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During the first year of the grant 65% of funding was delegated to schools, with the
remaining 35% being retained centrally for earmarked projects. For the following two
years, 96% of funding was delegated to schools, with only 4% being held back centrally for
special projects. The Carmarthenshire approach has therefore been to delegate the grant
to each of the13 Families of Schools within the county – the funding being managed, on
behalf of the family, by the secondary school. Families have been encouraged to use the
Transition Grant, pooled with BSF Category 1A and other relevant funding sources, to fund
the various activities within their Transition Plans. Consequently it is difficult to identify
discrete activities solely funded by the Transition Grant. The most effective way of
reporting on the impact of the Transition Grant, therefore, is to report on the progress of
transition plans.

In light of the above, this report is structured as follows:
     1. The progress of statutory transition plans
     2. The impact of centrally funded special projects
     3. Examples of discrete school based projects funded by the Transition Grant

1. The progress of statutory transition plans
   During 2008-09 the transition officers of the six counties of ‘swamwac’ worked together
   to develop a ‘Transition Effectiveness Review’ framework. This self-evaluation
   framework has since been offered to all families / clusters of schools across the six
   counties to enable them to review the progress made with their transition plans, whilst
   at the same time identifying areas for further development.
   The five pages that follow are taken from the framework and reflect the views of 10 of
   the 13 families of schools in Carmarthenshire (i.e. the responses received at the time of
   writing this report). Under each statement within the framework is a percentage. This
   represents the percentage of families who consider the statement to be a best fit
   reflection of their progress to date in that aspect of transition.
   Inevitably the outcome of this process reflects a situation where families of schools are
   at different points along a developmental continuum. It does however usefully illustrate
   the very good progress made with particular aspects of transition work, and those
   areas that are in need of ongoing development.

Managing and Coordinating Transition
                                  EXISTING                          DEVELOPING                           DEEPENING                       TRANSFORMING
                        A steering group, which             The steering group contains          Primary schools are full, equal   The steering group is chaired by
                        includes representatives of all     senior school managers.              and active partners within the    a designated transition
  STEERING GROUP        or some of the partner schools,                                          steering group.                   coordinator who is allocated time
     FUNCTION           meets regularly.                                                                                           each week to fulfil that role.
                                                                                                             70%                                30%
                        The content of the transition       The content of the transition        The content of the transition     The views of parents/carers,
                        plan has been approved by all       plan takes account of other          plan is annually reviewed and     governors and pupils influence
    CONTENT OF          Governing Bodies.                   national and local priorities.       amended.                          the content of the transition plan.

                                                                         10%                                 70%                                20%
                        The transition plan outlines a      Some activities within the           All activities within the         Each school’s development plan
                        broad range of activities, and      transition plan are specific,        transition plan are specific,     reflects and supports priorities
     STRATEGIC          the staff responsible for them.     targeted and costed. The roles       targeted and costed. The roles    within the transition plan.
 IMPLEMENTATION OF                                          and responsibilities of those        and responsibilities of those
THE TRANSITION PLAN                                         involved are clear and               involved and the funding
                                                            understood by all.                   implications are clear and
                                                                                                 understood by all.
                                     10%                                 20%                                 50%                                20%
                        The steering group has              The steering group regularly         A monitoring process that takes   Monitoring is rigorous and uses
                        responsibility for the content of   monitors the activities within       account of the impact of the      a range of strategies to ensure
  STEERING GROUP        the transition plan.                the transition plan, and uses        plan on pupil progress is         the impact of the plan on pupil
    MONITORING                                              this to inform future planning. A    agreed and is being               progress.
                                                            clear set of criteria to gauge the   implemented.
                                                            impact of the plan on standards
                                                            of achievement and learning
                                                            experiences has been

                                     20%                                 40%                                 30%                                10%
The majority of steering groups are confident about their function and role in relation to implementing the content of transition plans.
The monitoring role of the steering group needs to be further developed - particularly in relation to monitoring the impact of the plan on
pupil progress.

