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									                              Matthew Paul Hottell
                                 4625 N Starnes Rd, Bloomington, IN 47404
                                              (812) 325-8218

2003       Master of Science in Human Computer Interaction,
           Indiana University School of Informatics, August 2003
2001       Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science,
           Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences, August 2001. GPA in Major: 3.94
2000       Bachelor of Arts in Political Science,
           Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences, August 2000

                                    TEACHING EXPERIENCE
2002-2004 School Of Informatics, Indiana University - Bloomington
          Lecturer in Informatics
          Responsible for developing course content, conducting classroom lectures, teaching laboratory
         sessions, and assigning grades for core Informatics undergraduate courses.
                 Informatics I450-451: Design and Development of an Information System
                      2003-2004 Academic year
                 Informatics I308: Information Representation
                      Summer Session II, 2003
                 Informatics I101: Introduction to Informatics
                      Spring Semester, 2004
                      Summer Session I, 2003
                      Fall Semester, 2002
                 Informatics I200: Information Representation
                      Summer Session II, 2002
                 Informatics I300: Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
                      Spring Semester, 2002
          Associate Instructor
                 Informatics I308: Information Representation
                      Spring Semester, 2003
                 Informatics I400/I590: Topics in Informatics: Datamining
                      Spring Semester, 2003
                 Informatics I201: Mathematical Foundations of Informatics
                      Summer Session I, 2002
          Head Associate Instructor
                 Informatics I101: Introduction to Informatics
                      Fall Semester, 2001
                      Spring Semester, 2002
                                     RESEARCH EXPERIENCE
2003     National Conference on Graduate Student Leadership
               October 10-12, St Louis, MO
               Conference funded by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Made invited presentation:
   “Mentorship in Interdisciplinary Fields.” Served as a panel member for a discussion about issues of
   mentorship and interdisciplinary research in Research-1 universities.
2002-2003 School Of Informatics, Indiana University – Bloomington
           MS Thesis – “Children and Technology: challenges, dangers, and promise”
                August, 2003
                Examined current state of hardware and software for children and developed design
   principles for the creation of technologies for young users. Explored the benefits and dangers of early
   introduction of children to computing technologies and identified promising technological
   advancements that could facilitate child-computer interaction.
           “Digital Cameras and the Elementary Classroom”
                Spring, 2002 - summer, 2003
                Worked with IU School of Education Professor Curt Bonk on a research project based on
   work completed in a course on interactive tools and collaborative learning. A survey of Indiana
   elementary school teachers was conducted for the purpose of determining best practices for the
   inclusion of digital cameras into classroom curricula. We also identified potential organizational
   barriers to the successful integration of the cameras.
          Protein Family Annotator
              Spring, 2002 – summer, 2003
              Worked as a research analyst in the development of a tool to allow biologists to view
   protein families and manage annotation data. Assisted in managing project and consulted with lead
   programmers on HCI issues.

                                       RESEARCH INTERESTS
          Network and system security
          Child-computer interaction and the educational impact of computer technology
          Knowledge discovery in databases and datamining
          Socio-political impact of technology

                                   PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES
2003      Vice-Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board, Indiana University - Bloomington
               Graduate Student Representative
2003      Campus Smoking Policy Task Force, Indiana University-Bloomington
               Graduate Student Representative
2002-2003 Bloomington Faculty Council, Indiana University - Bloomington
               Graduate Student Representative.
               Committee Member, Technology Policy Committee.
2002-2003 Graduate Council, Indiana University - Bloomington
               Graduate Student Representative.
2002-2003 Chancellor’s Provost Search Committee, Indiana University – Bloomington
               Graduate Student Representative.
2002-2003 Associate Instructor Board of Review, Indiana University - Bloomington

                                     PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS
2002-2003 Student chapter member, Association for Computing Machinery
1998-2008 Notary Public, State of Indiana
2000-2003 Student member, Hoosiers for Higher Education

                                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
2002-2003    GRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL STUDENT ORGANIZATION, Indiana University - Bloomington
            Informatics Representative
              Sole student government head of almost 8000 graduate and professional students.
              Appointed graduate students to campus committees.
              Represented graduate student concerns to the university administration.
              Planned social, educational, and cultural events
              Supervised two graduate assistants.

