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									                                   Warwickshire County Council

                      North Warwickshire Area Committee

                        SMALL GRANTS SCHEME 2011/12
Application Guidance Notes

The Small Grants Scheme is aimed at small and emerging community/voluntary groups based in
North Warwickshire.

The Scheme is open to groups with a constitution and a bank account and aims to provide the vital
first stage of funding to help groups establish and/or expand. (Those groups that are not
constituted or do not have a bank account should contact Rod Parker at Warwickshire CAVA North
Warwickshire Locality before applying. Please see contact details below).

The Scheme can be used for set up costs such as the purchase of stationary and equipment; room
hire to hold a large meeting to attract more members; or printing costs for a group to promote their

Please apply for exactly what your group needs. The maximum grant awarded for an application
will be for no more than £500. An organisation can only apply for up to a total of £500 from this
grant scheme.

If you have any queries please contact:

  Jo Roberts                                    Rod Parker
  Area Support Officer                          Community Development Officer
  North Warwickshire Area Office                Warwickshire Community & Voluntary Action
  Warwickshire County Council
  Tel. 01827 719317                               Tel 01827 718080
  E-mail:                                       E-mail:
  joroberts@warwickshire.gov.uk                 rod@wcava.org.uk

Applications will be assessed on a first come first served basis until the entire fund has been

Please send your completed application forms and copies of any additional information you wish to
enclose to: Jo Roberts, Area Support Officer, North Warwickshire Area Office, c/o North
Warwickshire Borough Council, Council House, South Street, Atherstone, CV9 1BD. Or
 e-mail your form to: joroberts@warwickshire.gov.uk

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Application Process

  1. The size of the boxes on the application form should be taken as a guide to the level of detail
     required. If you need more space please continue on a separate sheet of paper or expand the
     text boxes if you are completing an electronic copy. Applicants are free to submit any additional
     information they wish in support of their application. Please remember to enclose a copy of your

  2. You are welcome to discuss your project idea with us and ask for advice and information before
     you complete your application form. Also if you require help in completing the form please let us

  3. Please submit your application form as soon as it is complete and before 28 January 2012.
     Your application will be acknowledged along with notification of when your bid will be
     considered by North Warwickshire Area Committee. As a guide you should receive a decision
     within 12 weeks of submitting your form.

  4. The North Warwickshire Area Committee meet every three months to discuss new applications
     and assess them against the funding criteria. Their decision is final. All applicants will be
     advised of their decision usually within 10 days of the meeting.

  5. All successful projects will be required to complete a short end of project report.

  6. Once you have been advised that your application has been successful, you will be contacted
     by Phil McGaffin, Exchequer Services Manager, Warwickshire County Council (email:
     suppliermaintenance@warwickshire.gov.uk ) and asked to complete an attached or enclosed
     form. This is the County Council’s standard form for collecting information about all
     organisations it makes any payment to. Please complete the form as fully as possible and
     return it promptly, as any delay in submitting the information will subsequently delay your grant
                                    Warwickshire County Council

                    North Warwickshire Area Committee

                      SMALL GRANT SCHEME 2011/12

Application Form
1. Name of the group applying –        Name of group
Give the name, address and
telephone number of the group          Name of contact
and main contact person/s.


2. Status of group – State what
type of group you are e.g. a non-
profit making, voluntary or
community group and if you are a
registered charity.
                                       Please attach a copy of relevant documentation including a
3. Description of project:
What do you wish to do?
What will you be using the money
 4. How much money do you
 need?                                 Activity                                  Cost (£)
 Please show an itemised

 5. Please confirm who will be        Name of contact
 responsible for the grant on
 behalf of the organisation, the      Address
 address and telephone number.



Should not all the award be required, Warwickshire County Council will require any under spend to
be repaid.

Please note, the grant must be used for the purpose for which the award is made as detailed in this
application form. Please retain any receipts as the County may request a copy of them for Audit

Please sign to confirm you accept these conditions:

Signature:              ………………………………………….

Please print name:     ………………………………………….

Date                   ………………………………………….

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