Indian Education for All Ongoing Initiatives by BW1JQy


									                                      Linda McCulloch, Superintendent
                                     Montana Office of Public Instruction
                                              PO Box 202501
                                          Helena, MT 59620-2501

                   Indian Education for All Ongoing Initiatives
                                        July 2005 – February 2006

      Recruitment, hiring and orientation of five staff members.

Grant Administration
      Ready To Go Grants – Approximately $370,000 awarded to 17 successful schools. A
       second round of competition will be conducted in June 2006.
           o Projects range from developing teachers manuals, integrating curriculum with
               Indian issues, creating lesson plans and DVD’s, increasing library holdings of
               accurate books and resources about Indians, creating “learning trunks” for
               teachers to use in the classrooms.
      Implementation Assistance Grants -- $65,000 to be awarded to educational organizations
       other than school districts. RFP was announced December 2005 and grants are currently
       being finalized.
      Graduate Student Research Grants– $50,000 to be awarded for research pertinent to
       Indian Education in collaboration with Montana University System.

Curriculum Development
      Re-designed OPI website to reflect resources for Indian Education and Indian Education
       for All. All curriculum materials and sample lesson plans will be posted on the OPI
       website as they become available.
      Convened 30 teachers in July 2005 to develop social studies materials and 10 teachers in
       November 2005 to address science.
      Currently working with group of educators to finalize the framework for the curriculum
       development process, aligning materials to standards, and disseminating to all schools.
      Developing an Indian Education for All Curriculum Guide in social studies, language
       arts, and science. The goal is to provide model curriculum for every content area.
       Working with Dr. Sandra Fox and National Indian School Boards Association.
      Currently developing K-12 grade level expectations for social studies.
      Contract with University of Montana Lifelong Learning Project for development of
       DVDs for three units (Long Before We Were Born, Sign Language and Tribal
       Misnomers in and around Montana, Non-Verbal Communication on the Upper Missouri)
       to be distributed to all districts in the state. Projected spring 2006 completion date.
      Updating of “Montana Tribes: Their History and Location” for reprinting.

  "It is the mission of the Office of Public Instruction to improve teaching and learning through communication,
                           collaboration, advocacy, and accountability to those we serve."
     Contract with Fish, Wildlife, and Parks for the development of 30 lessons incorporating
      Indian Education for All into the Department’s site-based school programs in state parks.
     Tribal History projects. Montana Tribal Colleges collaborate with Montana Tribes to tell
      their history to the state through the education system. OPI will offer the services of a
      curriculum consultant to the Tribal Colleges for their work.
     In February collaboration began with Montana Indian Education Association’s (MIEA)
      grant to develop tribal government curriculum. Curriculum/lessons are being developed
      in conjunction with tribal leaders, teachers and students.

Professional Development
     Strong Indian Education presence at MEA-MFT conference in Missoula in October 2005.
      More than 50 workshops related to Indian Education and Indian Education for All were
      provided and current OPI curriculum materials were distributed.
     Coordinating with OPI’s Accreditation Division to incorporate Indian Education for All
      into regional model for professional development.
     OPI is collaborating with other states regarding Indian Education initiatives. North
      Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and other states are looking to Montana to provide
      leadership regarding Indian education issues.
     Collaboration with MIEA for its spring 2006 statewide conference.
     Collaboration with Montana School Boards Association for their March 2006 conference.
     Hosted Title I conference with strong emphasis on Indian Education.
     University of Montana is hosting an Indian Education for All Institute in June 2006.
     A guidance and recommendation list has been developed for materials and textbooks, as
      well as for professional development in the furthering of Indian Education for All. In
      addition, further standards are being developed regarding: criteria for reviewing texts and
      materials, guest speakers, presentations, and other resources for Indian Education
      content; criteria and common elements for high-quality programs that work for at-risk
      students; and criteria and common elements of high-quality programs that work for
      Indian students.

Public Education Campaign
     Development and distribution of 14,000 Indian Education for All brochures to all
      Montana schools and educational organizations.
     List of resources regarding American Indian Heritage Day and posters providing
      guidance on teaching about American Indians sent to school districts in September 2005.
     Press release introducing two trunks on Indian Education for All developed by the
      Historical Society with funding from OPI.
     Communication with Tribal Leaders about OPI efforts and continued work with tribal
      designees on Montana Advisory Council on Indian Education.
     Communication with Legislature about OPI efforts and progress.
     Communication with the education community about potential collaborations to
      implement Indian Education for All.
     Developing statewide public education media campaign, including radio and newspapers.
     Communication with and dissemination of materials through the Montana Association of
      School Superintendents meetings, held each month.

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