2000-2001   RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS AND SERVICES, Indiana University - Bloomington
            Resident Assistant
             Supervised, counseled and tutored approximately 55 undergraduate students.
             Created and maintained a secure website for processing sensitive paperwork.
             Planned active and passive programs for assigned floor community.
             Advised Foster Student Government, planned quad-wide activities, and trained student officials.
             Assumed on-call responsibilities including response to crisis and emergency situations.

1996-2000   GRISANTI’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT, Bloomington, Indiana
             Supervised a staff of over 75 servers, bartenders, hosts, bussers, and kitchen personnel.
             Inventoried and ordered all needed supplies, analyzed sales data, and developed pricing strategies.
             Trained employees in all restaurant positions.
             Assumed on-call duties, including handling crisis situations.
             Developed customer relationships and managed store security
             Performed accounting for a multi-million dollar operation.
             Assumed duties of the General Manager when she was away.

1995-1996   KILROY’S BAR AND GRILL and KILROY’S SPORTS BAR, Bloomington, Indiana
             Supervised and trained a staff of over 100 carders, servers, cooks, and bartenders.
             Handled store security and controlled inventory.
             Developed and implemented promotions to increase business.
             Managed cash flow for sales in excess of $1,500,000.

1992-1995   KILROY’S SPORTS BAR, Bloomington, Indiana
            Head Bartender
             Hired originally as a server and moved into the position of Bartender, then Head Bartender.
             Supervised a staff of 12 bartenders and 20 servers.
             Trained employees
             Responsible for inventory and cash control and customer relations.

1992-1993   INDIANA UNIVERSITY SUPREME COURT, Indiana University - Bloomington
            Assistant Chief Justice
                Served for one year on the highest student judicial board at Indiana University.
                Made rulings on student government cases and disputes.
                Participated in IUSA meetings as Parliamentarian.
                Served on University Hearing Commissions with the power to impose sanctions as severe as expulsion.

1991-1992   RESIDENCE HALLS ASSOCIATION, Indiana University - Bloomington
            Internal Affairs Vice-President
              Served one year as the second-highest ranking student officer of a student body of over 10,000.
              Handled all internal policy with focus on judicial and legislative issues.
              Presided over the RHA Presidents Council.
              Trained student government officials.
              Managed 2 auxiliary businesses with combined gross sales of $1,500,000.
              Organized and supervised RHA and IUSA elections.
              Represented RHA at the Campus Housing Committee.

1990-1991   FOSTER QUADRANGLE, Indiana University - Bloomington
             Served a one-year term as senior student government officer for a hall of 1200 students.
             Oversaw a $30,000 budget.
             Planned training sessions and retreats for government officers.
             Managed day-to-day operations of all student government activities in Foster.
             Represented Foster Quadrangle at the RHA Presidents Council and many campus-wide committees.
             Planned center-wide events

                               HONORS/AWARDS/OTHER ACTIVITIES
                Technology coordinator for Indiana State Senator Vi Simpson’s gubernatorial campaign, 2003-2004
                2003 Indiana University Campus Safety Award recipient
                2001-2002 Indiana University School of Informatics Associate Instructor Teaching Excellence Award
                2002 Indiana University Campus Safety Award recipient
                Rape Awareness presenter, trainer, and program developer
                 Indiana University-Bloomington Office of Women’s Affairs, 2001-2002
                Campus safety presenter, Indiana University-Bloomington Office for Women’s Affairs, 2001
                Graduate advisor to the IU Informatics Club, 2001-2002
                Boy’s Club age 13-15 Basketball Coach, 1991-93
                Honor Delegate (counselor), Indiana State Fair Leadership School 1989
                Indiana University Honors College student, 1988-1992
                National Merit Scholar Finalist – Received National Merit Scholarship from United Technologies Corp.

Dr. Mehmet Dalkilic                               Mr. Jeffrey Emerich
Assistant Professor                               Graduate Supervisor
Indiana University School of Informatics          Read Center – Indiana University
901 E 10th St                                     Bloomington, IN 47406
Bloomington, IN 47408                             (812) 857-4995
(812) 856-6016                          

Yolanda Trevino                                   Mr. Gregg Floyd
Assistant Dean                                    Business Affairs
Research and the University Graduate School       Indiana University
Indiana University, Kirkwood Hall 111             801 N. Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405-7104                        Bloomington, IN 47406
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