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									                                                                                                   June 20, 2010

                                         ACTIONS FOR COMBATING
                                  TRAFFICKING-IN-PERSONS (ACT) PROGRAM

                                      Request for Proposals
                            Survivor Services 2010-11 Grant Guidelines

                             Submission Deadline: July 18 at 6:00 PM
                       Maximum Winrock Share of Budget per Grant: USD 35,000
                                     Grant Period: 12 months
                                 Up to Four Grants to be Awarded

      I. Actions for Combating Trafficking-in-Persons (ACT) Program Information

      Human trafficking takes several forms and has many faces. Its scope includes the exploitation of
      men, women and children into bonded or abusive labor or the commercial sex trade. Trafficking
      violates the human rights of its victims, damages lives, feeds corruption, exacts an economic toll
      on governments and taxpayers, and harms society at all levels.

      The four-year Actions for Combating Trafficking-in-Persons (ACT) Program, implemented by
      Winrock International, connects local and national government representatives, non-
      governmental organizations, and citizens and community leaders to spearhead an effort to
      prevent trafficking-in-persons, protect and reverse damages to survivors, prosecute crimes of
      perpetrators, and engage all layers of society as change agents in curbing trafficking. The ACT
      Program is made possible through the generous support of the American people through the
      United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

      Overall ACT Program Objectives

            Empower survivors of trafficking and those at-risk for trafficking;
            Provide viable economic alternatives to unsafe internal and cross-border migration;
            Expand pubic awareness and participation in prevention efforts and crime reduction;
            Build the capacity of government institutions to identify and prosecute perpetrators; and
            Eliminate social and gender biases that undermine basic human rights and help perpetuate

      Survivor Services Approach and Activities: MANDATORY APPROACH FOR GRANT

      Survivor services are provided through government and NGO-run shelters in many areas of
      Bangladesh. Services are also provided OUTSIDE OF THE SHELTER CONTEXT, in
      communities, and through a variety of service providers. Services may include rescue,
      repatriation, accommodation and food, medical services, psychosocial and mental health
      counseling, legal advice and lawyer services, basic education, life skills and empowerment
      mentoring, vocational and job training, livelihoods ‘seed’ money to start small business activities,
      and reintegration assistance in communities. Currently, organizations running shelters for
      survivors have incentives to provide all services in-house rather than through partnerships and
      referral linkages. While shelters may provide excellent service in a few areas, they are seldom

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                      1
                                                                                                        June 20, 2010

       expert in all areas and are not able to offer survivors optimal assistance across a broad menu of

       The ACT Program works to revamp survivor services, pulling away from the primarily shelter-
       based model and moving toward a more integrated panorama of services made available both
       inside and outside of shelters through clinics, drop-in facilities, and within communities.
       Survivors should be at the forefront as decision-makers in defining service needs and delivery
       channels. Skills assessment, personal preferences, and commercial feasibility should guide
       vocational training programs and job placement assistance. Building collaborative partnerships
       between service providers is critical. Finally, though there is no shame in being a survivor of
       trafficking and survivors may be encouraged to share their own story, Winrock respects the
       survivor’s right to privacy, and protecting survivor confidentiality is imperative.

       II. Survivor Services Grant Program Objectives: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

       The ACT Program uses the United Nations Palermo Convention definition of trafficking to
       determine eligibility for access to services. This Convention applies to all forms of human
       trafficking, including exploitation of men, women and children into bonded or forced labor or
       the commercial sex trade. Under this definition, human trafficking is defined as:

                  “Recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of
                threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of
                   the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of
                 payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another
                                          person, for the purpose of exploitation.
                Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or
                other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar
                                     to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.”

       The Survivor Services Grant Program seeks is to provide needed services for survivors of all forms
       of human trafficking. Successful applicants will address – through creative partnerships and cost
       sharing – models that offer a complete array of service options based on a clear understanding of
       survivor needs and how these differ based on age, gender, family and community situation,
       psychosocial readiness, existing skills and preferences, etc. Winrock is particularly seeking
       alternatives for those survivors who cannot return to their previous ‘home’ but need an alternative
       to institutional (shelter) life. Within the above context, grant proposals should include strategies
       and activities to address some or all of the following:
                Expand and enhance comprehensive services for survivors of all forms of human
                 trafficking (including adult males, and survivors of internal trafficking and labor trafficking);
                Improve and standardize case management and/or survivor services overall;
                Provide direct care/services based on a human rights model and ensuring privacy and
                Pilot specific and targeted new survivor service models;
                Promote integrated case assessment and individualized assistance;
                Create innovative options for alternative vocational training and sustainable livelihoods
                 (instead of repeating the worn out options of cow rearing and sewing);
                Share best practices through peer training and peer review;
                Involve survivors in multiple levels of decision-making; and
                Engage multiple sectors (local government, business, medical facilities, training institutes,
                 etc.) in envisioning, participating in, and providing innovative and relevant survivor services.

