Phase 2 Health and Safety Checklist

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					                                                     School Review: Health & Safety Check List
MoE Heath & Safety Guidelines (Arabic):

                                 VISIT INFORMATION

                                 School Name:                                     Visit Date:

                                 Education Zone:                                  Visited By:

                            FIRE PRECAUTIONS                                  Y   N      N/A    COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

Fire Alarms Installed?

Evacuation plan in place & teachers trained in it?

Regular fire drills conducted and recorded?

Emergency committee for each building/school

Smoke Detectors Installed?

Fire Doors (Internal & Final Exit) Operational and Unobstructed?

Evacuation Notices posted in Each classroom And Fire Action Notices
Adjacent to Call Points?

Emergency Exits/Routes & Assembly Points Clearly Signed?

Fire Extinguishers Suitable, In Place and Tested Annually? (Date Identified
on Fire Extinguisher

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Sufficient exits and escape routes

                           FIRST AID /MEDICATION                              Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

First Aid cupboard is available and stocked as per Ministry of Health

Certified First Aid providers available at the school during school day

Teachers received First Aid Training

First Aid room available

                                  GENERAL                                     Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

No visible damage to fabric of building

Does the school have a maintenance contract?

              HOUSEKEEPING & GENERAL ENVIRONMENT                              Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

Work areas & walkways clean and free from rubbish and obstructions

Flooring clean and in good condition and free of slip/trip hazards (e.g. no
ripped carpets, broken tiles)

Teaching and communal areas clean and tidy

Walls/wall coverings clean and in good condition (paint not flaking, damp

Lighting adequate

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Door mats in good condition (no doorway thresholds presenting a trip

Furniture in good condition

Handrails secure

Windows opening onto external walkways/play areas restricted/barriers in

Glazing filmed/ safety glazing in vulnerable areas

Excess or broken furniture stored safely

                               ELECTRIC/GAS                                Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

Plugs, sockets, switches etc. in good condition (not broken, cracked or
loose etc.) and checked pre-use by staff?

Leads and cables not strained/causing trip hazards?

The use of extension leads is kept to a minimum, not overloaded and not
doubled up

Appropriate storage of gas canisters and control of supply (key)

No leaking taps

                        HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES                               Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

Hazardous substances stored appropriately and in locked

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All containers clearly marked with label to identify the contents?

There is an inventory of chemicals available

Appropriate safety equipment in place (e.g. extractor in laboratory, safety
goggles etc.)

Chemicals are disposed of appropriately

                                   WELFARE                                    Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

Clean drinking water available and water tanks and water dispensers
maintained regularly

Air conditioning operational and adequate?

Sufficient clean toilet facilities with adequate ventilation?

Adequate washing facilities available? (age appropriate washbasin height,
soap, water and drying facilities)

Is the septic tank maintained regularly?

                              OUTDOOR AREAS                                   Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

Are pathways/walkways stable underfoot and without significant trip
hazards? (e.g. no potholes, no raised/sunken slabs)

Adequate access for emergency services

Is outdoor play equipment adequately maintained, shaded and in good

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External shading adequate?

Are poles and pillars padded?

Landscape properly maintained and planted appropriately (no poisonous or
thorny plants)

Measures in place to avoid sun-stroke?

                PICK-UP, DROP OFF &TRANSPORTATION                          Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

Is the school playground separated from car park with restricted and
monitored access?

Are children supervised during drop-off and pick-up from the school?

Is parking for school buses separate from parking for private cars?

                                     LIFTS                                 Y   N   N/A   COMMENTS/ACTIONS NEEDED

Weight limits and rules clearly labeled

Lifts regularly maintained and rules observed (e.g. weight limit, no
unaccompanied children)
Training and instructions on manual operation provided and appropriately

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