   Over 7.6 million children are currently enjoying primary
      education countrywide because of President Kibaki’s policy of
      Free Primary Education. True – but this was Narc’s initial pledge
      in the manifesto—not Kibaki’s brainchild eureka afterthought.

     More empowerment for Communities; Money goes to the
      grassroots. CDF –Agreed! Very good parliamentary initiative—So
      Kibaki moved the motion to establish CDF personally in
      parliament? I can’t remember

        o Over Ksh. 60 million transferred to each constituency
             Constituency Development Fund (CDF)
             Constituency Bursary Fund
             Constituency Roads Fund
             Constituency Aids Fund
             Local Authorities Transfer Fund (Latf)

     Better and affordable health care:
         o Now Kenyans get free malaria and TB treatment in all
            public health facilities.
         o Children under five years receive free medical attention
         o Government gives 6 million treated mosquito nets free
            to wananchi. Please check again--this was actually 3.4
            million nets sponsored by the Global Fund & Kenya like
            other     countries       was   a     beneficiary.  See

       o HIV/Aids patients get free ARV’s
       o 1,000 new dispensaries and health clinics built—Where &
         by which fund? Please be specific
       o Hospital management streamlined- Please be specific
       o Medicines now available in all public health centres across
         the country –Confirmed? Do you have satellite inventory
       o ALL health centres countrywide receive Ksh.180, 000 and
         dispensaries Ksh.240, 000 for rehabilitation…Have you
          been to Donyo Sabuk, Kyeleni Health Centre recently?

   Water for life
      o Over 500 boreholes drilled across the country—please
          enumerate where & under what budget item—Ministry of
          Water or CDF…if so refer to CDF point above.
       o Over 600 dams completed-- Exact geographical locations?
         How many more to go?
       o Over 230 water schemes completed countrywide—See
         comment above.
       o Water boards formed to ensure equitable supply of water
       o Piped water to be brought to all villages— How many
          villages? Which department is implementing this project
          and at what cost? please also include timelines.

   Kenya’s annual economic growth recovers from 0.3 % in 2002
    to 5.8 % in 2006
       o Tax collection increases drastically – towards self reliance;
         Kulipa ushuru, ni kujitegemea! Tax collection & efficient
         utilization are not synonymous
       o Vision 2030 launched –Kenya is on the path to First World
          status—OK. But is this a comment?

   Lighting up Kenya: Electricity now in every constituency & towns
    Pease clarify this if there is supportive data.
       o Over 160 rural electrification projects in 58 districts
          completed—Is data available? Please include.

      o All schools, colleges, village polytechnics, community
        health centres, markets, and administrative centres to be
        supplied with electricity. Please quote results only not
        plans. If you have to include this –include specific
          timelines. Remember constitution in 100 days? Now close
          to 1,600 days?
      o   1208 projects in 191 constituencies, 418 trading centres,
          288 secondary schools,107 health centres,43 water
          projects,39 coffee factories,13 tea buying centre and 13
          police stations will be completed by June 30th, 2007 at a
          cost of over Ksh.7 billion. OK, need more details
      o   A further 324 rural electrification schemes in 162
          constituencies will be completed by December, 2007 at a
          cost of over Ksh.2 billlion. √
      o   63 schools in ASAL areas benefit from solar generated
          power at a cost of Ksh.178 million. √
      o   Ksh.67 million for Mukuru, Mathare, Kayole, Kangemi
          and Kamukunji electrification. By when?
      o   No more power rationing as a result of diversification of
          power sources. OK. Is this confirmed?
      o   New energy law to make electricity available to all. What
          does the law say? And how relevant is this to someone in
          Turkana or Suba? Remember the word all is very binding.

