SMALL CITIES/RURAL COMMUNITIES
                                Meeting Summary
                                  July 12, 2012

Present:       Andy Haney, Chair
               George Haines
               Stan Brown
               Scott Brandmeier
               Ann Daniels, Staff Liaison

Absent:        Geoff Benway
               Don Bruey
               Larry Stevens, Board Liaison

   1. Andy Haney, Chair, convened the call at 10:03 am.

   2. The Meeting Summary from June 14, 2012 is approved with minor

   3. Larry Stevens, Board Liaison was absent from call. Committee members
      reviewed the written information he had sent via email.

   4.      The Editorial Calendar for the upcoming months was reviewed with the
        following articles/authors committed:

        George Haines submitted his article for the July 15 deadline
        Grahme Watts, Thousand Oaks, CA submitted an article for the August
        Don Bruey has volunteered September deadline.

   5. Committee members again noted that nothing will be forthcoming from the
      EPA regarding the changes to the stormwater regulations until the beginning
      of 2013. Andy is going to forward to all committee members the
      announcement sent by Julia Anastasio, APWA Staff regarding the EPA
      Release of the Final Framework for Integrated Planning Approach for
      Wastewater and Stormwater Management.

   5.     The Education Sessions for Congress in Anaheim were reviewed as follows:

                      Stan Brown – “Building Community Support” has been
                       confirmed and Stan has held a conference call with the speakers
                       to determine subject matter, logistics, etc.
                      George Haines “A Letter to My Boss” is prepared and ready.
                 Andy Haney – “Hot Topics for Small Cities”
                   The session time has been changed to Wednesday, August 28,
                  9:30 – 10:45 a.m.

 6. Dates and times for the two remaining Town Hall calls have been chosen as
 the following:
               Mark Terrien will conduct the “Grant Streamlining” online
                 Town Hall call for July 25th. The information has been posted
                 on the APWA web site and a blast email to the infoNOW
                 communities will be done the week prior to the call.
               Don Bruey, “Hiring the Right People” will set a date for the call
                 for September or October.

7.   By General Consent, the members adopted the Business Plan for 2012-13 and
       it will be made available on the APWA web site following the meeting in

8.   By General consent, the Project of the Year for Small Cities Guidelines was
       adopted and will be forwarded to the Awards Committee for

9. The following items were discussed under General Discussion:

                 Scott Brandmeier reported that the rulemaking for EPA on
                  proposed stormwater regulations is being further negotiated
                  and will not be released until 2013 and would not take effect
                  until 2014.
                 Andy Haney reported that the National Flood Insurance
                  program has also been reinstated. A major success of the
                  contributions of committee members is that properties will not
                  be required to have flood insurance if they are protected by a
                 Stan Brown shared information on the referendum set for
                  Georgia on a one cent sales tax for transportation. The vote is
                  historic for the state and could lead to other states attempting
                  the same action to support the shortage of funding from the
                  current gasoline sales tax. Andy suggested this might be a topic
                  for an information discussion on Saturday evening in Anaheim
                  in the hotel.
                 Ann Daniels will attach a listing of the committee’s sessions and
                  scheduled meetings to this summary.
                 Andy Haney expressed appreciation to committee members for
                  their contributions during his tenure on the committee and as
                  the Chair since he is term-limited from continuing on.
                  Committee members shared their thanks with him for all his
                  efforts and expect him to remain in touch as a member of the
              Government Affairs Committee that he might present the
               viewpoint of Small Cities and Rural Communities to that group.
              Ann Daniels will prepare the Annual Report to the Board of
               Directors detailing the actions taken by the Committee during
               the past fiscal year.
              Scott Brandmeier will make a 3 minute presentation to the
               Board of Directors at the Annual Business Meeting in Anaheim
               on the morning of Wednesday, August 29th. This portion of the
               report will deal with plans for the coming year and will be
               developed following the committee meeting in Anaheim.

10. Next meeting: The next meeting of the committee will be on Sunday, August
    26, 2012 in Room 208B from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. THERE WILL BE NO

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