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					                     SAFER LEWISHAM PARTNERSHIP BOARD
Report Title                 Future Funding – Implication for the Safer Lewisham
Author                       Gary Connors – Strategic Community Safety Service
Date of meeting              20 December 2010
Agenda item                  Item 5

      1.0 Purpose of Report
      To inform the Board of the likely pressure the reduction or elimination of the
      Safer Lewisham Partnership Fund and other funding streams will bring in will
      bring in 2011-12 and thereafter.

      2.0 Summary of Report

      Until last year (2010-11) the Safer Stronger Communities Fund (SSCF) and the
      Borough Command Unit Fund (BCUF) provided resources for individual projects
      which focused on crime reduction under two separate funding streams. This then
      became the Safer Lewisham Partnership Fund, but now with the full extent of the
      Comprehensive Spending Review savings being implemented, both the SSCF
      and BCUF are in danger of severe reductions or elimination.

      While these funds together both constitute resources for a wide range of SLP
      projects and initiatives they are not the only funding streams which will be
      affected in the new year. The Police and Probation will both be looking to
      incorporate savings in their core business in the new year; the Youth Offending
      Service (YOS) will face difficult decisions on service delivery when government
      grants are eventually settled; and across the whole crime reduction field in
      Lewisham hard-hitting implications will come as a result of reduction in or
      cessation of funding for the Diamond, Trilogy Plus, Youth MARAC,
      Neighbourhood Crime & Justice Initiatives and the Prevent Agenda to name a
      3.0 Safer Lewisham Partnership Fund

      It was decided that for 2010-2011 the Safer Stronger Communities Fund
      (SSCF) and the Police Borough Command Unit Fund (BCUF) would be
      amalgamated to form the Safer Lewisham Partnership Fund. This decision
      was undertaken to ensure that a strategic, informed partnership approach is
      taken to funding crime reduction projects/programmes in Lewisham.

      The total budget available when combining these two funding streams is
      £572,048. With twenty-four applications for funding received, with an
      accumulated total of £707,657, the SLP Board agreed on recommendations

for the allocation of this fund in March 2010. Therefore, there were a number
of applications which were not successful in their request for funding and
some which were not funded to the extent set out in their application.
However, SLP partners did continue to work with these projects and explore
the possibility of utilising other funding streams to achieve the objectives

Those projects and programmes which received funding were which were most
closely aligned with the Safer Lewisham Partnership’s strategic priorities.
The Safer Lewisham Partnership’s strategic priorities for 2009/10 were as
       Anti-Social Behaviour
       Reducing Reoffending
       Serious Youth Violence
       Victimisation of Women

Although we are currently working on the Safer Lewisham Strategy 2011-2014
and the Strategic Assessment and Action Plan for 2011-12, it is certainly
envisioned that these priorities will continue to be the focus into the new year.

The table below outlines the allocation of the Safer Lewisham Partnership
Fund 20010-11.

4.0    Allocation of the SLP Fund 2010-11

Item       Safer Lewisham Fund             Lead Officer           Amount
 No.              Projects                                       requested

1      Tryangle Project                  Stuart Cameron                 £13,000
2      DAAT Project Work                 Ivan Calder                    £34,000
3      WADV                                                             £40,000
4      Victim Support Children’s         Cora Green                     £40,000
5      Anti Social Behaviour             Gary Connors                   £42,242
6      Millwall Community Scheme         Dave King                      £25,000
7      DV MARAC Coordinator              Gary Connors                   £42,242
8      Trilogy/Trilogy Plus              Lisa Crook                     £25,000
9      PCTT – Priority Crime             Lisa Crook                     £50,000
10     LBBAC                             Martyn Grover                  £10,000
11     Vulnerable and intimidated        Simon Davis                    £32,000
       Witness Support Worker
12     Safer Lewisham Partnership        Graham Price                    £3,000
13     Hire car for Partnership          Lisa Crook                      £4,000
14     National customer Service         Bill Rogers                     £1,000
15     Restorative Approaches in the     Lisa Crook                      £5,000

16        IDVA Caseworkers                  Julia Dwyer                  £39,000
17        Victim Support DV Worker          Cora Green                   £36,000
18        Deaflink Scheme                   Donna                         £3,000
19        Smartwater                        Lisa Crook                    £7,000
20        Problem Solving                   Lisa Crook                   £55,096
21        Pan Borough youth                 Lisa Crook                   £20,000
          Engagement Projects
22        Acquisitive Crime (Community Gary Connors                      £45,362
          Safety Officer Post)

                                    Total                               £571,942

5.0       Areas of Concern from any Reduction in SSCF/BCUF Funding

          Anti-Social Behaviour
          In 2010-11 as in previous years, a number of initiatives were funded to
          focus on reducing ASB. These have included funding an ASB Officer
          within the Community Safety Team, who deals with individual cases within
          the private housing sector; the Safer Lewisham Partnership Bus, which
          visits various locations across the borough disseminating crime reduction
          information; work on restorative approaches and various youth
          engagement initiatives; the Kickz project run by Millwall Football Club &
          partners and also contributed to the borough’s problem solving initiatives
          throughout the borough.