   Agriculture revived hence more money for the farmer
      o Prices of dairy milk grow from Ksh. 7 in 2002, to Ksh. 18
          per litre, today. √ OK. What about vis-à-vis consumer price
        and inflation cost?
      o Maize prices rise from Ksh. 600 in 2002 to Ksh.1,350 per
        90kg bag now. √
      o Coffee prices up from Ksh. 1 in 2002 to Ksh.35 per kg
        now (over 1000 per cent turnaround) √
      o Sugar cane farmers paid on time--- ‘paid on time?’
      o Cotton farming revived --Why the ambiguity in these two?
        We need exact details as the other 3 above—otherwise is
          paying on time akin to ‘more money for the farmer’ as in
        the other regions?
      o Kenya becomes the third largest tea producer in the world-
        Was this measured against government objective-to-
        achieve benchmark? Where was Kenya ranked in 2002?

       o Livestock farming made profitable – over 12,000 beef
           cattle and over 10,000 heads of goats exported to the
           Middle East and Rwanda----OK. But please be specific
       o   Ksh. 322 million: the money Kenya has earned from
           livestock products exports so far √ ( An improvement from
       o   Ksh. 20 million: the amount the Kibaki government has
           used to revive the Garissa investigation laboratory for
           livestock disease control. North Eastern and Coast
           Provinces main beneficiaries. Please use output measure
           as opposed to input investment level. This may be relative
           to the task and objective at hand!
       o   Ksh. 5 billion earned from fishing in 2006 alone. How
           have the fish farmers benefited..Is it to the grassroots or
           to middlemen.
       o   AFC loans/grants offered to farmers---Exact details
           required? How much –how many farmers etc.
       o Many many more improvements---Please expound on this.
         Use additional writing paper if required.

   Irrigation     schemes    rehabilitated—OK.   Are   these   all   now
    operational? At what cost? serving how many farmers or
            o Ahero and Bunyala Rice schemes
            o Mwea, West Kano and Pekera
            o Bura, Hola and many more ongoing –please use more
                 paper if required

   Hundreds of industries, factories revived and jobs created:
      o Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC)
      o Kenya Meat Commission (KMC)
      o Mumias Sugar Company,--EVANS KIDERO—was appointed
         by Kibaki?
       o Kenya Seed Company, and many more now back to

   Motivated and efficient Public service
      o Better pay for teachers and civil Servants. Any feedback
          reports done yet?
      o No more delayed salaries. √

       o Public    service    reforms   ongoing    –How    many   public
          institutions targeted & those fully reformed—Please is the
         evaluation assessment update report
       o Performance     contracting  increases     efficiency-Show
         measurable results
       o Rapid Results Approach (RRA) yields faster implementation
         of projects for wananchi—Any details or reference
       o 200% increase in pension benefits; retirement no longer a
         nightmare—Details please.

   Over 100 stalled government projects            (white   elephants)
    completed. For example,
      o NYS headquarters on Thika Road, √
       o Nyanza Provincial Headquarters –To be completed by
          when? To accommodate how many offices –include details
       o Makueni District Headquarters and many others—please
          use more paper if required

   All Kenyans now benefit from government resources
        o President Kibaki has allocated Ksh. 10.7 billion for the
          affirmative action plan for North Eastern Province as well
          as Moyale, Isiolo and Marsabit districts. Outline masterplan
          of spending the above allocation if this is to be included in
          this report
        o Special economic plan launched for Coast Province—Any
          attachment? Where is the document supporting this—What
         are the indicator targets?
       o Distribution of resources based on population and
         affirmative action to guarantee development of previously
         neglected regions. Enumerate specific actions planned.
       o Equality ensured in distribution of national wealth—What
          does    ‘ensured’   mean?     Remember    last   road   budget

   Youth recognised and empowered

      o More investments mean more jobs for the youth—Use data
        or detailed projections to support hypothesis
      o Kibaki creates Ministry of Youth Affairs. OK
      o Ksh.1 billion youth enterprise fund set up, employment
        opportunities created—How many jobs? Include target
        reach & economic impact projections
      o National Youth Policy passed by parliament √ (how is the
        enactment planned?)

   Women empowerment
     o Women guaranteed at least a third of all public
       employment opportunities ---Please include data to
       support this.
     o Gender Commission created √ Include mandate &
       responsibilities and action plan launched
     o Maendeleo Ya Wanawake leaders to participate directly in
       all development committees at the local and national levels
     o Mothers & children recognized as key players in
       development—Please elaborate statement
      o Free treatment to children under 5 years old.—Supported
          by which policy? Please attach.