Continuity of Curriculum Planning
                                  EXISTING                          DEVELOPING                           DEEPENING                        TRANSFORMING
                                                            The plan enables teachers in        KS2 and 3 teachers meet
                        The plan ensures that core          KS2 and 3 to meet to review         regularly to jointly plan core
                        subject schemes of work, that       the content of Y6 and Y7            subject delivery and share
 COORDINATION AND       highlight the context in which      programmes of study in the          resources. These meetings
                        subject skills are developed,       core subjects. They work            identify opportunities for core     The plan allows for collaboration
                        are available for discussion        together to develop a bank of       subject skills to be further        in curriculum planning across
                        across phase.                       resources that focus on the         developed through foundation        KS2 and KS3 to enable the
                                                            appropriate subject skills.         subjects                            delivery of a jointly planned
                                                                                                                                    curriculum allowing efficient use
                                    20%                                  30%                                20%                     of resources, including teacher
                                                                                                Planning groups meet regularly      expertise, across the cluster.
                        The plan ensures cluster                                                to plan and review the impact       This planning would ensure the
                        groups share an audit of            Cluster groups meet to plan         of common activities that           integration of subject and
 COORDINATION AND       individual school schemes of        and deliver some common             develop a range of skills and       generic skills.
  PROGRESSION IN        work to identify aspects of the     activities that develop aspects     extend the integration of these
 SKILLS FRAMEWORK       skills frameworks and PHSE          of a range of skills.               activities through the individual
                        that are currently developed                                            ranges of the National
                                                                                                Curriculum subject orders
                                    20%                                  50%                                                                     30%
                                                                                                                                    The transition plan coordinates
                        The plan identifies opportunities
                                                            The plan identifies phase           The plan specifically identifies    identification of training needs
                        to disseminate information from
                                                            specific training that is open to   joint training for KS2 and KS3      across both phases throughout
                        INSET relating to the delivery of
   PLANNING CPD                                             teachers from other phases as       teachers relating to the delivery   the cluster and brokers provision
                        the curriculum through cluster
                                                            appropriate                         of the curriculum                   from across swamwac and
                                                                                                                                    further afield
                                    10%                                  20%                                50%                                  20%
A number of families have made significant progress in relation to continuity and progression in subject skills. They are less confident in
terms of progression in the skills of the ‘skills framework’.
Cross phase CPD is now a common feature in the majority of families in Carmarthenshire, and this is having a positive impact.

Continuity in Teaching and Learning
                                 EXISTING                        DEVELOPING                          DEEPENING                      TRANSFORMING
                                                                                            Observation of teaching in
                                                          Some common approaches to         other stages is organised on a
                                                          teaching and learning are         more regular basis and extends
                                                                                                                              Best practice 8 – 14 is
     COMMON            The plan identifies the need for   specified. There is planned       beyond core subjects. It
                                                                                                                              consistently reflected in common
  APPROACHES TO        common approaches to               cross phase INSET on effective    impacts on teaching styles in
                                                                                                                              teaching and learning
   TEACHING AND        teaching and learning.             pedagogy. Observations of         KS 2 and 3. Arrangements are
                                                                                                                              approaches across both phases.
     LEARNING                                             teaching cross phase are          in place for Year 6 pupils to
                                                          organised in the core subjects.   visit the secondary school for
                                                                                            specific lessons regularly.
                                                                     60%                                30%                                10%
                                                          Meetings regarding cross                                            Schools in the cluster co-operate
                                                                                            Teachers plan together some
                                                          phase planning in core subjects                                     in mapping out the learning
                                                                                            activities to be carried out in
                                                          are regularly timetabled.                                           experiences of pupils through
                       Teachers of core subjects meet                                       Year 6 and Year 7 in core
                                                          Schools share information                                           KS2 and KS3.
                       occasionally on a cluster basis                                      subjects and occasionally in
                                                          regarding curricular range, and                                     INSET is planned co-operatively
                       with their KS2 colleagues to                                         foundation subjects.
  JOINT PLANNING                                          areas of duplication are                                            and led by practitioners from
                       discuss the planning in their                                        INSET includes cross phase
                                                          identified and addressed.                                           both key stages. Common
                       subject areas                                                        guidance on a thematic
                                                          Discrete and thematic subject                                       teaching and learning issues are
                                                                                            approach to planning the
                                                          planning is an area of                                              prioritised in development plans
                                                          discussion.                                                         across all schools.
                                   40%                               10%                                50%
                                                          Cluster discussions on skills
                                                          development are organised.
                       Skills development features in                                       Cross phase INSET takes
                                                          Progression in skills, as                                           Planning is based on skills
                       the plan but is approached                                           place. Common approaches to
                                                          identified by the Skills                                            development. A continuum of
                       separately at KS2 and KS3.                                           a skills based curriculum are
                                                          Framework, across the phases                                        skills development from 8 to 14
SKILLS DEVELOPMENT     INSET is an identified need but                                      initiated. Teachers’ plans show
                                                          is understood and begins to                                         is established to guide planning.
                       takes different forms in each                                        a consistent focus on skills
                                                          affect planning.                                                    Cross phase CPD is ensured.
                       phase.                                                               development.
                                                          Some cross phase projects are
                                   50%                               10%                                20%                                20%
Good progress is being made in relation to common approaches to teaching and learning, through initiatives such as Assessment for
Whilst some families are making good progress with joint planning, and the planning for skills development, this remains a key
developmental issue for the majority.