       Each grant may be awarded to a single NGO, or to a coalition of NGOs, with a lead NGO
       handling the fiscal reporting, based on detailed specificity of who does what and who is paid for
       what. Ultimately, the award will be based on creativity, practicality, innovation, and cost

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                 2
                                                                                                    June 20, 2010

      effectiveness of the combined assistance plan. The period of grant awards is 12 months. Grants
      may be renewable for another year, based on performance and competition.

      PLEASE NOTE: This is not a solicitation for public awareness activities. General public
      awareness activities are NOT eligible under this Request for Proposals.

      III. Application Guidelines

      A. Application Forms:

      Additional forms may be downloaded from the internet at: or obtained by
      sending a request by email to (Subject: SS 2010-11 GRANT
      APPLICATION) or by sending a self-addressed stamped return envelope to SS 2010-11
      APPLICATION FORM (address below) or picked up at our office:

                           ACT Program, Winrock International
                           House 2, Road 23/A (2nd Floor)
                           Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212

      B. Eligibility Requirements:

      a) NGOs registered and operating in Bangladesh are eligible. International NGOs are not
      b) Prior survivor service and/or shelter experience and demonstrated success is required.
      c) A match contribution of 20% of total project budget is required (in-kind or non-cash match is
         also acceptable).
      d) Projects should be for a period of 12 months.
      e) Each of the up to four grants under this RFP may be awarded to a single NGO, or to a
         coalition of NGOs within a region, with a lead NGO handling the fiscal reporting, based on
         detailed specificity of roles and responsibilities and how funds will be shared.
      f) Only one application may be submitted per organization. However, organizations may jointly
         apply for a grant with as many partners as they deem feasible.
      g) Project funds may be used – as appropriate – for survivor services (rescue, shelter, medical,
         psychosocial, legal aid, education, vocational training, livelihoods and job placement,
         reintegration services, etc.), staff and operational costs, transportation, or other direct project
         costs. Funds may not be used for capital expenditures or luxuries.
      h) All funds must be spent in Bangladesh. Funds may not be used outside of Bangladesh.
      i) Open to all nonprofit organizations throughout Bangladesh (based on the above).

      IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT COPY from any other organization’s application and DO NOT
      ALLOW others to copy from you. Duplicate applications submitted by different organizations will
      be eliminated from the competition without regard as to who copied from whom.

      C. Proposal selection criteria:

      Winrock will award up to four grants, with an aim to cover all forms of human trafficking,
      including cross-border and internal trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation or labor

      As part of an open and transparent competition process, the Winrock Selection Committee will
      use a three-step process to evaluate applicant proposals, as detailed below. Only grant
      applications that are filled out in their entirety will be reviewed by the Winrock Selection
      Committee. Incomplete applications and/or applications not submitted by the deadline will not be

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                       3
                                                                                                   June 20, 2010

       Step 1: Concept Threshold Review. The Winrock Selection Committee will review questions
       9-13 in the application to determine if your full proposal will be considered. A total of 50 points
       are possible in the concept section (these points will be carried over into the scoring of the full

       Step 2: Full Application Review. For applications that pass the Concept Threshold Review,
       the Winrock Selection Committee will then review questions 14-25 in the application to
       determine who receives a finalist site visit. A total of 130 points are possible in the full
       application section (these points will not be carried over into the scoring of site visit).

       Step 3: Site Visits. Following Concept Threshold Review (Step 1) and, if applicable, Full
       Application Review (Step 2), the Winrock Selection Committee will select finalist applicants.
       These organizations will be personally interviewed during a site visit by at least two members of
       the Selection Committee. The site visits will determine who receives a grant. A total of 100
       points are possible during the site visit (points during earlier stages do NOT apply or count).
       During the site visit additional criteria will be taken into consideration in the overall funding
       competition. These additional criteria include:

            o    Verification of data included in the proposal (50 points); and
            o    Clarification concerning any questions unanswered by the proposal (50 points).