   Better roads
       o Over 40,000 Kms of roads maintained—which parts of the
        country? Include data.
      o Over 1,006 Kms tarmacked among them Kisii-Chemosit,
        enumerate all
      o 35 major roads projects going on in various parts of the
        country among them Maahi Mahiu-Naivasha-Lanet, Maji ya
        Chumvi-Miritini and Machakos Turn off-Machakos Town.
      o Feeder roads constructed—Data please

   Safer roads due to sanity in the transport sector
       o Seat belts, speed governors and other public transport
          reforms improve the sector √
      o   Law and order on our roads restored—Expound on this—
        traffic corruption part of law & order mentioned?
      o Matatu operations streamlined √

   Airports and airstrips upgraded. For example,
       o Kisumu Airport gets Ksh.2.6 billion facelift, NOW fish will
          be able to reach the market faster and Kisumu city will be
          Lake Victoria’s hub √
       o Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) being
         refurbished at Ksh.9billion √
       o Moi International Airport Mombasa upgraded at Ksh.
         200million √
       o Garissa, Malindi airports and many others being redone
         countrywide –Include cost if possible and projected status

   Land Grabbing - corruption reduced by 30%--supportive data?
         o A comprehensive National Land Policy drafted –Please
            attach. What is the plan for implementation?
          o Ksh.400million set aside to resettle squatters and
            victims of tribal clashes. To target which regions? Does
            this include the war torn Rift-Valley? Please be specific.
          o Title deeds issued to Coast Provinces’ landless
             communities—How many benefited? How many more to
            be targeted?
          o The problem of absentee landlords being tackled—
             Include only when exercise is complete or attach
             implementation plan

   It’s a freer Kenya
          o Now all Kenyans enjoy their human rights without fear—
            Is this from the KNCHR Report or latest survey? Please
          o No more torture. No more political prisoners OK. See
            above comment.
          o Nyayo house torture chambers formally closed √
          o No more politically instigated expulsions in public
            universities—Please avoid using this as a benchmark.
          o Living conditions for prisoners and prisons staff
            uplifted.OK, if enacted across all prison establishments.
            Any qualitative survey report?
          o You are a free citizen wherever you are. Is this a

         o Media freedom ensured. Fm radio stations now talk
           openly—Please see comment under media freedom
         o Freedom of expression has been enhanced and now
           Kenyans can discuss any topics without fear –See above

   Official Recognition for Heroes
       o A statue in honor of Independence hero Field Marshal
           Dedan Kimathi constructed on Nairobi’s Kimathi street √
      o Paul Ngei and Bildad Kaggia mausoleums unveiled- OK.
      o Funds to establish Koitalel arap Samoei education centre
        allocated. How much? When is the project earmarked?
      o Heroes Corner established –OK. Please give more details.

   Towards Zero Tolerance to Corruption
            o Public Officers Ethics Act enacted, now all public
              servants declare their wealth annually…How often—
              how relevant is this to fighting corruption? Did you
              hear bodaboda operators say in a TV feature recently
              that those they were previously carrying on their
              bicycles are now flying choppers? Please enumerate
              only evidence based output
            o Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission set up –Please
              let’s be serious. We as Kenyans need to deviate from
              the politics of ‘setting up’. Wasn’t the office of
              Governance and Ethics also set up?..Even a
              commission on gender was set up---Re-do this
            o Corrupt people prosecuted—Let’s get the exact
              names of those prosecuted & those spared
            o New Procurement law enacted to check corruption in
              public tendering process. Is it being followed? Please
              demonstrate enactment adherence with specific

   Tourism grows by over 30 per cent
      o Ksh. 48.9 billion earned from the sector √
      o Jobs created
      o Kenyan hotels operating at 100% capacity √ (all hotels?)
      o Direct flights to the Far East and China by Kenya Airways
          bring more tourists—KQ’s market expansion strategy
         quoted as Government’s initiative?

      o KICC rehabilitated and is now a leading centre for
        conference tourism √
      o Maasai Mara declared one of the seven wonders of the
        world – Ksh 3 billion Narok road to Maasai Mara Game
         Reserve under construction—after a hue & cry following
         tourists getting stuck and some missing their wedding
         celebration slotted to happen there?. Did it have to take 4
         years to realize the importance of this part of the country?
         After an external trigger?

