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									      The Governance Group’s Interagency Memorandum of
     Methods to Strengthen Employment Services for Iowans with

The State of Iowa has developed an effective, collaborative working relationship with
seven state agencies, known as the Governance Group, to identify and resolve barriers
related to employment services for individuals with disabilities. In 2003 these State
partners signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which provides a foundation for
collaboration and demonstrates the partners’ commitment to enhancing employment
services for Iowans with disabilities through ongoing activities.

Partners to this Agreement:
    Iowa Department for the Blind
    Iowa Department of Education
    Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    Iowa Department of Human Rights
    Iowa Department of Human Services
    Iowa Governor’s Developmental Disabilities Council
    Iowa Workforce Development

It is the responsibility of the Partners to maximize Iowa’s ability to deliver quality career
and employment services that effectively include Iowans with disabilities in the
workforce. To accomplish this goal, collaboration and coordination of career and
employment services must occur among the Partners and among their local offices.
       A.The Partners are committed to the encouragement and support of collaboration
       and coordination at all levels of service delivery.
       B. The Partners agree to respect and maintain each Partner’s existing program
       C. The MOA and its attachments shall be an ongoing resource to the local
       administrative and service staff of programs administered by the Partners.

Increase Employment Outcomes for Iowans with Disabilities through State and Local

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