Faculty senate by S4MCu46


									                                                      Faculty senate

Attending: Salame Amr, Asmare Atalay, Ken Bernard, Larry Brown, Donna Crawford, David Dussere, Ephrem Eyob,
Karen Faison, Deborah Goodwyn, Weldon Hill, Paul Kaseloo, Tom Larose, Ali Mohamed, President Moore, Ben Nwoke,
Brian Nerrie, James Norman, Shaukat Siddiqi, Cheryl Stampley, Mohammed Taranjeh, Coleen Taylor, Eric Thomas,
Pamela Trotter, Carolyn Wilson,

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Goodwyn at 3:15 pm with quorum achieved. Dr. Goodwyn apologized for the
room’s warm temperature and questioned why the fans had been removed.
           1. Visitors were recognized: Drs. Taylor from Chemistry/Physics; Dr. Siddiqi from Biology
           2. Call for agenda additions: Add UC report, CAIC report, Moved and seconded as amended
           3. The approval of minutes was tabled until the next meeting

Dr. Kaseloo report on University Council:
     April 7 meeting: special issues (University Budget) instead of regular agenda;
                  Budget will be on website
                  Student FTEs are an important component of the budget
                  Presently there is a $9.7 million shortfall of which 48% state funded and 52% student funded
                  There is an expected increase of $550/student/yr from students
                  New scholarship program VSU LIFTS (Low Income Families with Talented Students)
                           It will be funded from the annual fund
        President Moore address to the UC:
                  increase the number of faculty
                  new dollars for development office
        SACS visit: Accreditation leadership team needed;
        Pre-visit trip to Atlanta Team: President Moore, Provost Thomas, VP Cone; Dr. Riddley, Dr. Goodwyn; Dr.
        Areas of assessment include: faculty credentials and financial stability
    March 31 meeting:
        Topics included: Zero Based budgeting; approved masters programs (crop science and mass communication);
        discussed strategic planning 6 yr plan; Dr. Goodwyn invited President to faculty senate; student government;
        housing; Las Vegas meeting; impacts of TV show “College Hill” ; Grad student issues: licensing issues software;
        conference expenses not reimbursed; University Hours 4-5 on Monday;

Provost and President
        Budget update;
                General Assembly not funded as of yet; There will be a 7.7% increase on cost; This will be covered by
                an increase of $550 for out of state students and $690 for instate students;
                Government of Virginia funding info is obtained directly from accounting data
        Positives for VSU: 1) provided campus based research 2) budget improvements
        SCHEV input 68% average was 65%; 5 years ago VSU at 50%;
        Based on the Commonwealth of Virginia’s own funding formula: VSU is underfunded by $3.2 million
        Importance of FTEs: students need to take 15 credit hrs
        President wants to eliminate any underfundedness
                More $ to academics; it takes about $75,000 per faculty for alary and benefits
                Faculty salaries: 282 faculty full time and authorization (240 presently)
                        4% salary increase for faculty with 3% for everyone else

BOV: $9.7 million state says 48% BOV generated 4.1 of 4.6
         Reason for less increase for out of state students: More dollars generated from out of state students: $866
         Students will pay about $1000 extra per year (Larger university can raise funds will smaller individual increase)
6 yr (accepted standard) Graduation rate for incoming freshmen: VSU=43%
         HBCUs: 35-37%; Norfolk State: in the 20s; VSU was at 20% when Pres Moore started his Presidency
Reasons for improvement include: honors program, emphasis on math, elimination of open enrollment, etc.

President responses to faculty senate question session:
       The impact if students continue to take only 12 hrs will be that VSU will continue to be under funded
       The admission math requirements are: 3 yrs (algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2)
        Summer school is included in both student and teacher salaries
        There exists an agreement between the faculty (Council) and president
                 VSU salaries would compare to those institutions within a 50 mile radius (this to be checked)
        With reference to advancement and flat rate increases
                 President Moore says VSU wants to do what is right, and then find at what % funding is available
        Instruction separated from academic support since the state is not in favor of academic support
                 Tennis courts: students pay 100% of campus improvements fee
        Guaranteed acceptance: UVA requires 3.8 GPA
                         VSU LIFTS program requirement: students must maintain a 3.0
        Thomas: 2 scholarships programs for community college transfers

Issue: Faculty representative on BOV
        Nomination of faculty to BOV
        2 reps were not nominated by senators
        Eyob, Hill, Crawford officially nominated
        Names set forward
        Make selection for a 2 year term: reason learning curve, BOV meets quarterly, politically active discussions;
        BOV has demonstrated a concern for VSU
Opportunity for as many faculty as possible
Move: current tenure of faculty rep increased for one – years motion carried

2 yr term
Next meeting agenda item: BOV representative

Other business:
        Faculty Senate retreat update: Dr. Amr
                Committee and sub committee chairs will present reports summary of year
        Orientation for new incoming senators in August
        Report of chairpersons
                Evaluation of chairs
                Need input on how often
        Evaluation committee
                Trial period – timeline
                Due by Sept 1 through senate vote
                Implementation 2007-08
                Evaluation fall 2006 old system –
                Planning document for 2006 – new instrument (perhaps date due addressed)
                Biology programs/hper170/engl 200/Engr 203 and related courses
                Deactivate: ENGR 301
                Next meeting agenda item: grad school
        Admission requirements

Provost report
        2 yr term approved by BOV with Dr. Crawford will continue for another year
        Search Committee for dean EST: 7 member committee
                 2 from senate (Dr. Atalay )
        SACS accreditation process: leadership team (UCC)
                 Core team of 6 people: Pres, Provost, Dr. Ridley, VP Cone, Dr. Goodwyn, Dr. Holmes
                 Spring ’08 (2 yr process); there will be Orientation meeting in Atlanta in June
        QEP Quality Enhancement Plan
        Positions: Re-ad’s April 7 issue of chronicle ; Follow-up of All advertisement; 15-18 positions
                         Hopes to be able to fill majority of 34 positions
        BOV approved MS in Computer Science at today’s meeting

The report of BOV representative was tabled.

Additional comments: Reminder of Senate Elections next Weds

Adjourn 5:15

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