Consistency in assessment and monitoring and tracking pupils’ progress against prior attainment
                                 EXISTING                         DEVELOPING                          DEEPENING                       TRANSFORMING
                       There are opportunities for KS2
                                                                                                                                There is planned development
                       and KS3 teachers to discuss        KS2 and KS3 teachers work
                                                                                              The portfolios are shared with    and regular revision of
                       samples of work in the core        together to develop portfolios of
     A SHARED                                                                                 all schools and are used to       family/cluster portfolios. This has
                       subjects to ensure there is a      samples of work in the core
 UNDERSTANDING OF                                                                             develop the confidence and        a positive impact on teacher
                       shared understanding of the        subjects (using a range of
    STANDARDS                                                                                 understanding of all teachers.    planning and the progress of
                       characteristics of attainment      media).
                                   10%                                10%                                 50%                                30%
                                                          KS2 and KS3 teachers meet           A well developed confidence in
                       Annual moderation meetings,
                                                          regularly over the school year      the assessments of others         Moderation outcomes are used
                       including Y6 and KS3 teachers
  MODERATION OF                                           to develop a shared                 exists across all schools. This   with confidence as a basis to
                       from across the family/cluster,
    TEACHER                                               understanding about the             is reflected in the development   plan and monitor individual pupil
                       are used to inform teacher
   ASSESSMENT                                             process of teacher                  and consideration of individual   progress in Key Stage 3
                       assessment at the end of KS2.
                                                          assessment.                         pupil profiles.
                                   30%                                30%                                 30%                                10%
                       Agreed performance data for                                                                              Key Stage 2 and 3 teachers
                                                                                              All schools have confidence in
                       each individual pupil and          Secondary schools receive the                                         together use the data to monitor
                                                                                              the accuracy of the transferred
                       relevant information with regard   transferred data by an agreed                                         the progress of individual pupils
 TRANSFER OF DATA                                                                             data and secondary schools
                       to specific educational needs      date and use it to support                                            across Year 7. The outcome
AND INFORMATION ON                                                                            use it as the basis for
                       and areas of strengths are         curriculum planning,                                                  from this dialogue informs future
 INDIVIDUAL PUPILS                                                                            curriculum planning,
                       transferred to the secondary       organisation and delivery.                                            planning and assessment in both
                                                                                              organisation and delivery.
                       school.                                                                                                  Y6 and Y7.
                                   10%                                30%                                 40%                                20%
Good progress has been made in developing a shared understanding of standards, but moderation of teacher assessment needs to be
further developed in the majority of families.
Data on pupils is transferred by an agreed date and is used by secondary schools, but confidence in the accuracy of this data needs to

Evaluation of the impact of transition plans on standards
                                  EXISTING                    DEVELOPING                        DEEPENING                    TRANSFORMING