   Media freedom enhanced
      o 16 television stations licensed –Only include additional
        from 2002.
      o 30 FM stations operating—see above
      o 50 regional FM stations licensed—in this era alone? Please
      o Freedom of information Bill before Parliament— When was
        it moved? How long has it taken? Delete until passed.
      o Media vibrant and free to discuss topics without fear. Go to (search keyword ‘Kenya’)

   Telecommunications grow
       o More than 260,000 fixed telephone lines
       o More than 6 million Kenyans now own mobile phones—
         Please stick to initiatives that are uniquely government’s—
        not Service provider market growth strategies.
      o Telecommunication has been diversified and now an
        internet lease line is in the pipeline—who’s initiative?
         Private sector or public sector—Please expound.
      o Fibre optic networks infrastructure under construction
        nationwide √

   Co-operative sector revived
      o 10,800 cooperative societies       registered—Only       include
         additional registration achieved —e.g. in percentage.
      o 98 per cent of co-operatives hold democratic elections—
         How is the government involved with this?

      o   6 million: the number of Kenyans in        the co-operative
          movement—How     relevant  is  this         in   measuring
        achievement-What was the initial government target?
      o Ksh. 105 billion ( 31% of the total national savings)
        mobilized by the sector so far—As a result of direct
          government intervention? Hasn’t the banking sector sector
          also posted growth on this front? How different would this
          be from the latter?

   Cities beautified and cleaned up
               o Street lighting installed in Nairobi—Adopt-A-Light
                 is a government project?
               o Roads marked— OK. City Council initiative
               o Trees planted—OK. City council initiative
               o Landscaping done- OK.City Council initiative
               o Mombasa      clean-up     and       beautification
                 undertaken—When did this start? Is it in
                  preparation for IAAF?

   Traders receive support
            o President Kibaki directs the construction of modern
               markets for hawkers in all the major urban centres—
              Is this output evidence based and measurable? At
              what cost and what are the timelines. What will be
              the capacity & by what margin is it supposed to
              boost market operations efficiency?
            o Ksh.1 billion construction work begins at Nairobi’s
              Muthurwa. OK. But to construct what infrastructure?
              That is supposed to solve what problem? Please
            o Jua kali sector supported— supported?? Please use
               specific examples & figures if any.

   Tremendous investment growth
           o Conducive business environment created
           o Onestop shop for business licensing—Has this kicked
               off? Reducing the number of processing days from
               what to what?

                 o Ksh 89.4 billion worth of investment licences
                   processed by the Kenya Investment Authority—Does
                   this include privatization investment bidders? Eg Rift
                   Valley Railways, 3rd National operator license? etc
                   Please clarify and distinguish if so.
                 o Small and micro enterprises (SME’s) fund created—
                   How much? By whom? To target what number of
                 o Leading multinationals such as Nokia and Coca cola
                   open headquarters in Kenya. Was this in
                   collaboration or as a result of lobbying by the

     Security
                 o Pay rise for the police ––Is this as a part of the police
                    force reform program and what phase is this?—how
                   many more phases are left. What do they include,
                   modern housing etc. Please give more details
                 o Community policing takes root—show results and
                   data if available
                 o New vehicles and modern communication equipment
                   for rapid response –Rapid response to what?
                 o Police trained on human rights and customer care
                   service—How measurable is this output?—please
                   include verifiable data.
                 o Safer streets- no more muggings in Nairobi streets.
                   OK. Include statistics showing delining trend if

And many many more improvements as a result of President Mwai
Kibaki’s good leadership.—Please use additional paper if required

Truly, things have become better and they are going to get even
Real benefits for all Kenyans…..Manufaa halisi kwa wakenya wote


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