       On the basis of the three steps above, up to four grants will be competitively awarded.

       D. Application Submission Information:

       Proposals should be submitted in hard copy or by e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word to:

                SS 2010-11 Grant Application
                ACT Program, Winrock International
                House 2, Road 23/A (2nd Floor)
                Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212
                E-mail: (SUBJECT: SS 2010-11 GRANT APPLICATION)

       All forms must be legibly typed in English or in Bengali. The application form plus up to five
       pages of attachments may be accepted – so only send the most relevant material. Materials
       outside of the stated limit will NOT be read or considered in the competition. Applications will not
       be returned.

       IV. Award Information
       Funded organizations will be asked to sign a Subgrant Agreement which will delineate fiscal and
       programmatic commitments and responsibilities. As needed, Winrock representatives will
       provide mandatory instruction on Winrock and USAID regulations, including fiscal and
       procurement standards, branding and use of logos, and monitoring and reporting requirements.

       Funding will be on an installment basis, beginning with an initial advance, with replenishment of
       the advance based on approved expenditures and authentic receipts. Short monthly program
       highlight reports will be required, followed by in-depth quarterly fiscal and programmatic reports.


Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                             4
                                                                                                       June 20, 2010

                                         ACTIONS FOR COMBATING
                                  TRAFFICKING-IN-PERSONS (ACT) PROGRAM

                            Survivor Services 2010-11 Grant Application

                                    Submission Deadline: July 18 at 6:00 PM

      General Information

      1. Name of organization: _______________________________________________________

      2. Geographic districts covered by project: _________________________________________

      3. Project coordinator or contact person: ___________________________________________

           City, postal code: ___________________________________________________________

           Phone: _______________________________                          Fax: ____________________________

           E-Mail: _______________________________                         Website: _________________________

      4. Total funding requested from Winrock: ________________________                       Taka    USD

      5. List date of NGO registration and type of Bangladesh registration.


      6. Name and Title of responsible party:


      Signature of responsible party: ___________________________________________________

      7. Has your organization previously received USAID or U.S. Government funding (either directly
      or indirectly)? If yes, list name of agency, amounts and period(s) covered (over the last three
      years only).

      8. State the official mission of your organization:

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                          5
                                                                                                       June 20, 2010

                                       Concept Threshold Review Questions

             This section will determine whether or not your full application will be considered.

             Please use a separate sheet of paper and number the items to correspond to the questions.

               Questions 9 through 13 should not exceed 4 typed pages. 50 points are possible.

       9.      a. Describe how your proposed survivor services align with the ACT Program’s
               objectives as stated above. Specifically:
                   b. How will you provide individualized and holistic case management both
                      inside and outside of the shelter context (describe structure and steps)?
                   c. What does ‘survivor-driven’ services mean to you and how will you
                      implement that approach?
               (total 10 points)

       10.     a. Describe your SPECIFIC experience in providing services to survivors of
               trafficking or survivors of other equivalent circumstances:
                  b. What services for what beneficiary groups?
                  c. How many services over what period of time?
               (total 10 points)

       11.     a. Which target groups of survivors will you serve (children, women, men, inside
               and/or outside of shelters, survivors of labor trafficking, sex trafficking, internal
               trafficking, etc.)?
               b. AND how will you identify, rescue, or otherwise reach out to survivors to identify
               them and help them access services (describe channels and process)?
               (total 10 points)

       12.     a, Describe the linkages you intend to set up/use to support a holistic approach to
               service provision.
               b. Which partners or other organizations (name them) will provide what services (be
               specific); and
               c. How will they be compensated (per unit, per day, etc.)? Please reflect same in
               budget. (total 10 points)

       13.     a. Describe how the services you propose will BROADEN the type(s) of services
               available and/or create MORE service options) in line with ACT Program goals:
               b. including for all forms of trafficking; and
               c. both in and out of shelter; and
               d. to create more livelihoods/vocational options; and
               e. to provide alternatives to returning to village/place of original residence.
               (total 10 points)

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                6
                                                                                                           June 20, 2010

                                                            Full Application

              This will determine whether or not your organization receives a finalist site visit.

           Please use a separate sheet of paper and number the items to correspond to the questions.

             Questions 14 through 25 should not exceed 8 typed pages. 130 points are possible.


