The William Donald Schaefer Internship Program for Government Service by BW1JQy


									   The 2009 William Donald Schaefer Summer Internship Program for
                        Government Service

Name:                ____________________________________________________

Date of Birth:       ____________________________________________________

E-Mail               _____________________________________________________

Campus mail:         _____________________________________________________

Cell phone or campus phone: ___________________________________________

SMCM Year/standing:         Sophomore             Junior

Major:               ____________________________________________________

Minor:               ______________________________________________________

Cumulative GPA:      ______________________________________________________

The following items are needed to complete an application:
    A current resume;
    The names of two people who would recommend you for the award. It is preferable,
        but not mandatory, that they be academic references;
    A current writing sample from coursework (3-5 pages);
    A short essay (1000 words or less) on the following question:

"Write a memo to Governor-elect O’Malley about any problem facing young people
today. Describe the problem and how would you go about trying to find a solution?"

   Interested candidates ought to submit a completed application to Dr. Dana Van Abbema
   (, Director of the Career Development Center by the close of
   business on Wednesday, March 25, 2009. Oral interviews may be required
   following application submission.

  This program is made possible through the generous support of Terry Meyerhoff
   Rubenstein, Henry A. Rosenberg Jr., and friends of William Donald Schaefer.

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