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									                                   AP Government and Politics
                                          Summer Enrichment
If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in
democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the
government to the utmost. -----Aristotle

AP Government & Politics requires different thinking and writing skills than you used in U.S. History. Writing for
government requires the understanding and analysis of abstract concepts and principles. You will depend less on
recitation of facts than on your interpretation of the facts. The course has two goals: to master the political and
structural foundations of our government; as well as, excelling on the AP exam in May.

This summer assignment is designed to help you transition from thinking historically to thinking and writing from a
political perspective. AP classes move at an accelerated pace to cover rather complicated and extensive content. To
begin a study of our government, the summer assignment begins with the U.S. Constitution. This assignment is not
optional, rather it is vital. All work will be due the week of September 12th. Late work will be accepted at half credit.

I: The Constitutional Chart
   On our websites click on AP Government Summer Enrichment.
   Download the “Constitution Chart.” On one side you will find boxes with phrases from the Constitution of the
    United States. Directly across from each phrase there is a blank box in which you will rewrite the phrase IN
             o State what YOU think the phrase means. You may use a dictionary to assist you, but you must
                rewrite this in your own words without outside assistance. The main purpose of this assignment is
                for you to interpret the meaning of the U.S. Constitution.
   An important skill to learn is how to write concisely. Your summary of each “paragraph” should be no more than
    2 sentences. You are summarizing the MAIN POINTS of the section; not to rewriting the Constitution (they did
    a pretty good job the first time).
   The answers to the questions at the end must be typed.

II. The Amendment Chart
 When you are done with The Constitution Chart, go back to the website and click on “AP Government Summer
 Use the chart to paraphrase the meaning of each of the 27 amendments to the Constitution following the same
    criteria as the Constitution Chart.

III. Report – Write a synopsis (summary or general review) of the following books and movies. In
other words, tell what happens in the story, when and where the story takes place and who is
involved in the story. Are there major conflicts in the story? What did you like or dislike about the
story? How are similar and different?

The List: The report can only be of the following suggested titles: (Choose one from each column.)

          A Text                                                          B Video
Culture Warrior by Bill O’Reilly                           Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Hardball by Chris Matthews                                 Hunt for Red October
The Supreme Court by William Rehnquist                     Distinguished Gentleman (seek parent permission)
Liberty Defined by Ron Paul                                Wag the Dog (seek parent permission)
Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner                          All the Presidents Men
The Audacity of Hope by Barak Obama                        John Adams (TV mini-series)
No Apology by Mitt Romney                                  12 Angry Men
My Life by Bill Clinton                                    Goodnight and Good Luck
Title Report Requirements- The following are required from your review:

Include the following information in your report:
1. Put your name, date and period (if known) in the right hand corner
2. On the first line write the title of the book and film
3. On the second line write the author’s name
4. Your report must be typed
5. Write in complete sentences using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
6. Use paragraph form and indent each new paragraph
7. Three pages in length (no longer, not much shorter), using regular 12 point font, double spaced,
with one inch margins from the top and bottom and side to side.

Review Guidelines: The following items will serve as a general guide in preparing a review. This is
only a guideline; it is possible that individual reports will differ in the number of paragraphs depending
on the various sections. When comparing the two resources focus on specific details. Focus on
elements and devices, as opposed to strictly characters and events

                    Introduction: A brief description of the titles, its aim, scope and place in the world
Paragraph 1
                    as well as a classification as fiction or non-fiction.

Paragraphs 2 & 3 Discussion of the author's main ideas. What was the book/film about?

Paragraph 4         How are the texts/films the same?

Paragraph 5         What is unique about the first text/film

Paragraph 6         What is unique about the second text/film

                    Your opinion of the titles. What did you like or dislike about it? Do not begin with "In
Paragraph 7
                    my opinion." Which did you enjoy more?

   Read and follow the news utilizing television, the internet and print media. A weekly review of
      international, national, state, and local news should keep you up-to-date. Try to use a variety of
      media outlets to obtain multiple perspectives.

       It is strongly recommended that you purchase a How to Prepare for the AP U.S. Government
        and Politics Exam study guide. Many choices are available at local book stores. This will be an
        excellent tool throughout the year.

EXAM: The week of September 12th.
During the third week of school you will be taking an assessment on the information covered over the summer.
More information on this assessment will be given when you return to school in the fall. You may wish to get a head
start on this assignment prior to the beginning of school.

We will be checking our email all summer. If you have any questions about these assignments, please email us@

Also, you can check the teacher websites for any updates as well as a copy of this assignment:

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