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					                                                          Family and Consumer Sciences
                                                                Foods 1 Snapshot

                                                                    Mrs. Raterman
                                                                      Agenda –                                   Formative Assessment
Day    Date     M-F     Daily Learning Target
                                                                   Congruent Tasks
                                                Unit 1 Food Choices and the Importance of Food
                                                    BR                                           BR: What topics are you hoping to study in Foods and
                                                    Intro to Foods 1                             Nutrition 1?
                       I can summarize topics
 1    8-15-12   W        studied in Foods and
                                                    Getting to Know You
                             Nutrition 1.
                                                    Index Card/ Consumption Form
                                                    Letter to Mrs. Raterman
                          I can describe what       BR                                           BR: What influences you to make the food choices you
                       influences the food that     Foods 1 Pretest                              make and why does do you think they have influence
                       one chooses to eat, and      KOSSA Tracking                               over your food options?
 2    8-16-12   R     analyze the four reasons      Notes Food Choice Influences
                        people eat food(social,                                  TOTD:
                         emotional, physical,
                              I can discuss         BR                                           BR: What are safety precautions you can take to protect
                        precautionary steps to      Notes my Food Choices Continued              you and your family in the kitchen?
                      take in the foods lab and     My Food Influences
 3    8-17-12    F
                         at home in order to        Intro to Foods 1 Business
                       prevent kitchen related

                       I can describe what to do    Signs of Safety                              BR: Describe a kitchen accident suffered by you or
                          if a kitchen accident     Safety In the Kitchen Discussion Questions   someone you know.
                                occurs and          7.2 Notes
 4    8-20-12   M
                        Identify ways to prevent    Sanitation Follies
                             common kitchen
                      I can discuss the causes of   BR                                           BR: Restate five ways to prevent common kitchen
                         food borne illness and     7.3 Notes                                    accidents.
 5    8-21-12    T
                        explain how proper food     Temperature Danger Zone
                         handling practices can     Food Borne Illness ID Chart
                    prevent foodborne illness.
                      I can give guidelines for   BR                                   BR: Define: Cross contamination, sanitation and food
                     each type of storage and     7.4 Notes                            borne illness.
6    8-22-12   W     explain how proper food      Activity: You be the Judge
                       handling practices can     Dishwashing and Hand Washing Notes
                    prevent foodborne illness.
                        I can explain the key     BR                                   BR: How should one organize their refrigerator using
                     points in food influences,   Unit 1 Test Review                   proper food storage practices?
                         preventing kitchen
7    8-23-12   R   accidents, and proper safe
                     handling of food in order
                       to prevent food borne
                      I can give guidelines for   BR                                   BR: None
                     each type of storage and     Mr. Clean Restaurant
8    8-24-12   F     explain how proper food      Recipe Dictionary
                       handling practices can
                   prevent food borne illness.
                        I can explain the key     BR                                   BR: DO you think cooking is more of a science or an art?
                     points in food influences,   Unit 1 Quiz                          Explain your answer using supporting evidence.
                         preventing kitchen       Recipe Dictionary                    (minimum evidence is three)
9    8-27-12   M   accidents, and proper safe     Ch 8 Notes Day 1
                     handling of food in order
                       to prevent food borne
                   I can name the 6 parts of a    Ch. 8 Notes Day 2                    BR: Name the six parts of a recipe.
10   8-28-12   T   recipe and describe proper     Complete Recipe Dictionary
                        measuring technique.
                                                  Measuring Demo                       BR: List three items you would measure with dry
11   8-29-12   W              I can
                                                  Demo Notes                           measuring cups.
                                                  Knife Safety Demo                    BR: Designate the proper cutting tool for the technique
                                                  Demo Notes                           given:
                     I can determine proper       Ch 8 Review
                     cutting techniques and
12   8-30-12   R                                                                       •   Snip, Grate, Chop, Peel, Dice, Cube
                    skills to ensure safe knife