          Serious Youth Violence
          Funding from the SSCF and BCUF budgets have helped to resource work
          undertaken by both the Trilogy (gangs) and Priority Crime Tasking Teams
          (PCCT) on serious youth violence in the borough. Resources have also
          assisted in the funding of a Victim Support Children’s Worker within Victim
          Support Lewisham, who supports work around young victims of violence
          and ASB in the borough. This area of work will come under pressure if
          these funding streams are diminished.

          Domestic Violence
          The Safer Lewisham Partnership has focused a lot of its resources on
          tackling domestic violence over the past two years . From representing DV
          crime rates which were the worst in London in 2008-09, work in this area
          has seen significant steady reductions and Lewisham has been
          commended in their work by both the MPA and CAADA. In line with this
          work, SSCF and BCUF resources have ensured that the borough has a
          DV MARAC Coordinator, an IDVA service (through Refuge and Victim
          Support), a DV perpetrator programme developed by Tryangle and
          various community based initiatives led through the Women Against
          Domestic Violence (WADV) organisation. As the SLP will continue to
          focus on the victimisation of women, either through DV or sexual violence,
          the reduction of any funds in this area represents a serious problem.

          Third Sector Partners (Voluntary, Charity and Community Groups)
          The voluntary sector partners in Lewisham are an important part of the
          Safer Lewisham Partnership and as already seen above play an important
          role in all or the SLP’s priorities. Any reduction in the work being down
          around domestic violence (with colleagues in Victim Support, Refuge,
          WADV and Tryangle) will certainly place a lot of successful initiatives in
          Lewisham in a difficult position. Victim Support Lewisham have been
          support through these funds on a number of initiatives over the past
          couple of years and a reduction in this will put their organisation at risk.
          Outside of the partners who received funding in 2010-11, there are also a
          number of other organisations (Second Wave, Street Pastors) who have
          received support in the past who will also be affected if these funding
          streams are discontinued or reduced.

6.0       Further Funding Streams Under Pressure in 2011

While the central funding for the Diamond, Trilogy Plus, Youth MARAC and
Neighbourhood Crime & Justice Initiatives comes to an end in 2011-12, these
programmes have gone a long way to tackling crime in Lewisham by focusing
specifically on tackling and supporting both the perpetrators and victims of crime
over the past two years. Government resources in these areas has funded
officers dedicated to each initiative and also some specific services tailored to
assisting in breaking the cycle of both persistent, sustained offending and also
the risk of re-victimisation to Lewisham’s residents. The Prevent Agenda in
Lewisham, brings a range of statutory (LA Prevent officer, Probation schemes
and training) and community groups (funded community led programmes)
together to tackle local issues of violent extremism and blockages to community

7.0       Youth Offending Service Funding

Alongside budget reduction proposals within Lewisham YOS in 2011-12, the
following Government grants will be coming to an end on 31st March 2011:

                Youth Crime Action Plan - Triage (£80,000)
                Youth Crime Action Plan - Reparation (£40,000)
                Preventing Violent Extremism (£35,000)
                Children’s Fund – Triage & Prevention (£66,000)
                Integrated Resettlement Support (£153,000)

There is a general lack of certainty regarding youth justice funding. It is not
clear at present what the reduction to the core grant (£500,000) is likely to be
and which of the funding streams will continue.

The key areas of the YOS that will be affected though the termination of these
grants will be Prevention and Resettlement.

Prevention: Discussions are taking place with the Integrated Youth Support
Service (IYSS) to explore how the prevention services currently delivered by

the YOS can be delivered in partnership. The role of the YISP has already
been incorporated into the Early Intervention Locality Panels (EILPs), with the
prevention staff supporting this work. The role of the YOS staff in delivering
triage has also shifted, with less reliance on YOS staff, as Lewisham Police
staff proactively use triage as a mechanism to divert young people. Should
funding not be continued, we will be incorporating the intervention element of
the Triage service, into the role of the YOS Officers who currently hold
Referral Orders.

Resettlement: Since Lewisham YOS have brought the ISS service in house, a
review has taken place to embed services for young people requiring an
Enhanced or Intensive service. As a statutory element of the YOS’ role, the ISS
funding is highly likely to continue to 2011/12. We will continue as a service to
embed the work of the IRS team into that of the ISS team with support from the
YOS Officers who hold Detention and Training Order cases

8.0   Police

Apart from the BCU Fund, Lewisham Police are awaiting to hear what core
funding savings they are to be subject to, but obviously and reductions to the
boroughs police service will have implications locally for both residents and
partner agencies.

9.0    Lewisham Probation Service

The Lewisham Probation Service is currently undertaking a restructure of and re-
focusing of staff and are in discussions with the Local Authority, Police and other
Partners to ensure that this is conducted in a complimentary way to these

10.0 LBL
Decisions have been agreed in phase 1 of the savings proposals at Council in
November 2010. those that affect crime reduction services include:
     The amalgamation of the wardens and the community safety services
       to create a new Neighborhood Community Safety Service
     A reduction in funding towards PCSOs
     A reduction in funding for 2 vacant posts in the YOS and contribution
       to a voluntary sector organisation delivering reparation activity for the


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