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									Using Technology to Deliver Pro
      Bono Legal Services

      Lisa Colpoys, Executive Director
          Illinois Legal Aid Online
About Illinois Legal Aid Online
Background Information

 Statewide legal services technology center, formed in 2001 by a
  collaboration of Illinois legal services programs, funders, law
  schools, and the private bar.

 Mission: To increase access to justice for lower-income and
    vulnerable Illinois residents through the innovative use of
    technology to assist and educate the public and to train and support
    legal aid providers and pro bono attorneys.

 Developed and manage statewide legal services websites:
      1. – legal information & self-help for IL residents
      2. – Opportunities & training for volunteer attorneys
      3. - Training & practice support for legal aid
Challenges and questions re: the use of
 technology in pro bono:

   Getting lawyers to use technology
   Getting legal aid programs to use technology
   How to use technology to meet important client
   How to use technology to involve more pro bono
How is technology being used now in Illinois
 to help deliver pro bono legal services?
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Other Current Uses of Technology in IL:

   Volunteer Intranets

   Email Blasts

   Bar Association websites
New Innovative Models
LSNM’s Internet Representation Project
Live Help
The Next Frontier ?

   Integrated Case Management System
   Online Case Matching
   System to Match Volunteers with
   Video conferencing

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