                          A timetable to evaluate the   The timetable for evaluation     Senior managers within each     Regular reviews include the
                          impact of the agreed          is being fully implemented       school lead the evaluation of   views of pupils, parents /
                          transition arrangements has   and roles and responsibilities   the impact of the agreed        carers, and governors.
EVALUATION CYCLE          been formulated.              are understood by everyone.      plan.
                                     20%                           10%                              70%
                          The objectives of the plan    Specific groups of pupils are    A wide range of data and        Quantifiable measures and
                          outline in broad terms the    identified within the plan as    other information is used to    targets have been developed
                          intended impact on pupils,    requiring additional support.    evaluate the impact on          for a wide range of identified
EVALUATION OF IMPACT      including those with          The impact of this support is    standards.                      groups of pupils. Evaluation
ON SPECIFIC GROUPS        additional learning needs.    evaluated.                                                       of progress against these
                                                                                                                         targets has a significant
                                                                                                                         impact on future planning.

                                     20%                           50%                              20%                             10%
Senior managers lead the evaluation of the impact of transition plans in most Carmarthenshire schools.
The views of pupils, parents, carers and governors are not being sufficiently sought at present.
The use of data to monitor impact needs to be further developed in many families.

2. The impact of centrally funded special projects

   a) Headteachers Conference
   In the first year of the transition grant £18,000 was retained centrally to fund a
   conference for headteachers. This conference was an opportunity:
       i) To formally present the LEAs Transition Strategy and Exemplar Transition Plan
       ii) To provide a workshop for Headteachers to discuss the LEAs Transition
            Strategy and Exemplar Transition Plan in family groups
       iii) To provide a range of good practice workshops (using practitioners from within
            the LEA) with a focus on the KS2/3 transition
    A raised awareness of transition issues
    Dissemination of good practice through the workshops
    Very positive feedback through evaluation forms – evidence is available if required

   b) Development of E-Portfolios
   £1,000 was allocated during the first year of the grant to enable Queen Elizabeth High
   School and two its partner schools to develop cross phase e-portfolios.
    This work was shared at the above conference, and the concept of e-portfolios is
      now being developed within other families

   c) Cross boundary transition projects
   During the three years of the grant a total of £7,500 was allocated to Ceredigion to
   enable the Lampeter family of schools to include primary schools from the north of
   Carmarthenshire in transition activities e.g. CASE / CAME etc.
    The active involvement of north Carmarthenshire primary schools in cross border
      transition activities

   d) ‘swamwac’ Good Practice website
   During the final year of the grant, £2,700 was allocated to develop a ‘swamwac’ good
   practice in transition website - a bilingual website containing 13 case studies sharing
   good practice in relation to the development of skills across the Key Stage 2 – 3
   transition. Four of the case studies are from Carmarthenshire, and the funding was
   used to release staff to develop these materials.
    The website can be seen on
    ‘swamwac’ is presently monitoring the use of the website and the number of ‘hits’
       being received.

3. Examples of discrete school based projects funded by the Transition Grant
   The Amman Valley Family has used the grant to:
       Resource a transition reading project
       Resource a blue skies project for the more able and talented
       Purchase laptop computers to facilitate the development of a cross-phase
        tracking system using ‘traffic lights’.

  The Queen Elizabeth High School Family has used the grant to:
      Pay for transport and staff cover to enable Year 6 pupils to attend various
        transition activities
      Develop and print induction booklets for Year 7 pupils
      Run a Key Stage 2-3 drama and music project
      Offer the Key Stage 3 Officer (a post funded mainly through the Community
        Focused Schools Grant) training as a counsellor in order to enhance her ability
        to deal with vulnerable pupils in Year 7.
      Release some teachers to attend Moodle training

  The Bro Myrddin Family has used the grant to:
      Fund meetings for core subject Heads of Departments and Coordinators
      Fund 180 hours literacy / language support sessions for Year 7 pupils –
        standardised tests show progress beyond expectations
      Fund moderation and standardisation meetings
      Purchase PE resources for the family – including two bikes for the mountain
        biking track which is accessible to the whole family.

                                                                       Emyr Wynne Jones
                                                               School Improvement Officer


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