                   I can determine the use for Equipment Scavenger Hunt                BR: List all the kitchen equipment you think you would
13   8-31-12   F         common kitchen                                                use to bake a cake from scratch.
                   equipment and its location
                         in the foods lab.
     9-3-12    No School – Labor Day!
                          I can recall proper     Unit 1 Test Review                  BR: List three lessons you have learned through foods 1
                       measuring techniques,      Equipment Scavenger Hunt            opening safety unit that you did not already know. Give
                         safe food handling,                                          one lesson you didn’t quite get and would like to know
                       preventing food borne                                          more about in order to be prepared for your test.
14   9-4-12     T          illness guidelines,
                      dishwashing procedures
                       and equipment uses in
                       order to prepare for my
                                unit 1 test.
                         I can identify safety    Unit 1 Test                         BR: Which tool would you use to do the following
                    precautions for microwave     Ch. 9.1 &9.4 Notes                  techniques:
                         cooking, as well as,     Microwave mind map                       Cream, puree, baste, whip
15   9-5-12    W       explain why the power
                       setting and equipment
                    selection are important for
                         microwave cooking.
                     I can create a plan for my   CH. 9 Quiz                          BR: List three cooking tips when using a microwave oven
                          first foods lab that    Nacho Lab Plan                      for cooking.
                         encompasses safety       Lab Requirements and Guidelines
                         procedures for food      Complete Equipment Scavenger Hunt
16   9-6-12     R
                        handling, microwave
                        cooking and meets all
                    expectations set for my by
                            Mrs. Raterman.
                      I can follow the plan my    Nacho Lab                           BR: List three goals you have for your group to meet
                    group created for our first   Nacho Post Lab                      during the nacho lab.
                              foods lab that
                         encompasses safety
17   9-7-12     F        procedures for food
                        handling, microwave
                        cooking and meets all
                    expectations set for my by
                            Mrs. Raterman.
                                                  Unit 2 Pre-test                     BR: Give examples of your groups efficient work patterns
18   9-10-12   M               I can              Notes Quick Breads                  and name three items to work on for your next lab.

19   9-11-12    T              I can                                                          BR: List the function of the following quick bread
                                                                            •       Salt
                                                                            •       b.) baking soda
                                                                            •       c.) flour
                                                                            •       d.) fat
                                                                            •       e.) sugar

20   9-12-12   W             I can
21   9-13-12   R            I can                                   BR:
22   9-14-12   F            I can.                                  BR:
23   9-17-12   M             I can
24   9-18-12   T             I can
25   9-19-12   W             I can
                             I can                                  BR:
26   9-20-12   R
27   9-21-12   F             I can        (FALL REGIONAL MEETING)

     9-24-12       No School- Professional Development
28   9-25-12   T            I can.
                                                                    Anti-Bullying Project
29   9-26-12   W             I can
                                          Unit 4 Test               BR:
30   9-27-12   R             I can

31   9-28-12   F             I can                                  BR:
32   10-1-12   M             I can
33   10-2-12   T             I can
34   10-3-12   W             I can                                  BR:
35   10-4-12   R             I can
36   10-5-12    F              I can
37   10-8-12   M               I can
38   10-9-12    T              I can
     10-10-                                                     BR:
39              W             I can.
     10-11-                    I can                            BR:
40               R
     10-12-                    I can                            BR:
41               F
      10-15 to 10-   Fall Break!! 

43             M               I can

     10-23-                                                     BR:
44              T              I can
45             W               I can
     10-25-                                                     BR: TOTD
46              R              I can
     10-26-                                                     BR:
47              F              I can
     10-29-                                                     BR:
48             M              I can.
     10-30-                                                     BR:
49              T             I can.
       12                                                       TOTD
     10-31-                                                     BR:
50             W              I can.
51   11-1-12    R              I can
                                                 Final Review
                     I can thoroughly explain    Final Review
52   11-2-12    F     topics studied in Family
     11-5 to       No School – Professional Development
                      I can thoroughly explain    Finals
53   11-7-12   W       topics studied in Family
                      I can thoroughly explain    Finals
54   11-8-12   R       topics studied in Family
                                                  Club Day
55   11-9-12   F                                  Last Day of Trimester

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