and governing
       bodies has been organised on Thursday, 2 November at Wakefield
       Town Hall, 7 – 9 p.m.

2.2   A key focus of the new OfSTED Inspection Framework is monitoring,
      evaluation and self-review. Details of relevant courses are as follows:

          Inspection Under the 2005 Framework: Monday, 2 October or
           Monday, 22 January; and
          Governors and Self-Evaluation: Wednesday, 29 November (a
           daytime course) or Thursday, 25 January.

2.3    The courses on Attainment Data, [22 November (secondary schools)
       and 30 November (primary schools)] will enable you to increase your
       understanding of how to interpret the different sources of information
       for your school evaluation, as well as providing information on “raise
       online”, a new tool that enables attainment data to be accessed on line.
2.4   The Governors’ Forums are held in partnership with Wakefield
      Association of School Governors (WASG). They will begin with a
      briefing from the LA on a current issue and provide an opportunity for
      discussion and feedback; they will be followed by a meeting of the
      association. The first briefing will be on the new arrangements in
      relation to School Improvement Partners (SIPs).

2.5   There are more daytime courses this school year.

3.    Courses in Addition to the Published Programme

3.1   Performance Management
      New regulations on performance management are due to be
      introduced from September 2006. These are statutory and will affect
      the performance management of all teachers and headteachers.

      A series of briefings will be held this term to give an overview of the
      new regulations and their main implications and details will be sent to
      governing bodies as soon as arrangements are finalised.

      The briefings will be open to all governors, but will be of particular
      relevance to headteachers, chairs of governors and to governors who
      are involved in the performance management of the headteacher.

3.2   Promoting Disability Equality in Secondary Schools
      Under the 2005 Disability Discrimination Amendment Act, all
      maintained secondary schools must have a Disability Equality Scheme
      in place by 4 December 2006. A training session has been organised
      for Monday, 25 September 9.00 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. at the Mining
      Museum. This will provide you with information, advice and guidance
      needed for you to prepare your Disability Equality Scheme.

      Two places have been reserved for each secondary school within the
      district. It is strongly recommended that a member of the Senior
      Leadership Team and the chair of governors, or a nominated governor
      who is not employed at the school, attend. Chairs of governors have
      been sent details of this course.

      Please contact Julie Spruce on 01924               305502    or   email: to book a place.

3.3   Visits to Schools
      A number of schools have volunteered to host visits by governors
      during the daytime. We are in the process of arranging some visits for
      the Autumn Term. If you are interested in this, please let us know. We
      shall notify you once arrangements have been finalised.
3.4   Annual Governors’ Conference - Governing Schools of the Future
      - Saturday, 11 November 2006
      The Annual Governors’ Conference - Governing Schools of the
      Future, will take place at Woolley Hall on Saturday, 11 November
      2006. We are now taking bookings. If you do not have a booking form
      or would like further information, please contact Ann Weller, School
      Governor Services (01924 305641).

4.    Bespoke Governor Training

4.1   Bespoke courses are arranged for individual governing bodies, clusters
      or pyramids. They are particularly useful where the whole governing
      body wishes to receive training on a specific topic or where governors
      have difficulties in reaching the venues for programme courses.

4.2   Governing bodies interested in organising a bespoke training course
      should ask their Headteacher or Training Link Governor to contact Liz
      Elliott on 01924 305661.

4.3   In the light of OfSTED expectations, the LA is particularly keen that
      governing bodies should consider training on Monitoring, Evaluation
      and Self-Review and Attainment Data. If your governing body would
      like training on data it would be helpful if members would consider
      joining with another school(s) or opening the training up to the pyramid.
      There would still be opportunity within the training for schools to
      consider their own PANDA.

4.4   Courses on Extended Schools, Pupil Exclusions, Children in Care and
      Disability Discrimination Act are particularly suitable for pyramid

5.    Induction of New Governors

      Research indicates that an induction process for and training of new
      entrants helps them to adapt more quickly to their role and increases
      retention rates. The Governor Training and Support Advisory Group
      suggests that governing bodies should encourage new members to
      attend the New Governors’ Course and then, at least, one other
      training session per year. A checklist and induction guidance is
      available at

6.    BTEC Advanced Certificate in School Governance

6.1   A number of Wakefield governors have successfully completed the
      BTEC Advanced Certificate in School Governance Course and have
      been awarded the qualification. All who have taken part report that they
      are more confident about being a governor and feel more effective in
      their role.

6.2   We are now recruiting a new cohort of governors to embark on the
      award in January 2007. If you are interested in finding out more about
      the BTEC course, please contact Liz Elliott on 01924 305661.

7.    Further Information/Clarification

7.1   If you have any queries, please telephone Liz Elliott on 01924 305661
      or e-mail:

8.    Recommendation

      The Governing Body is recommended to:

      (a)   note the content of the report; and

      (b)   plan Governors’ involvement in training and development during
            the current term for the coming year.

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