        14.      List all of the survivor services you plan to provide within your own organization and
        briefly describe your experience in each, using the following basic format (total 10 points):

          Type of service                                        Experience (# survivors, # years)

        15.     List all of the survivor services you plan to provide through another organization (NGO,
        government, etc.) and briefly describe their experience in each, using the following basic format
        (total 10 points):

          Type of service                       Name of organization               Experience

        16.    Please estimate the number of persons (survivors) you estimate serving under this one
        year grant, if awarded, using the following basic format. BE REALISTIC. (total 10 points)

          Type of service                                        Estimated number of survivors receiving service

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                              7
                                                                                                        June 20, 2010

         17.       a. What geographic area/areas will you serve and how were areas determined?
                   b. What services will be available in each area served?
                   (total 10 points)

         18.       What are some of the shortfalls in current service provision that you wish to
                   address/improve and HOW will you do that? Be specific as these shortfalls relate to:
                   a) target groups of survivors;
                   b) types of services; and
                   c) service locations or points of delivery.
                   (total 10 points)

         19.    a. Who are your local partners and collaborators?
                b. Why have you chosen them?
         (Please attach any letters of agreement on collaboration or mutual support.) (10 points)

         20.     Describe if and how you will involve survivors of trafficking in decision-making. What role
         will they play and at what level? (10 points)

         21.       a. Describe the main OBJECTIVES proposed in this project.
                   b. How you will MONITOR the success at each step?
                   c. If you have other ongoing or planned survivor service activities, how will you
                   incorporate activities under this grant to strengthen, complement, or expand activities?
                   (total 10 points)

         22.       a. Describe your ‘exit strategy’ for survivors in order to help them avoid dependence on
                   shelter-based institutional life?
                   b. How does this strategy differ based on factors like age, gender, or other factors (name
                   them)? (total 10 points)

         23.    Describe how you will determine eligibility for access to services (particularly where
         survivors do not fit under the human trafficking laws currently in force in Bangladesh.) How will
         you determine whether or not a person is eligible for services as a victim of trafficking in line with
         the UN Palermo Protocol definition? (total 10 points)

         24.    Describe your staffing and management plan. Note that one full-time program manager
         or coordinator ON LOCATION is mandatory. (total 10 points)

           Title (and name if known)             Basic role/responsibilities   Location (where based)

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                 8
                                                                                                         June 20, 2010

         Budget and Match (20 points):

         25.      a. List the specific resources your group can offer to the project as a match (minimum 20%
         of total). What is the value of those resources and how did you calculate or estimate that value
         (be specific for each type of resource or cost)?

                 b. Using the sample format below, prepare a detailed budget. Specify line-by-line each
         type of expense within the sample categories. Add categories and lines as needed to show
         appropriate detail. Be sure to STATE THE CURRENCY (Taka or USD). State whether each
         service item is charged per person per day (e.g. shelter) or per survivor (flat rate), or some other
         basis for calculation.

         Please use the framework below (you can adapt in Excel if you prefer) and specify description
         and detailed costs and calculations for each line. You may add more rows or columns, as
         needed. You may also use narrative notes to explain or justify costs.


                                            # People      each                               Total   Winrock      Grantee
Survivor basic care                                                                         Amount   Amount     20% Match

                                             Month       # Months

                                                                                 Subtotal       -       -                -

Staff salaries & benefits                    Month        % Time      # Months

                                                                                 Subtotal       -       -                -

Rescue and legal aid services               Rate/unit     # Units
                                                                                 Subtotal       -       -                -

Survivor training and education             Rate/unit     # Units

                                                                                 Subtotal       -       -                -

Vocational training/livelihoods             # People       Rate       # Months

                                                                                 Subtotal       -       -                -

Reintegration activities                    Rate/unit     # Units

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                            9
                                                                                                     June 20, 2010

                                                                                 Subtotal   -        -               -

 General Direct Costs                         Month      # Months

                                             Rate/unit     # Units

                                                                                 Subtotal   -        -               -

                                                                                 Subtotal   -        -               -

 Overhead costs of maximum 10%                                                              -        -               -

                                                                           TOTALS in Taka   -        -               -

                                      List of Needed Documents for Submission


               Concept Threshold Review and Full Application (questions 1 - 25, mandatory)

               Grant Budget (see basic sample format, question 25, mandatory)


               Letters of Support (if applicable)

               Materials that evidence prior projects or support your application (if applicable)

Winrock ACT Program – Survivor Services Grant Guidelines and Application                                 10

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