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					                             Poetry Anthology & Analogy

                             Focus: Analysis & Simulation

Your assignment is to create your own anthology of poetry, a combination of published poems
and poems you have written in the style of the published poems. Your anthology will be a
personal collection that expresses your unique personality and taste.

Poem Guidelines
You will analyze and simulate the style of five poems by five different published authors. You
will need to do the following for each published poem:

   1. One page with the following: poem’s title, author, the poem, and the citation in MLA
   2. One page with three headings: Author’s Background, Analysis, and Recommendation.
   3. Author’s Background: write one paragraph telling a little about the author’s life in your own
      words. Poets often write from their experiences. Knowing about the lives of poets can
      help you to understand their poems in a deeper way. Cite your references in the Works
      Cited page.
   4. Analysis: write one paragraph analyzing the critical poetic elements of the poem. You
      must include at a minimum four elements. Refer to the poetic elements lecture: rhyme,
      rhythm, free verse, alliteration, imagery, exaggeration, simile, metaphor,
      onomatopoeia, personification, idiom, symbol, mood, and tone.
   5. Recommendation: write 3-5 sentences about why you chose this particular poet to be
      part of your personal anthology. Give some examples of lines or words you like from the
      poems you've chosen.
   6. One page with your original poem written in the style of the published poem. Below the
      poem write one paragraph explaining how your poem is written in the same style as the
      published poem. Include specific poetic elements and examples.
Project Details
    1. Include a cover page with the following: imaginative title, your name, the class, the due date,
       and an illustration.
    2. Font: the poems may be in any legible font. The paragraphs and Works Cited page must be in
       Times New Roman, 12 pt., and double spaced.
    3. Poems may use non-standard spelling and grammar for effect.
    4. Paragraphs must use standard spelling, grammar, and format.
    5. Include the grading sheet with your project.
    6. Recommendation: find the five published poems and background information first. Analysis and
       simulation may be done with fewer resources and can be done afterwards.
    7. You may not use a poem from a previous lecture, but you may choose another poem by that
       author if you wish.

Places to Start Online
Academy of American Poets:

Favorite Poem Project:


Your project will be graded for Criterion A, B, & C

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